Is Wayfair Furniture Good Quality? A Short Guide

Wayfair is a reputed retailer and many people buy furniture from there.

And if you’re also thinking of buying furniture from Wayfair, I’m sure you’re wondering whether the quality of the furniture is good or not

Is Wayfair Furniture Good Quality & Reliable?

The simple and straightforward answer is YES. Wayfair furniture is of high quality and reliable.

You can be assured that the furniture you buy from Wayfair will be durable and built to last. Having said that, you still need to do proper research and go through the details about the furniture as well as the experience of past buyers.

When interested in buying any furniture from Wayfair, do look at the reviews of the product (it’s there on most product pages)

Wayfair furniture reviews

Another helpful tip to help you decide is to go through the questions and answers section on each product page. Depending on the popularity of the product, you can find many common questions that buyers like yourself have before making the purchase.

Wayfair questions and answers

Going through the reviews and the questions and answers will give you a fair idea about the quality of the furniture that you are planning to buy.

Wayfair offers different kinds of furniture in different categories – such as bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room, study and office, etc. You can also get custom furniture made from Wayfair.

Within each category, you can find a decent selection of furniture to choose from.

Like most online retailers, you will find attractive offers on Wayfair for furniture. So if you’re planning on buying a new sofa or replacing your bed, make sure you keep an eye out for the offers.

About Wayfair

Compared to platforms like Amazon, Wayfair is an early entrant in the e-commerce furniture market. The furniture e-commerce platform began its operations in 2012 and is currently one of the biggest furniture sellers in the United States of America.

Impressively, Wayfair’s furniture collection is massive. So, you will likely find the furniture and other furnishing related items on the platform too.

According to the company, millions of products from over 10,000 different furniture companies are available on the platform.

The Wayfair Advantages

If you are seeking compelling reasons to buy furniture from Wayfair, you will find plenty of them here.

Though Wayfair has its shortcomings, like every other company, it still manages to provide a quality shopping experience to its customers.

Let’s look at the advantages of buying from the platform. It will also help to give a better explanation to your “is Wayfair good” question.

Enhanced shopping experience

If you buy things online regularly and from different platforms, then you will understand that some platforms are not user-friendly.

In short, you may even prefer to visit their physical store to get whatever you want to buy than shopping online. But that’s not the case with Wayfair.

The most important thing for Wayfair is making online shopping easy and fun for customers. And that’s one of the reasons they have managed to make so much progress in their business.

The point here is that buying things on Wayfair is super convenient. And you don’t have to visit many brick and mortar stores to get the item you seek.

So, if you want a convenient place to buy your furniture, don’t forget to add Wayfair to your list.

Improved customer service experience

When it comes to customer service, give it up for Wayfair. They have a bunch of customer service agents that know what the job entails.

The thing is you will have every one of your needs met when you contact them. And even though they are not the ones selling furniture directly to customers, they make sure that their suppliers are held accountable for every item they deliver.

But this is something you can’t find everywhere. And there are many notorious furniture companies out there that will choose to ignore buyers, particularly when one is requesting to return a damaged item.

So, in the area of customer service, Wayfair is outstanding. So, if you are afraid of being neglected when issues arise with your purchase, you can relax when dealing with Wayfair.

And unlike many other e-commerce platforms, Wayfair customer service agents are humans, not bots. So, when you chat with a customer service agent on the platform, keep in mind that you are conversing with a human.

It is evident that Wayfair’s customer service agents have mastered the act of settling disputes amicably, which is something unique about them.

Regularly updated product category

Wayfair furniture newHave you paid a visit to Wayfair’s online store? You will be amazed when you visit the platform.

One thing that makes Wayfair an ideal place to buy furniture and furnishings is the extensive collection of items they have.

So, whether you are looking for it, rest assured that you are likely going to find it on the platform. And that’s interesting because you won’t have to move from place to place in search of a particular item.

The only challenge you may have is making the right choice. And this happens to almost everyone. When you approach the platform to find different items, mainly when you don’t know what to buy in mind, you might be a little bit confused.

But you shouldn’t be afraid to buy stuff from Wayfair. If you don’t know what you should get or skeptical if the item you are going for will be the right choice, you can take advantage of Wayfair’s virtual and augmented reality (AR) technology to make the right choice.

Virtual and Augmented reality (AR) technology

One of the things you will love about this online furniture retailer called Wayfair is their foresightedness. Customer satisfaction also remains a top priority for the company too.

Wayfair has also designed a digital experience both on its app and website. This digital tool supports personalized recommendations that are similar to in-store experience or advice from an expert designer that visited a customer’s home physically.

Like other e-commerce giants that have invested in virtual and augmented reality, Wayfair has also adopted the technology.

The company’s app and the website is now a unique virtual concierge capable of guiding furniture buyers through the shopping process from beginning to end.

In this case, you don’t need to bring the furniture to your home to know if it will make your other décor. All you need to do with the help of the augmented reality technology is to build a virtual room and test different furniture in it.

More pricing options

Another thing that makes Wayfair a top destination to buy furniture is its pricing options. You will find more pricing options on the platform than any other place, which is a good thing.

You will find items below $200 and some above that price point. But then, having more price options is a good thing because you will see a product that will suit your budget.

Assembly task

When you buy furniture online, it will come in different pieces that you have to put together. Depending on the furniture in question, assembling can be a bit tasking. But there is a way you can bypass this tedious task.

Now how can Wayfair assist in this case?

Wayfair offers assembly, which is an excellent service if you ask me. But this is usually done for a fee and is powered by

The price for assembly varies from item to item. So, it will be best to check the cost of the thing you wish to assemble to know if it’s something you are comfortable paying.

But looking at the stress and time one may likely undergo to put together a piece of some furniture; it will be ideal for you to make the financial commitment.

Category of Items at Wayfair

Wayfair has an extensive list of products in different categories. And the impressive thing is that they do not sell furniture alone. You will find other items on their platform too.

Here are items (categories) you will find on Wayfair;

  • Furniture
  • Rugs
  • Lighting
  • Décor
  • Bed and bath
  • Storage
  • Pillows
  • Tableware
  • Renovation
  • Appliances
  • Outdoor
  • Baby and kid items
  • Kitchen and tabletops

Buying Furniture from Wayfair – Tips You Should Know

If you are new to Wayfair, then you will undoubtedly need these tips. Not like they will make your purchases cheaper, but enable you to shop with ease.

Wayfair’s App and Website have the same function

You can buy items via the app or website. They are the same. You can also access the virtual and augmented reality technology via both platforms too if that’s what you seek.

Double-check before placing an order for Furniture

Although Wayfair has a strong return policy, you may not go through the stress of returning an order.

So, the ideal thing you should do is to check your purchase thoroughly before hitting the purchase button. In other words, ensure what you are requesting is what you need.

You can track your order

You can track your order to know where it is at that moment. But then, even if you don’t track your order, your goods will still get to your doorsteps.

So, the tracking of the order is not relevant. It’s a decision you need to make.

30 days return policy

Wayfair also has a 30 return policy for goods purchased via the platform. But you have to package and return the products the same way it was delivered in the package to you.

So, if you, for example, are not satisfied with the product you bought within the 30 days grace period, then you are free to return the product and request a refund or replacement.

You can shop with the Wayfair credit card

You can open a Wayfair credit card on this platform, which you can use to purchase any item you need on Wayfair.

The credit card is easy to acquire, and you won’t also have to pay an annual maintenance fee.

Free shipping is available

Another exciting benefit you can expect from Wayfair is free shipping. But then, you can only receive this benefit when you purchase items worth more than 49 USD.


Is Wayfair furniture good? Well, I assume you already know the right answer at this point. Wayfair sells different grades of furniture with different price points too.

So, you will get what you are paying for on a piece of furniture. Wayfair also offers incredible discounts too.


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