6 Best Microwave Extension Cords: Review And Buying Guide

Buying the best microwave extension cord is a no-brainer. If indeed you want your appliance to last long, you shouldn’t give it a second thought.

The Microwave oven is one of the few kitchen appliances one cannot push aside. So, just like finding the best extension cord for a refrigerator is essential, the same thing applies to your microwave oven.

If you’re looking for the best extension cord for a microwave, I recommend you check out the Qualihome Major Appliance extension cord. It features 14gauge wire, grip grove, heavy-duty vinyl insulation and fits into the compatible wall socket snugly. It also works for microwaves, ovens, and other major appliances in the home.

Our Pick – Top 3 Microwave Extension Cord

In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top three recommendations for the best microwave extension cord.

#1 #2 #3
Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord... Nekteck 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord 1 Foot, 14AWG 3... Tripp Lite P024-003 Heavy-Duty Power Extension Cord 15A, 14AWG...
Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord... Nekteck 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord 1 Foot, 14AWG 3... Tripp Lite P024-003 Heavy-Duty Power Extension Cord 15A, 14AWG...
Price not available $19.99 $10.62
Check on Amazon Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Still confused about which microwave extension cord is best for you?

Let me help by providing detailed reviews on the best microwave extension cord that I found in the market (and the ones you can buy online).

These reviews will definitely help you gain awareness and understanding of the best features, pros, and cons of each microwave extension cord.

Let’s get started!

Best Microwave Extension Cord Reviewed

We have also handpicked other top-rated extension cords best for microwave ovens and other major appliances.

Plus there is also a buyer’s guide here to help you make the right choice when need be. So read further to gain access to more useful information.

Below is the table that shows all the microwave extension cord covered in this review.

Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord... Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord... 9.5 / 10 Price not available Check Best Price
Nekteck 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord 1 Foot, 14AWG 3... Nekteck 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord 1 Foot, 14AWG 3... 9.5 / 10 $19.99 Check Best Price
Tripp Lite P024-003 Heavy-Duty Power Extension Cord 15A, 14AWG... Tripp Lite P024-003 Heavy-Duty Power Extension Cord 15A, 14AWG... 9.0 / 10 $10.62 Check Best Price
Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord,... Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord,... 9.0 / 10 Price not available Check Best Price
POWTECH Heavy Duty 3 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance... POWTECH Heavy Duty 3 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance... 8.5 / 10 $15.98 Check Best Price
Coleman Cable 3531 14/3 General-Use Appliance Extension Cord,... Coleman Cable 3531 14/3 General-Use Appliance Extension Cord,... 8.5 / 10 $14.74 Check Best Price

Now let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of each of the microwave extension cord covered in this article.

Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord Wire

Heavy Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord...
  • Angle Plug Allows cord to remain flush to wall in tight spaces
  • Sturdy cord Ideal for plugging in large appliances such as washers, dryers, or...
  • Grip grooves allow easy connection and disconnection of cord

This heavy-duty extension cord is a must-have for every home. If you have diverse appliances that demand high electric current, the Qualihome Heavy Duty Extension Cord will make a wise choice.

Not only for your microwave oven. This extension cord can power your AC, refrigerator, and other heavy appliance in your home. However, one of the things you will admire about this extension cord is its angle plug. It causes the cord to fit snugly into the wall socket to ensure there is no partial contact between the cord and the wall outlet.

The grip grove is also a welcome upgrade on this cord. It will enable you to plug in and remove the cord with ease, whenever you please. The heavy-duty vinyl insulation enhances the cord’s durability. The material makes the cord resistant to moisture, abrasion, and even grease.

Also, if you have had issues with cords melting, splashing the cash on this Qualihome will put such concerns to rest. The cord features a 14 gauge wire and can handle a great deal of electric load.

  • Cord is flat and easy to manage
  • Available in varied length
  • Grey color makes it easy to spot
  • Grip grove for super easy connection
  • Superior angle plug to fit wall sockets snugly
  • Only suitable for indoor use

Nekteck Extension Cord with 360 Degree Rotating Flat Plug

Nekteck 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord 1 Foot, 14AWG 3...
  • 【High Quality】Nekteck extension cord flat plug is designed with high-quality 14 AWG...
  • 【360° Rotating Plug】Our 3 prong extension cord features a 360° rotating flat plug...
  • 【Space-Saving Design】Our flat plug extension cord features a compact and unique design...

This Nekteck extension cord is not only powerful but built for convenience. It rotates 360 degrees, making it easier to connect to any direction.

The space-saving design of this cord makes it suitable for many applications. Your installation will look super clean once it is complete, owing to the unique design of this cord.

Impressively, the pack contains three different extension cords. They are all 1 foot long in terms of their length. But having three extension cords in one package is a great value.

Even though you are paying a bit higher, the deal is worth it. You also won’t have to bother about buying an extension cord any longer.

This cord is also UL Certified, meaning it’s safe and made of high-quality materials. All UL certified products are made with strict adherence to industry standards. And these are ascertained through multiple testing.

Its capacity is 1800 watts, 15 amps, 120 volts, and 14 AWG. So, it’s a high-quality product that can handle your microwave oven and other home appliances conveniently.

The color of this extension cord is also breathtaking. They look so attractive and can complete the beauty of your property or wherever you mount the cord.

  • Sleek space-saving design
  • Highly attractive color
  • Rotates 360 degrees for ease of use
  • No complaint about heating issues
  • The package comes packed with three extension cords
  • Cords might be too short for most users

Tripp Lite P024-003 Heavy-Duty Power Extension Cord

Tripp Lite P024-003 Heavy-Duty Power Extension Cord 15A, 14AWG...
  • Heavy duty power extension cord: Ideal for extending power connections of larger servers,...
  • High quality connections: NEMA 5 15R to NEMA 5 15P connectors
  • 3 feet heavy duty extension cord: Allows you to extend the length of your existing power...

The Tripp Lite is another company that has given households in need of heavy cabling extension cords, something to rejoice over. The company is credited for having produced an extension cord that can handle appliances that require high electrical load.

The superior construction of this cord sets it apart. It is also UL listed and produced per RoHS specification, which revolves around safety. So, this extension cord has been certified safe to use in the home.

It comes manufactured of 14AWG wire and rated 15amp, 120 volts. These features show that you won’t have issues of overheating or damage to your microwave oven. It can handle the demands of your oven.

This extension cord is also available in different length. So you can go ahead and choose the one with the ideal length, considering where you plan on mounting your microwave oven.

If you are seeking a cord that you can connect permanently, the Tripp Lit Heavy Extension Cord also fits the bill. The size and quality of this cord make it conducive for such a purpose. Plus you won’t have excess cord lying around.

  • Great price
  • Sturdy
  • Well-built
  • Superior finished appearance
  • Prongs are just too tight

Stanley Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord

Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension Cord,...
  • 125V Heavy duty extension cord
  • Heavy duty vinyl insulation
  • Right angle plug

Whatever your hands find to do, do it well! This phrase explains why the company, Stanley has been in the business all these years. Their products are produced with the finest of materials. So durability, ease of use, or high performance is never an issue.

The Stanley 31536 cord is another highly-rated heavy-duty extension cord on the market. And it’s one that should delight any user looking for a power cord that can withstand the high demands of any oven or electrical appliance.

The only drawback, which many won’t consider a deal-breaker, is that the cord comes in 9 feet. So, your choices are limited. But if a 9-foot cord is what you seek, then the Stanley 31536 is a wise choice.

This cord has a rating of 125V, 15 amp, and 1875 watts. So it’s ideal for microwave ovens and even other appliances like your refrigerator, and air conditioner.

Many users have given positive remarks about this cord not getting hot excessively even after been used longer than anticipated. Its right-angle plug enables it to hug the wall socket. So you don’t have to worry about it coming off as other poorly made extension cords do.

  • 9 foot long
  • Grounded outlet
  • Protected with superior vinyl insulation
  • Powerful cord with a whooping 125V rating
  • Only available with a 9-foot cord length

POWTECH Heavy duty Major Appliance Extension Cord

POWTECH Heavy Duty 3 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance...
  • Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord UL Listed. Sturdy cord Ideal for...
  • Angle Plug Allows cord to remain flush to wall in tight spaces
  • Heavy duty vinyl insulation, 14 Gauge, 1875 MAX Watts ,15 Amps,125V

A solution to your cord needs in your home. This POWTECH extension cord is another heavy-duty cord that comes designed for heavy with large appliances.

The cord comes in a visible white color and is UL Listed. Being UL listed implies that it has been tested and certified safe to use in homes. So you can use this cord without fear of having your appliance explode one of these days.

The POWTECH has a capacity of 1625 watts, which is a big plus for those seeking to attach other extension cord, plug adders, or surge protector.

The vinyl covering also contributes to the enhanced durability this cord enjoys. It protects the cord so well that it won’t deteriorate like other poorly protected extension cords at this price point.

Also, this extension cord is a wall hugger. And as a consequence, there has been no complaint about partial contacts. It also works perfectly well for AC, refrigerator, and other similar appliances that consume more electrical power in the home.

The cable of this cord is also fairly flat. You can quickly secure it to a baseboard with cable clips.

  • Fairly flat cable
  • Thick gauge extension cord
  • Suitable rating for an oven, AC and other heavy appliance
  • Cable is a bit heavier than expected

Coleman Cable General-Use Appliance Extension Cord

Coleman Cable 3531 14/3 General-Use Appliance Extension Cord,...
  • Three conductor made of heavy duty flat vinyl
  • Sturdy cord for use with air conditioners, power tools and major appliances
  • Meets osha requirements for outdoor use

If you need an extension cord that’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, try this Coleman cord. It’s impressive to know that the cord meets OSHA requirements for cords ideal for outdoor use.

This cord is grounded to prevent electric shock or damage to your home appliances. It comes with a right-angle male plug designed to discourage any accidental disconnection.

The cord is also available in different lengths — these range from 3 – 15 foot. But understand that the longer the cord, the higher the price point.

But the good thing is that you can choose the one that best covers the distance from your appliance to the wall socket.

However, if you like the angled plug, then you will find this cord to be an excellent value for the money. The only thing is that not everyone is comfortable with plugs that have an angle. Most persons prefer straight plugs.

This Coleman extension cord is also a budget-friendly option, yet of impressive quality. You might be tempted to doubt the price point when you start using this cord.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in varied sizes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The tightness of the cord’s plug, when fitted to the main outlet, is beyond desirable

How To Safely Use Your Extension Cord In The Home

When it comes to ensuring safety in the home, all hands must be on deck. The parents, older siblings, and other family members must properly use home appliances. Otherwise, things could get ugly.

There are tips one must abide by when using an extension cord for a powerful and energy-consuming appliance like the microwave oven.

They are not that difficult to adhere to or implement. Let’s look at them one after the other.

Choose a three-wire grounding extension cord type

The market is awash with numerous extension cords. The extension cords available also vary with regard to quality. But it is not the quality we are talking about here.

We are talking about compatibility. Never choose a two-wire extension cord. Please for the sake of your machine, cord, and safety, don’t do this!

Ensure the extension cord is a three-wire extension cord, the one with a three-blade grounding plug built inside.

These plug types also feature a three-slot receptacle, which helps to accept the appliance’s plug. This sort of extension cords also fits snugly into a grounded outlet. So, ensure this is what you end up getting for your microwave.

 Find the extension cord with the ideal rating

We mentioned early that all extension cords are not equal in terms of rating. So the question is; how can you detect the perfect rating of an extension cord that can best suit an oven?

Well, that’s simple. You can take a look at the inside of your oven’s door. It’s usually written there.

Another part you can check to know the actual rating is at the back of the appliance, manufacturer’s website, or owner’s manual for that particular oven.

Now here is something you should remember when choosing an extension cord for your oven. Ensure that the rating of the cord is higher or equal to that of the microwave oven.

That’s why you need to check the oven rating to be entirely sure. Never use an extension cord with a lower rating than the microwave oven.

It could lead to over-heating and apparent damage to your appliance or possible fire hazard.

Placed the extension cord properly

There are many reasons people use extension cords for their ovens. Some prefer to mount their ovens in certain positions that lack an outlet where the microwave oven can be plugged in. The microwave has varied cord length. It ranges from 3 to 5 feet long. Pretty short, right!?

That’s why many people go for a particular extension cord for their appliance. But it’s not enough using the right extension cord – in other words, one that is three wire-grounded and has a perfect rating. You need to ensure the extension cord is visible and well-placed.

In other words, make sure you choose a cord that everyone in your apartment can spot easily, even those with not-so-good vision. And make sure the cord is well-placed so that no one would trip over it.

It’s your responsibility to ensure this. So make sure you do the right thing for the safety of your family members.

Do not overload your extension cord

Extension cords cannot complain. Otherwise, some of us would be feeling guilty with regards to the crime we commit against them. What’s that? We sometimes overload the extension cord, forgetting that adding more appliances increases the workload for the cord.

There is a limit your extension cord can take. And even though it has a higher rating than your oven, do not add any more appliances to it. In other words, if you are using the cord for just your oven, ensure it’s only that item and nothing more.

There is nothing wrong if you have an extension cord with a higher rating than your oven.

Use suitable grounded outlet

Not every grounded outlet can withstand the power of the microwave oven. Some might melt down entirely before you know it. So ensure you plug your oven into a grounded outlet that is 15 AMP, 60 Hz, and 120 volts.

Avoid placing heavy objects on the extension cord

If your extension cord is lying on the floor, then do whatever you can to ensure its safety. One of the ways to ensure this is to avoid placing heavy objects on the cord. Let the cord run through freely and place where no one would step on it and trip over.

Placing heavy objects on the cord can damage the wire. So, ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Can a microwave be plugged into any outlet?

Here is a big question. We have already provided the answer. But there is nothing wrong in restating it. The thing is you cannot plug your microwave oven into any outlet. Please take note of this.

The best or ideal outlet for your countertop microwave oven is a 120 volt 3 prong grounding circuit. And, it should be protected by at least a 15 amp – 20 amp time-delay fuse.

Things To Consider When Picking An Extension Cord For Your Microwave Oven

So you are thinking of getting an extension cord for your microwave oven. That’s a good one. But ensure you make the right choice.

The market is filled with numerous extension cords. And as a consequence, it’s easy for a first-time buyer to make a not-so-good decision.

Anyway, since you are here, you will understand the things you need to consider to help you choose a suitable microwave oven cord and ensure this must-have kitchen appliance.

So, without much ado, let’s brush through factors to consider when choosing an extension cord for an oven. Sit tight!

Price point

You need to consider your budget before moving for an extension cord. Are you willing to splash the cash on a high-end extension cord for your microwave oven? Or you want to use something that can serve you for a while and then pack up.

Anyone would consider moving for the high-end option. And for the records, extension cords are not all that extensive. So ensure you are choosing the right cord that offers excellent value for the money.

The simple way I would suggest you go about this is by comparing the different prices and features of each extension cords on the market.

There are a ton of them out there, so consider making a list of the few ones that catch your attention. Then compare their prices and see which is pocket-friendly and more of great value.

Don’t! I repeat, do not comprise on quality. Go for the best extension cord because a lot depends on it. The safety of those who will use the cord and the safety of the appliance matters a great deal.

 Extension cord length

Let’s be frank here, most of us like using longer cords. Even if the length is only just 20 feet, we don’t mind using a cord that is 50 feet long. I am guilty as charged with such mistakes.

But that shouldn’t be the case. The extension cord length should be long enough so it can lay on the countertop or floor perfectly well and not serve as a trap for your family. But the shorter, the better.

So, instead of buying a one-size-fit-all cord that is, a cord you can use for your oven and later for something else, buy one for just the microwave oven.

Also, if you are buying for the first time, I employ you to measure the distance from the outlet to the point the oven is. And buy a suitable extension cord, judging by your measurement.

The thing is, the longer an extension cord, the higher the voltage drop.

Extension cord rating

The rating of your extension cord and that on your oven matters a great deal.

Whether you are using a conventional or convection oven, ensure the extension cord is suitable. In other words, the extension cord should be able to carry the same or more power than what the oven consumes.

If that’s the extension cord you are using, then you don’t have to bother about safety issues.

The rating of an extension cord is based on two things. One is the amperage it can carry. The other is the wattage it can conveniently handle.

So, ensure the rating on your extension cord is higher or the same as your microwave oven. You must do so, irrespective of the microwave oven you have.

Heavy-duty extension cord

Your microwave oven is a powerful appliance. What this means is that it uses an enormous amount of power. All devices that use a motor or generate some heat, such as the microwave oven, do.

The thing is the electrical load of these set of appliances is usually extremely high. Hence, you cannot use a lightweight extension cord for such appliances.

As the name implies, heavy-duty extension cords come designed to handle heavy-duty appliances or tools. An example is, of course, your microwave oven.

Even your refrigerator also requires a high electrical load. So ensure you make the right choices when picking an electrical cord for these items.

Single or multiple outlets

Everyone wants to save money. So it’s logical to buy an extension cord with multiple outlets. At least, such cords are versatile and thus, would serve numerous purposes.

But let me tell you something;

When it comes to appliances that use up the high electrical load, you should never compromise on quality. You also should not overload the extension cord used for these appliances.

So, my advice is to choose an extension cord with a single outlet. Once the single outlet is occupied, others in your family won’t have the opportunity to overload it.

Instead of getting a multi-outlet extension cord, get one for each of the equipment in your home.

Wire gauge

The wire gauge is also crucial when choosing an extension cord. It refers to the content, e.g., the copper wire that carries the electrical current from the socket to your appliance.

However, the thicker the wire gauge which your cord has, the better. When the wire gauge is ideal for your appliance, there will be no room for overheating to take place.

Overheating damages appliances. It can also result in a fire outbreak. So make sure you choose the ideal wire gauge for your device.

Let me give you a straightforward example for better understanding of wire gauges.

If your appliance draws 1,920 watts of electrical power, then you are going to require an extension cord with 12 ga. For 1,440 watts, wire gauge should be 14. Then for 840 watts, a wire gauge with the number, 16 is suitable.

Some common questions about using an extension cord for Microwave

Here are some questions you may have while you are on the lookout for the best extension cord for microwaves.

Should You Get an Extension Cord for your Microwave?

A good question every homeowner should ask, I would say! Seriously, if you have a grounded outlet, and you can locate the microwave closer to that outlet, then you don’t need an extension cord.

Just plug your microwave oven in and start using it. But ensure that you are comfortable with the positioning of the microwave oven. Ensure the oven and anyone using it is protected.

Now, why should you get an extension cord for a microwave?

Well, I get asked such questions a lot. So, let me do justice to it right away. Microwaves don’t usually have long cords. For the records, the cord length they come with is generally between 3 – 5 feet long.

So, if you’re thinking of placing your microwave far away from an outlet, then you need an extension cord.

However, using an extension cord for a microwave oven is not a bad idea. Your only primary concern should be using the ideal extension cord for your appliance.

Like the refrigerator, a microwave oven is a powerful appliance. Hence using the wrong extension cord could be disastrous.

Advantages Of Using The Best Microwave Extension Cord At Home?

Let me say this categorically; not all extension cord is ideal for your appliance, particularly for something as powerful as the microwave.

So, you have must be extremely careful not to make the wrong choice that you might regret later.

So what are the advantages of making use of the perfect heavy appliance extension cord?

Prevents damage to the appliance

The microwave is an essential device you will find in every home. Hence, it should always remain in the best condition possible for optimal performance.

So, if you are using a microwave cord, ensure it is the best for your appliance. The cable can overheat and damage your device. And I bet the last thing you want right now is budgeting for a new microwave oven when you have other pressing financial issues to tackle.

Avoid fire outbreak

Fire outbreak is one of the dangers of using the wrong extension cord. The USA consumer product safety commission seriously warns against using a low-grade cord to avoid fire outbreak or electric shock.

The thing is there is a limit to the electric current the wire gauge in an extension cord can carry.

So, when the wire gauge is too small for the appliance, it can cause overheating, which can invariably damage the extension cord. Your appliance can pay a hefty price also.

The durability of your extension cord

I understand the extension cord is not as expensive as the microwave oven. But then, being able to choose an extension cord you can use for many years will make you or anyone happy. That I know for a fact.

So, make sure you choose the best for your appliance. You can follow my guide on how to pick the best extension cords for microwave ovens.

But before I go over to that aspect, I would like to talk about some safety measures you should adopt when using a microwave extension cord.

These safety measures are essential for every home, so read to know the right steps to take.

Final Thought

We hope with this best extension cord for microwave reviews and buyer’s guide that you will make the right choice.

If you already have an extension cord for your microwave oven, please check to ensure it’s the ideal rating for your appliance.

It’s easy to avoid hazards in the home. Get the best extension cords for your home appliances, and ensure whatever you plug into your extension cords do not exceed the rating on the extension cord in question.

You will also find that we identified our best pick (Qualihome Heavy Duty Major Appliance Extension Cord) because it ticks all the boxes.

But you can still go ahead and choose other products you feel will be more convenient for any of your appliances.

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