About Me

David Huner

Welcome to MyHomeMyGlobe.com. My name is David Huner and I am a semi-retired finance professional who has taken a shine to write about home improvement stuff.

My life has been involved in many pursuits that have enabled me to obtain a significant amount of knowledge in practical living.

Having spent over 5 years in the US Air Force and working for Motorola for over 13 years enabled me to have a firm understanding of electronic and electrical devices.

This involved not only the technical repair of communication devices but managing people and expectations of the customers to meet their communication needs.

I worked on large communications systems in the military, to communications systems for small companies and even government dispatch centers.

My 15 years involved in financial services as an advisor and obtaining my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Finance proved to be a rewarding endeavor in helping others.

This involves understanding the client’s needs, goals, and aspirations coupled with problem-solving and portfolio creation.

Managing the client’s expectations was also part of my calling, as the needs of my clients changed year over year as did the volatility of the market.

I found out that any life event has a financial issue attached to it.

Getting married or getting divorced or your first home or your third home, your employment, business startup, or change all require a financial investment of some sort.

Even something like a car breaking down or the furnace quits working. These were all needs or life events that required a financial solution of some sort.

In addition, having been involved in real estate investment including hands-on single-family and multi-family real estate, enabled me to understand what it takes to repair, remodel and maintain residential and commercial real estate buildings.

This included the repair of apartment units, from plumbing to wall repair to complete kitchen or bath remodels.

I had to learn on the job, so to speak. It turned out to be a rewarding adventure from that perspective.

picture of myself
I took this picture while visiting a curtain store for doing some observation.

I am currently semi-retired teaching English online, freelance writing, and part-time employed at a major national Do-it-Yourself (DIY) and construction contractor retail store.

My knowledge of what it takes to repair the simplest issue to even the more complex issues involving the building trades have been added to the repertoire of advice I can give in this area.

It is my personal belief that all careers can, for the most part, be distilled down to two simple words.

They are called a “repair job”. This is exactly what heart surgeons, car repair technicians, salespeople, politicians, and even lawyers or just about any career are required to do. Repair something that is broken.

Humans have needs or problems that need to be fixed and there is a career to make that happen.

So whether it is advice on financial planning, career planning, and relationship issues or even a repair or remodel in your place of residence, there is a solution for it.

I am trusting that I can help in the areas of my expertise to resolve that for you.

So please enjoy the articles and advice on this site. I will be drawing from many sources to bring you the best knowledge relative to this site.