Top 7 Best Cold Weather Extension Cord: Buying Guide And Review

Your ideal winter or cold weather extension cord must efficiently handle the amps requirement of the snow-blower or any other appliance you use.

You need not assume that all you require is a 12-gauge cord that measures between 50 and 100” in length.

Since you’re looking for the best cold weather extension cord, I would recommend checking out the 10 Ft All-Weather Extension Cord by Iron Forge Cable. It’s an affordable heavy-duty cord that works equally reliably in both hot and cold weather. It’s also oil and water-resistant.

Extension cords are very useful especially in bringing power to many devices. The extension cords can be useful indoors and outdoors especially when there are no electrical outlets nearby.

Your standard extension cord might have worked very well for you during the spring and summer months, it may freeze during winter.

When temperatures drop below the freezing points, regular cords will stiffen and crack. When cords crack, they become more difficult to control or use.

Frozen extension cords are unsafe for use because the wires will become exposed. With this information, one can say that there is no alternative for the winter extension cord.

Our Pick – Top 3 Cold Weather Extension Cord

In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top three recommendations for the best cold weather extension cord.

#1 #2 #3
Iron Forge Cable Heavy Duty Extension Cord 10 Ft, 10ft All... Southwire 1639SW0061 12/3 100' SJEOW Supreme Extension Cord,... 25 ft - Extreme 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Extension Cord - 3 Outlet...
Iron Forge Cable Heavy Duty Extension Cord 10 Ft, 10ft All... Southwire 1639SW0061 12/3 100' SJEOW Supreme Extension Cord,... 25 ft - Extreme 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Extension Cord - 3 Outlet...
$19.99 $101.97 $56.47
Check on Amazon Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Still confused about which cold weather extension cord is best for you?

Let me help by providing detailed reviews on the best cold weather extension cord that I found in the market (and the ones you can buy online).

These reviews will definitely help you gain awareness and understanding of the best features, pros, and cons of each cold weather extension cord.

Let’s get started!

7 Best Cold Weather Extension Cord Reviewed

Below is the table that shows all the cold weather extension cord covered in this review.

Iron Forge Cable Heavy Duty Extension Cord 10 Ft, 10ft All... Iron Forge Cable Heavy Duty Extension Cord 10 Ft, 10ft All... 9.5 / 10 $19.99 Check Best Price
Southwire 1639SW0061 12/3 100' SJEOW Supreme Extension Cord,... Southwire 1639SW0061 12/3 100' SJEOW Supreme Extension Cord,... 9.5 / 10 $101.97 Check Best Price
25 ft - Extreme 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Extension Cord - 3 Outlet... 25 ft - Extreme 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Extension Cord - 3 Outlet... 9.0 / 10 $56.47 Check Best Price
US Wire 99100 12/3 100-Foot SJEOW TPE Extreme Weather Extension... US Wire 99100 12/3 100-Foot SJEOW TPE Extreme Weather Extension... 9.0 / 10 $116.48 Check Best Price
Woods 2434 16/3 Outdoor Cold-Flexible SJTW Extension Cord, Blue... Woods 2434 16/3 Outdoor Cold-Flexible SJTW Extension Cord, Blue... 8.5 / 10 Price not available Check Best Price
Southwire 02568 50-Foot 12/3 Cold Weather Extension Cord, Blue Southwire 02568 50-Foot 12/3 Cold Weather Extension Cord, Blue 8.5 / 10 $60.75 Check Best Price
US Wire 99025 12/3 25-Foot SJEOW TPE Cold Weather Extension Cord... US Wire 99025 12/3 25-Foot SJEOW TPE Cold Weather Extension Cord... 8.0 / 10 $39.99 Check Best Price

Now let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of each of the cold weather extension cord covered in this article.

Iron Forge Cable Heavy Duty Extension Cord 10 Ft, 10ft All...

Iron Forge Cable Heavy Duty Extension Cord 10 Ft, 10ft All...
  • BUILT FOR EXTREME WEATHER - This cold weather 3 outlet outdoor extension cord can handle...
  • LED LIGHTED SOCKET - The female end of this all weather electrical extension cord 10 ft...
  • OIL & WATER RESISTANT - Designed for rugged outdoor use, this extreme weather extension...

Built for all extreme weather conditions. This extension cord can handle extreme temperatures as low as -58F degrees and as high as 221F degrees. It works without any interruption under all weather conditions and it is flexible for all kinds of tools. It comes with an oil and water-resistant body. Due to its design for rugged outdoor usage, it can withstand oil, water, and flame.

It comes with reinforcing blades that protect the prongs from bending or breaking thus protecting its lifespan.

The red-lighted socket which is the female cord end will light up to indicate the presence of electricity in the cord.

In addition to its slip-resistant external body, the cord comes with and heavy-duty strain relief. The heavy-duty strain relief plus slip resistance feature enhances its performance even for long hours.

Added safety on the cord is provided with the 3-prong grounded plug at the end. This is a 12-gauge heavy-duty cord that can handle just any power tool, including air compressors, lawnmowers, circular saws, and power tools.

The 12-gauge extension cord is rated as 15amps, 125V, 1875 Watt. The 3-wire 50ft extension cord is UL listed which is a certification of its top quality.

The product comes with a lifetime manufacturer replacement warranty, which means it will be replaced when anything goes wrong within the warranty coverage.

The 100ft length means you don’t have to use two or more extension cords for your outdoor application. It handles the use load pretty well and doesn’t generate heat even when used continuously for days.

The 12-gauge cord carries power effectively to any power tool it works without losing power along its length.

  • It comes with a slip-resistant body for easy handling.
  • Though it is rated for outdoor use, it is very flexible even for indoor applications.
  • Not very flexible

Southwire 1639SW0061 12/3 100' SJEOW Supreme Extension Cord,...

Southwire 1639SW0061 12/3 100' SJEOW Supreme Extension Cord,...
  • WITHSTANDS EXTREME COLD: t*Prene insulation jacket offers superior jobsite performance by...
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE BRIGHT BLUE jacket provides extra safety as well as preventing loss and...

One of the high-end products you can rely on in the cold weather. It comes in the 12 and 14-gauge sizes. It comes in 100ft length and it is built to be rugged. It is built to withstand extreme cold, and the branded insulation jacket ensures that the cord provides superior performance.

The blue jacket is very visible, even in the dark, this feature also provides some extra security and prevent theft of the cable.

The cord is designed to resist chemicals and oil, this is made possible by the external jacket. The jacket also prevents damages from sunlight, moisture, abrasion, and freezing.

With the lighted end of the cord, it simply means the power is being supplied and the cord is working. The cord is both UL and CUL listed. The extension cord comes with a limited lifetime warranty and there are no batteries required.

It is pleasantly molded and comes with brass material pin plugs. It can withstand temperatures of between -45 and 222 F degrees.

The transparent plastic molded plastic connectors at the end of the cord make it easier to see the plugs. It is rated 125V and 15 amps for light and heavy-duty usage.

  • It is very subtle in nature and it rolls and lays flat on the floor and wall.
  • The cord doesn’t get hot even if you run it with a heavy tool for days.
  • The 100ft length slowly loses power along the cord, though it will not affect the performance of the product.
  • A bit on the expensive side

25 ft - Extreme 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Extension Cord - 3 Outlet...

25 ft - Extreme 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Extension Cord - 3 Outlet...
  • 12 Gauge Extension Cord by Watt's Wire: Designed to safely handle up to 15 amps, this 15...
  • Outdoor Extension Cord SJEOW: Our heavy duty power cords are made with an SJEOW jacket...
  • Flexible & Heavy Duty: Our cords use 12-Gauge soft-drawn copper to give 120V 15-amps with...

This is one of the ideal extension cords to go for especially if you want a shorter, but thicker 15-amp cord. It is a multi-lighted extension cord. It is extremely flexible and resistant to oil and grease. It remains flexible at temperatures of between -58F and 220F degrees.

This cord is so durable that you may never have to put it inside the toolbox. The 12-gauge soft drawn copper cord is rated for 125V, 15amps.

There is a very minimal voltage drop when you use this cord for power tools. This is a multi-tap, pig-tail power splitter cord that has remained very efficient for years.

There are poly strands inside the cord and these have added to its strength and resistance against mechanical accidents. The internal poly strands will make handling of power tools a lot easier for the cord, day after day.

The poly strands can withstand up to 150 lbs. of weight without damage. You don’t have to waste your time on lower strength competitors.

The cord is designed to be corrosion, fire, and moisture resistant. It meets the UL817 and OSHA requirements. It comes with an in-built strain relief molded NEMA 5-15 which is the normal US plug. The product is ranked 15Amps, 125V, and 1875 Watts.

It comes with 20% extra insulation when compared to other cords. The in-built power indicator will indicate when there is power in the cord.

The double-insulated cord material will not mar your building walls and can withstand mechanical pressure from the concrete. The angle 3-way outlet of the cord will allow for 3 large tools for plugging at once.

It is rated for indoor and outdoor usage and also comes with a special limited manufacturer warranty.

  • The cord does not kink or uncoil flat even after prolonged usage.
  • The cord works for many things, including power generators, heaters, lawn equipment, vacuum, and power tools such as drills, saws, and air compressors.
  • Ruggedly built.
  • Slightly pricier than most of its main competitors.

US Wire 99100 12/3 100-Foot SJEOW TPE Extreme Weather Extension...

US Wire 99100 12/3 100-Foot SJEOW TPE Extreme Weather Extension...
  • Heavy-duty extension cord ideal for extreme weather conditions
  • Individually insulated conductors surrounded by an outside jacket
  • Lighted plug ensures power is connected

This product is available in 100ft length, and it is also available in 12 gauge, hence it is designed for heavy-duty usage. It is characterized by a mix of blue and red colors overlaying each other. The heavy-duty extension cord is insulated at multiple layers to make it withstand extremely cold conditions.

The heavily insulated conductors are protected from the outside jacket. The external jacket protects the cord from mechanical damage and to ensure that your walls and flood are not scratched.

The plug comes with a light indicator to ensure that power is connected. The power indicator also makes visibility better in darkness.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. It is referred to as an extreme all-weather product, made from 100% Thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE).

The TPE construction materials provide the cord with great flexibility plus resistance against oil and abrasion. The TPE material also provides the lightweight feature of the cord plus a tangle-free design.

The TPE feature provides great features that are not common with PVC cold weather extension cords. The product has been tested in the harshest weather conditions and its durability will last a lifetime.

This product will resist weather conditions within the range -94F to 221 F degrees. The cord is operated by electricity, hence there is no need for batteries.

In addition to the double insulation, this cord comes with solid molded plugs in the end. The product is packed with lots of unique features and that explains the reason for its high price tag.

  • The light indicator makes it easier to use in low or no light.
  • The cord works with light and heavy-duty tools and appliances.
  • More expensive than many of its competitors of the same gauge and length.
  • At 100ft length, some power is lost with consistent usage

Woods 2434 16/3 Outdoor Cold-Flexible SJTW Extension Cord, Blue...

Woods 2434 16/3 Outdoor Cold-Flexible SJTW Extension Cord, Blue...
  • Has lighted ends to let you know when the power is on
  • Neon blue color provides fantastic visibility in the garage and worksite
  • Ul listed and meets OSHA requirements for outdoor use

This is a 25ft. cold weather extension cord with very little or negligible power loss during usage. This product comes with lighted ends to ensure that the power is one and that feature is helpful in increasing visibility in low light.

There is enhanced visibility in the dark with the neon-blue light especially in the garage and dark work sites. The cord meets OSHA requirements and it is UI listed. There are reinforced blades to prevent any accidental bending or breaking.

It is recommended for light and heavy-duty appliances, tools, and electronics. Make sure you look for the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure you are buying an original product.

It comes in predominantly blue color and it is rated 120V and 13amps. It operates the LED bulb type. It is constructed with braided stainless steel; this means it doesn’t crease or kink.

It has the highest bursting strength you can find on any outdoor extension cord. The captive cone washer on the cord wouldn’t fall out, and this is a very strong black rubber cone washer.

There is a stainless -steel braid over the cord’s Santoprene hose, which provides extra durability. This cord will provide excellent flexibility at temperatures of up to -45F degrees.

It is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. It works perfectly for tools and appliances, including hammer drills, circular saws, snowblowers, and power tools.

Make sure you check the amp rating of your tools or drills to ensure that the cord is compatible.

  • Affordable price with great value.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • It may be too short if the electricity source socket is far from the worksite.

Southwire 02568 50-Foot 12/3 Cold Weather Extension Cord, Blue

Southwire 02568 50-Foot 12/3 Cold Weather Extension Cord, Blue
  • High visibility blue low-temperature vinyl jacket; resists oil; grease;moisture
  • 3-conductor; 12-gauge wire; 15-amp rating
  • Contractor grade; circular saw; heater; table saw

This is an ideal 50ft cold weather extension cord recommended for much outdoor power tool and appliance usage. It comes in a unique high visibility blue color low-temperature vinyl jacket that enhances visibility. The vinyl jacket will also resist moisture oil and grease to keep the extension cord safe even in extremely cold weather.

It is a 12” gauge cord, and rated as 15amp and also comes with 3 conductors. As a contractor grade extension cord, this product can work for table saw, heater, circular saw, and other power tools. It comes with a power indicator for you to know if power is on.

It is UL listed and has also met all specifications of the OSHA. These specifications and listings confirm that the cord is a top-quality product. This is a premium all-weather cord that can resist extreme hot and cold conditions.

In addition to being polarized, the molded ends are completely water-proofed. It can resist temperature ranges of -45Fand 222F degrees.

The ends of the cords are made with copper materials, making the cord very durable. The external protection ensures that the cord is well-protected against external mechanical damages.

The cord is well-protected against oil and grease. It is rated for external use but it can also be used in most cases for indoor purposes.

This extension cord comes with a limited manufacturer warranty.

  • The fluorescent blue cord can be easily identified in the dark.
  • The 12-gauge thickness ensures much less power is lost due to the length of the cord.
  • It can be combined with another 50ft cord without drawing too much power that can cause circuit tripping.
  • It is a bit pricey

US Wire 99025 12/3 25-Foot SJEOW TPE Cold Weather Extension Cord...

One of the best outdoor cold weather extensions cords you should consider right now. Quite flexible in nature and can withstand up to -94F degrees to 221F degrees. Though it is mostly available in 25ft length, you can also find it in 50ft and 100ft. It is available in 12 and 14 gauge; hence it is suitable for heavy and low-duty powering of devices such as snow blowers.

It is designed to withstand abrasion and deterioration caused by excessive moisture. It is also designed to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight. It comes with safety measures that make it usable with power tools electric motors and appliances. It has a power rating of 15Amps, 125V, and 1875 Watts.

There is a power indicator light on the cable, it produces a red glow that can be easily seen in the dark. The indicator light will also ensure that you are aware that the power is running. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty and it is UL listed, which indicates top quality.

What makes this extension cord very ideal is that the manufacturer claims it is double-insulated. The conductors are individually insulated and surrounded by external jackets plus solid molded plugs at the end.

The outer jacket of the cord will not tarnish your floors and walls. The jackets are resistant to abrasion and deterioration caused by sunlight and moisture.

The product is identified by its mix of blue and red colors overlaying each other.

  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • The red glow indicator makes it usable in the dark.
  • No batteries included because you don’t need them. This means you can use the cord only when there is an electricity supply.

Why Do You Need A Cold Weather Extension Cord?

Unlike the regular extension cords, the cold weather extension cord is insulated heavily. The heavy insulation ensures adequate protection against below-freezing temperatures.

The ideal cold-weather extension cord will remain flexible even at temperatures as low as -67°F. Since they don’t become stiff or crack, maneuvering them in your driveway while using the snowblower is easy.

The winter extension cord, just like many other cord types does come with a plug and connector. The plug, which is the male end of the ungrounded two-prong extension cord has 2 parallel blades.

The connector is a female end that comes with two parallel slots. Both the male and female ends are polarized, and that means that one slot or blade is wider than the other.

The polarization of the extension cord ends is a safety feature. It ensures that the neutral and hot sections match the circuit conductors of the outlet into which they are plugged into.

The rule here is that a non-grounded cord must always be plugged into a grounded three-pronged outlet.

The plug and connector of any grounded or three-pronged extension cord must be polarized to include the third grounding slot. You must never remove that ground pin from the plug for your own safety.

It is important that you look out for only the grounded winter extension cord. Grounded extension cords normally feature a lighted connector for proper visibility and to indicate that the cord is powered.

Choosing The Right Cold Weather Extension Cord- A Guide For The Buyer

Trying to find the best cold weather extension cord can be quite confusing. Ask yourself questions like; what gauge size do I need? How many amps will the extension cord handle? What exactly is the length of cord I would need for my snowblower?

Once you can answer these questions very well, then you should not find it difficult to find the ideal cord. Some of the most important factors that you should consider before choosing a cord extension are;

  • The power rating.
  • Gauge rating.
  • Length of Cord
  • New or Fairly Used

1. Calculate the Amps, Volts, and Power Need

One of the first steps you need to take to determine the ideal extension cord is to work out the power need and ratings. The standard outlet in the US is 120V of power. This is the maximum amount of current that the device can draw from the residential circuit.

The standard amp rating for most residential properties is 20 amps. If you are using a 15amps snowblower, make sure no other appliance is plugged into the circuit to avoid tripping the breaker box.

Your electric snowblower will normally have its power rating, for instance, 15Amps. You need to make sure that your extension cord must be capable of handling the amps rating of your snowblower.

You don’t have to match your extension cord power rating with that of your snowblower. Generally, you should aim at getting a 50 to 100”, 12-15amp extension cord to handle a snowblower or other equipment rated at 10-15 amps of power.

2. What Gauge Of Extension Cord Should I Go For?

The wire gauge of your extension cord determines the thickness of the internal copper wire in the casing. The thickness of the wire will determine how much power load the cord will carry into the appliance. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the copper wire which means smaller gauge numbers are stronger, contrary to what you might believe. The thicker wire delivers more electricity or amperage.

The 12- and 14-gauge extension cords are the most popular options out there. The 14-gauge cords are designed for medium and light range applications.

They can easily handle up to 10 amps of power for cords that measure up to 100 feet. The 14-gauge cords are generally not recommended to be used for snowblowers; it will be safer to go for the 12-gauge cords.

The 12-gauge extension cords are the best options for heavy-duty applications. These cords can handle loads of up to 15 amps for extension cords measuring up to 100” in length.

You should keep in mind that an ordinary 12-gauge cord will freeze in winter, hence you must confirm that it is the winter extension cord.

3. Length of Cord

When it comes to the question of what length of cord should I go for, it should depend on your personal needs. You must ensure that the length of the cord extends to the end of your driveway or walkway.

The length of the extension cord must still maintain the minimum amperage required by your snow blower or any other appliance.

It is better to keep the cord length shorter because the longer it is, the more power you might lose. When you have multiple connections to the outlet, the power delivered by your extension will be reduced further. Power will slightly diminish through an extension cord, the more it travels.

This, however, does not mean you should use an extension cord that wouldn’t reach the end of the driveway. A 12-amp 100-foot long extension cord, for instance, will lose more power than a 12-amp 25-foot long extension cord.

4. New or Fairly Used

When it comes to choosing between a new or fairly used or refurbished extension cord, it all depends on the condition of the product. Some fairly used extension cords can still be very great in delivering great results, just as good as new extension cords. Make sure you conduct tests and ensure that the cord delivers before going for it.

Used cords with visible signs of breakages or stress must be avoided, they will spoil quickly. It is better to purchase a new product than waste your money on the refurbished or fairly used cord that will spoil quickly.


The best cold weather extension cord is not necessarily the most expensive cord around. It is the cord that is capable of handling more varying types of tools and appliances without losing power.

The best cord is expected to be flexible enough to withstand continuous usage and abuse without generating heat. You need to keep in mind that all extension cords will generate different amounts of heat in hot weather conditions depending on how hot the weather gets.

Any cord that generates extensive heat in winter conditions should be replaced. Perhaps the first thing you should check on an extension cord is its compatibility with different tools.

The ideal cold-weather extension cord must come with all kinds of resistance features you can think of. These include moisture, flame, oil, and chemicals. Any cold weather extension cord with no moisture, heat, and oil resistance may create some messy situations during and after use.

Some extension cords have external jackets that can protect your wall and floor from being scratched while moving your cord from one place to another. Whatever extension cord you chose, make sure it is rated for outdoor use. An extension cord rated for both outdoor and indoor use can be ideal but don’t get carried away with such.

This review should give you an insight into what you need to know before making your final choice of the best cold-weather extension cord.

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