5 Best Refrigerator Extension Cord: Reviews and Guide

A refrigerator is a common house appliance that needs to always be plugged in while in use. And you’ll often find that the refrigerator cord is quite short.

One way to deal with this is to keep your refrigerator close to your electric socket.

And the other way would be to get an extension cord for your refrigerator so that you can place it where you want it without having to worry about the position of the electrical socket.

Since you’re looking for the best extension cord for the refrigerator, I would recommend checking out the Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy-Duty Extension Cord. It’s heavy-duty and works perfectly for refrigerators, microwaves, and ACs.

Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord, 9-Feet, Gray

In this article, I will cover some of the best refrigerator extension cords that you can get for your house

Our Pick – Top 3 Refrigerator Extension Cord

In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top three recommendations for the best refrigerator extension cord.

#1 #2 #3
Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord,... Amazon Basics Extension Cord, 13 Amps, 125V, 25 Foot, Black POWTECH Heavy Duty 25 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance...
Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord,... Amazon Basics Extension Cord, 13 Amps, 125V, 25 Foot, Black POWTECH Heavy Duty 25 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance...
$19.99 $14.99 $29.99
Check on Amazon Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Still confused about which refrigerator extension cord is best for you?

Let me help by providing detailed reviews on the best refrigerator extension cord that I found in the market (and the ones you can buy online).

These reviews will definitely help you gain awareness and understanding of the best features, pros, and cons of each refrigerator extension cord.

Let’s get started!

Best Refrigerator Extension Cord Reviewed

With different types of cords in the market, it is easier for a user to make a wrong choice. But that’s why I am here for you!

After taking a close look at the numerous extension cords available, reviews from real buyers, and features; below are the best extension cords in the market to use for a refrigerator.

Below is the table that shows all the refrigerator extension cord covered in this review.

Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord,... Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord,... 9.5 / 10 $19.99 Check Best Price
Amazon Basics Extension Cord, 13 Amps, 125V, 25 Foot, Black Amazon Basics Extension Cord, 13 Amps, 125V, 25 Foot, Black 9.0 / 10 $14.99 Check Best Price
POWTECH Heavy Duty 25 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance... POWTECH Heavy Duty 25 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance... 8.5 / 10 $29.99 Check Best Price
Go Green Power Inc. GG-25606 6' 14/3 Appliance Cord,, Beige Go Green Power Inc. GG-25606 6' 14/3 Appliance Cord,, Beige 8.5 / 10 $6.54 Check Best Price
Electrix SPT-3 Heavy Duty, grounded cord Go Green Power Inc. GG-25606 6' 14/3 Appliance Cord,, Beige 7 / 10 $6.54

Now let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of each of the refrigerator extension cord covered in this article.

Stanley Grounded Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord,...

The Stanley Grounded Cord 125 volts and this makes it ideal for heavy-duty electrical appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners, among others.

It is also a three-pronged extension cord, which is the preferred option for appliances like refrigerators, and sits snugly when inserted into the outlet.

The cord is 3-pronged grounded, UL rated 14 gauge and vinyl insulated, and works well for heavy-duty appliances like refrigerators without overheating even when used for extended periods.

However, the only thing of concern most people may have about this UL rated cord is its length. The Stanley Grounded Cord is just 9 foot long, so may not be ideal for most jobs or user.

But the cord is three conductors rated and 14 gauges, which is suitable for appliances that draw much load. Also, being a 9-foot cord equally means that voltages drop will be minimal on this extension cord too.

The vinyl jacket on the Stanley Grounded Cord is also waterproof, abrasion, and moisture resistant.

There has also been no complaint of the wire overheating when used for extended periods. In other words, the extension cord is built to handle a lot of current without heating up

  • Heavy-duty extension cord
  • 3 pronged grounded plug
  • Vinyl covering makes it water and weatherproof
  • Works perfectly for AC, microwave, and refrigerator
  • The 9-foot length might be too short
  • The grey color is not heavily visible for safety

AmazonBasics Extension Cord

Amazon Basics Extension Cord, 13 Amps, 125V, 25 Foot, Black

This 25-foot long extension cord is long enough for most users. If you need to connect your refrigerator to an outlet far away, you will find this cord useful.

With a rating of 125 volts, 13 amps, and 16 AWG, the AmazonBasics is good enough for most refrigerators and a host of other appliances.

Excitingly, the AmazonBasics is made with all the safety regulations observed. So rest assured that your appliance and home is safe with this 25ft cord.

The cord is also UL rated, and the wire is thick enough to transmit electrical current without overheating after prolonged usage. The cable is also highly flexible and maneuvers around obstacles with ease and does not have kinks.

This cord is also more suitable for indoor use and not outdoor. The ends are not waterproof, so it won’t last long when used outdoors and might be dangerous when exposed to wet conditions outside.

The cord also works well for more massive servers, monitors, PCs, PDUs and laser printers, microwave, refrigerator, and other appliances.

But you have to check to ensure that the rating of the device isn’t higher than the extension cord before use.

  • 25 ft long
  • Heavy duty
  • Limited one year warranty
  • The cord is flexible and remains straight
  • Highly visible color (black/white) for safety
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Possibility of voltage drop due to cord length

POWTECH Heavy Duty Grounded 3-Pronged cord

POWTECH Heavy Duty 25 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance...

The POWTECH 3 conductor is a grounded SPT-3 heavy-duty cord and suitable for high energy consuming appliances.

The Cord length available ranges from 3ft to 25ft (the maximum length). So, you can choose your preferred cord length. It also features an angle plug that fits an outlet perfectly when inserted.

The POWTECH has a rating of 15 amps, 125volts, 1875 max watts, and 14 gauges. So it can withstand the power demands of high current appliances.

And being UL listed, the cord has satisfied all safety standards. It also comes grounded for safety, so it is safe to use anywhere in the home.

This cord is suitable for air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and other heavy-duty tools. Quality construction also makes the cord looks durable and convenient to use.

  • Kink-free
  • 14 gauge extension cord
  • 3 conductors grounded
  • Highly protective vinyl insulation
  • Sturdy, long-lasting construction
  • A bit pricey
  • Only for indoor use

GoGreen Power GG-25606 Extension Cord

Go Green Power Inc. GG-25606 6' 14/3 Appliance Cord,, Beige

This extension cord is budget-friendly and suitable for most homes and appliances. These include pressing iron, microwave, refrigerator, and other power tools that are at least 1800 watts or less.

The GoGreen’s sharp color also makes it easy to spot, which is ideal for safety reasons. Furthermore, having such a solid cable at this price point is a steal. The only concern is the length; it’s just 6 feet long.

But if you aren’t looking for something longer, then you might find this reasonably priced extension cord useful. The length does not make the cable a tripping hazard, which is great for most homes with kids and elderly ones.

This cord is also rated 14/3 AWG, SPT-3, 125 volts, and 15 amps. Plus the fact that it has three conductors rated 14 gauge makes it ideal for several heavy-duty appliances too. The only thing of concern, which is not a deal-breaker, though, is that the wire is made of copper brass and not entirely copper.

  • Great price
  • Thick gauge
  • Solid insulation
  • The plug portion is a bit bulkier
  • The wire is not 100% copper

Electrix SPT-3 Heavy Duty, grounded cord

Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord,...

The last choice on this list is the Electrix SPT-3 Heavy Duty, grounded cord. The cord is 20 feet long and is suitable for use in homes where the outlet and area the refrigerator is mounted is far apart. Besides the fridge, this 14/3 AWG cord is ideal for dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and other power tools.

The Electrix SPT-3 has a rating of 15 amp, 125 V, 14/3 AWG, and is UL listed. The wire gauge of the cord is all copper, which is the UL standard. Another thing that sets this extension cord apart is how the wire gauges are separated, making heat dissipation easy and efficient. And this helps to protect the extension cord and appliance from getting damaged due to heat buildup.

Also, considering the length and quality of the Electrix SPT-3, the cord is certified suitable for indoor and outdoor use. So, if you have some DIY tasks to get done or you are a professional looking for a heavy-duty extension cord that is long enough to hook up your power tools, you will find the Electrix SPT-3 useful. The cord’s flat cable design also makes it super easy to secure.

  • Good build quality
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Wire gauge made with all copper
  • Made in the USA under strict safety guidelines
  • Color not very visible
  • The cord is pretty stiff

Things To Consider Before You Choose An Extension Cord For Your Refrigerator

Like buying a car, there are certain things you need to consider before purchasing a cord for your home appliances, particularly your refrigerator or other power tools. The idea is there are myriads of cords out there and making the wrong choice can be bad for your device and wallet.

So, before you buy an extension cord for your refrigerator, here are few things to consider.

1. Price of the cord

Everything has a price tag and knowing how much an item costs can prove helpful when deciding on whether to purchase the said item or not.

So, before buying a cord for your refrigeration, you can check the price of the item. If possible, you can check the prices of more than one cord to know which is more budget-friendly.

However, there are unpopular cord brands that have small price tags and perform well when used. So, price doesn’t in any way determine the quality of a cord.

2. Length of the Cord size

If you have plans to locate the refrigerator far away from the outlet, consider getting a longer cord. You can get a cord that is at least 36 feet long. But that depends on the distance from the outlet to your refrigerator.

So, consider the distance from where you plan to mount your refrigerator and the nearest outlet. That will help you determine the size of the extension cord to buy.

The thing is the standard length of any appliance is just 3-5 foot. And for safety reasons, particularly for families that have little children in the house, the extension cord should be long enough for the wire to be hidden far beyond the reach of your little ones.

So, for safety reasons, you need to purchase an extension cord that is long enough.

Does cord length have any relevance?

The answer is yes. There is something called “voltage drop.” The longer the cord, the higher the cord’s voltage drop will be.

So, choose the cord length wisely. Do not use a 50-foot cord when the distance from the outlet to where you want to mount the fridge is just 20 feet long.

3. Plug type

The plug type is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an extension cord for your refrigerator. It determines the choice of extension cord you should buy.

So, what plug type is ideal for a refrigerator?

That’s a question many would like to ask, I guess. The simple answer to this is a plug that has three prongs.

The reason is that such plugs are well-grounded. In other words, they fit well when inserted into the outlet.

The design and the fact that the plug is three-prong makes it suitable for the refrigerator as being well-grounded when inserted into the outlet would prevent any form of electric shock that may result in or fire outbreak.

4. Consider the amperage

The amperage is another essential factor to consider when buying an extension cord for your refrigerator. It simply implies the current the cord is designed to handle.

Choosing a cord with the wrong amperage for your refrigerator is a big disaster. Keep that in mind!

Here is how you can determine the amps your refrigerator uses to make the right decision on an extension cord.

According to the report from the United States Department of Energy, a standard refrigerator draws at least 725 watts. Now divide 725 watts by 120 volts (standard voltage of power supply in the USA).

Here is the rough math.

Watts/volts = 725/120. The answer is 6 amps.

So, a typical 725-watt refrigerator draws 6 amps.

What if you need to convert to watts, instead of an amp?

Well, that is not a difficult task. The simple formula is given below;

Amps x voltage = Watts

Here My Advice to you!

So, know that you know how to convert to amps and watts, make sure you choose the ideal extension cord for your refrigerator. In this case, the cord should be higher (either amps or wattage) than that of the fridge.

If the refrigerator draws 6 amps or 720 watts, you need to check the cord you intend to use for the fridge to know if it can handle it.

Check the cord thoroughly; you will find information regarding the amp rating on a small metal plate written on the body of the cord. It’s always written there. If it’s not there, don’t use that cord.

However, extension cords that have a lower gauge number (10 or 14 gauge) are heavy duty cords. The reason is that such cords have a higher capacity to deliver power.

5. The wire gauge of the cord

The wire gauge of the extension cord refers to the copper wire that helps to carry the electric current to the appliance.

The diameter or thickness of the wire gauge in the extension cord is essential. It not only determines how much current the wire can carry but how much it overheats if at all it does.

It is also advisable to choose an extension cord with the ideal wire gauge to prevent overheating, which can damage the appliance or the extension cord itself.

Here is a simple explanation of the table above. If you are using an appliance that draws 16 amps or 1,920 watts, then you need to get an extension cord with wire gauge 12 ga.

Note: Never choose or use an undersized cord for your appliance. It can damage your device or even catch fire. Undersized cords can overheat quickly and become a danger to your family members living in the apartment. So, avoid them! Always check the amp, wattage, or voltage of the cord before use. They are usually boldly printed on the tag attached to the cord.

Types Of Extension Cords

Types of extension cords available on the market are;

  • Indoor cords
  • Outdoor cords
  • Contractor cords

Indoor extension cords:

The indoor extension cords are used indoors. The majority of these types of cords are not weather resistant and should only be used indoors. You will also find non-grounded and grounded types among the indoor cords. Plus length ranges typically from 6 feet to 15 feet too.

Outdoor extension cords:

The outdoor cords are weather resistant. Meaning they are built for use under unfavorable weather. The impressive thing about these types of cords is that you can use them outdoors and indoors. They are also suitable for gardeners using lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, and edgers.

Contractor extension cords:

These types of cords are highly flexible. They can handle extreme cold and heat and are commonly used in job or construction sites.

Safety Tips For Extension Cords

Being safety conscious is the right decision to take for the health of your appliances and property. Even if you ended up buying the best and well-made extension cord for your refrigerator or other devices, you still need to ensure proper maintenance.

Here are safety tips you must adhere to for the safety of your appliances, extension cord, property, and relations.

  • Do not by any means cut the grounding prong.
  • Plug the extension cord directly into the outlet. Do not use an adapter.
  • Use the right cord to avoid overheating or electric shock.
  • A three-pronged appliance should never be plugged into an ungrounded extension cord.
  • Do not overload your extension cord. Use appliances the cord can handle perfectly.
  • Never allow your extension cord to run through water or snow on the ground.
  • Do not run through floors, ceilings, doorways, or walls. It will prevent heat from escaping from the wire, which can result in a fire outbreak.
  • Do not use a cord with an exposed wire gauge. Touching the exposed part by mistake can lead to electric shock or burn, which can be severe.
  • Never force an extension cord into an outlet. Ensure it fits perfectly.
  • Do not use a cord with a low rating on your appliance. Check and match the rating of the cord with that of your device.

Common Questions about Using an Extension Cord for Refrigerator

Here are some common questions you have when thinking of getting an extension cord

Why is it important to choose the right extension cord for your refrigerator?

Unless you are lucky enough to have an outlet mounted where you plan to place your refrigerator, the best option would be to get an extension cord.

Are all extension cords ideal for a refrigerator?

The answer is no! Some cords are not ideal or made to handle the power requirements of a refrigerator.

However, it is advisable to plug the refrigerator directly into an outlet. But if none is closer to your fridge, then you can consider using an extension cord.

The United States of America Consumer Product Safety Commission has always spoken about the dangers of using the wrong extension cord for any appliance. The agency also claims that improper sizing or use of extension cords can turn them into dangerous electrical devices in homes.

So, prevent extension failure by merely using the right cords for your appliances. It will save you a lot.

So, before you purchase or make a decision on the choice of an extension cord to use, read this post. You will also discover some of the best extension cords for high energy-consuming appliances like refrigerators. Continue reading!

Can one use a refrigerator plus other tools on one extension cord?

The answer is yes, and no! But, there is a reason for both answers. You will have a better understanding of the explanation in the latter part of this post. But let me give a brief response to it.

Let’s consider why I said yes! Before using one extension cord on multiple appliances, you need to be sure that the cord can handle the load you give to it.

Each appliance has particular amperage it draws. So let’s say you want to add multiple devices with total amperage of 12 (12 amps). Your extension cord shouldn’t be less than this to avoid damaging your tools or the cord itself.

So, the reason I said “No” is that you cannot use an extension cord that is less than the total amperage of all the appliances combined.

Wrapping It Up

Any extension cord is ideal when you are only powering devices like portable fan, or lamp.

But for major appliances such as a refrigerator, using an undersized extension cord might lead to severe damage and pose a safety hazard.

It is also advisable to use heavy-duty cords for high energy demanding appliances like your refrigerator and other power tools.

So, if you are looking for the best extension cord for your refrigerator, check the different options mentioned and make your choice.

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