Top 6 Best Air Conditioner Extension Cords: Review And Buying Guide

Looking for the best air conditioner extension cords?

Read this buying guide with reviews of best picks and you will understand how to make the right choices without spending too much.

Our Pick – Top 3 Air Conditioner Extension Cords

In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top three recommendations for the best air conditioner extension cords.

#1 #2 #3
FIRMERST 6 Feet 1875W 15A Flat Plug Low Profile Extension Cord 14... Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord 6 ft,... POWTECH Heavy Duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance...
FIRMERST 6 Feet 1875W 15A Flat Plug Low Profile Extension Cord 14... Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord 6 ft,... POWTECH Heavy Duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance...
$8.99 $15.49 $22.49
Check on Amazon Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Still confused about which air conditioner extension cords is best for you?

Let me help by providing detailed reviews on the best air conditioner extension cords that I found in the market (and the ones you can buy online).

These reviews will definitely help you gain awareness and understanding of the best features, pros, and cons of each air conditioner extension cord.

Let’s get started!

Best Air Conditioner Extension Cords Reviewed

Based on customer reviews and recommendations, the following air conditioner extension cords, are some of the most widely used and accepted products available now. It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of getting an extension cord is different, hence you need to understand your requirements before choosing the length.

If possible you should have multiple lengths of extension cords from the same brand to ensure that you don’t have to substitute the cords at different times as your requirement changes.

Below is the table that shows all the air conditioner extension cords covered in this review.

FIRMERST 6 Feet 1875W 15A Flat Plug Low Profile Extension Cord 14... FIRMERST 6 Feet 1875W 15A Flat Plug Low Profile Extension Cord 14... 9.5 / 10 $8.99 Check Best Price
Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord 6 ft,... Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord 6 ft,... 9.5 / 10 $15.49 Check Best Price
POWTECH Heavy Duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance... POWTECH Heavy Duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance... 9.0 / 10 $22.49 Check Best Price
Qualihome Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire, (12 FT) Ideal for Air... Qualihome Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire, (12 FT) Ideal for Air... 9.0 / 10 $17.99 Check Best Price
Prime EC680509L 4/3 SPT-3 Air Conditioner Extension Cord, 9 Feet,... Prime EC680509L 4/3 SPT-3 Air Conditioner Extension Cord, 9 Feet,... 8.5 / 10 $13.97 Check Best Price
Woods 0045 9-Foot Air Conditioner Appliance Cord, Beige Woods 0045 9-Foot Air Conditioner Appliance Cord, Beige 8.5 / 10 Price not available Check Best Price

Now let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of each of the air conditioner extension cord covered in this article.

FIRMERST 6 Feet 1875W 15A Flat Plug Low Profile Extension Cord 14...

FIRMERST 6 Feet 1875W 15A Flat Plug Low Profile Extension Cord 14...
  • [6 Feet Flat Plug Extension Cord]: 14/3 Gauge, 1875w 15amps 125v
  • [HEAVY DUTY, STURDY BUT FLEXIBLE]: 14 AWG (15A) extension cords with thicker wire...
  • [SPACE EFFICIENT]: Convert your standard AC power cord to a slim flat plug, providing...

This is a flat extension cord for the air conditioner. It has a power rating of 1875Watts, 15 amps, and 125 Volts. It is a sturdy but flexible plug extension cord that also comes in black color.

Though it is quite flat in appearance it comes with thicker wire diameters that make it able to handle more amperage and wattage. This is a 14 AWG that is more efficient and more reliable than the 16AWG wires.

The cord can resist heat up to 165F degrees and it is space-efficient. With this cord, you can covert the standard AC power cord into a flat plug thus creating more angular flexibility. You can plug the cord into an outlet and still use the bottom outlet with the cord’s flat plug.

The flat plug of this cord is one of its best features. It is designed for those outlets located in the tight spaces, most especially those outlets located behind the shelve, furniture, desks and other items that are closer to the wall and those spaces that wouldn’t allow you to use the standard plug. With the flat plug, you can move your furniture closer to the wall without bending and damaging the cord.

This extension cord comes with a UL certification for safety, and the product also comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. At just 11.5 ounces, this is a lightweight cord you can easily transfer from one place to the other. This product is rated for indoor usage only.

  • It does not get hot
  • Very easy to fold and store.
  • It will work with both AC and DC power outlets
  • This extension cord is not shipped worldwide.
  • The 6 feet length can be quite small for some applications.
  • You may have to wrap the female socket portion with tape, to protect it from moisture

Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord 6 ft,...

Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord 6 ft,...
  • The extension cords extend the length of an existing power cord; The 3 prong extension...
  • 16 AWG gauge three prong extension cord is rated for 13 amps to support common voltage...
  • Sturdy but flexible grounded extension cord is safer and more reliable at longer distances...

This is one of the most short-length extension cords you can find around. It measures just 6 feet and comes with a 3-prong extension mouth for proper grounding.

This product is rated for indoor use only and can also be used with other devices such as desktop projectors, LED monitors, laser printers, powered speakers, and many more.

This indoor extension can connect to an existing cable though, and it is a standard cord with a 120V power rating that connects to AC outlet. The cord is a 16-gauge that is rated for 13amps to support the common home voltage requirements.

The cord is molded with stain-resistant relief connectors. This product has a standard NEMA15-5-P grounded plug alongside a 3-pin NEMA 5-15R connector, making it a safe and highly standardized product.

This product comes in a pack of 2 extension cables, which is a great bargain for your money. It also comes with a limited manufacturer product warranty plus product customer support. The sturdy construction of this product alongside the 300 volt-rated insulation makes this cord very durable, heat-resistant, and very safe.

The flexible vinyl jacket which is thermostatic in nature does more than control heat, it also adds to its durability. The connectors are easy to grip, and UL safety rating. This product is lightweight as it weighs less than 1.33 lbs.

  • Stronger and more durable than the 18AWG power cables.
  • It has universal compatibility especially with many small household appliances that rely on extension cords.
  • Great value for the price.
  • The 6-feet length may be too short for some applications

POWTECH Heavy Duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance...

POWTECH Heavy Duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance...
  • Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord UL Listed. Sturdy cord Ideal for...
  • Angle Plug Allows cord to remain flush to wall in tight spaces
  • Heavy duty vinyl insulation, 14 Gauge, 1875 MAX Watts ,15 Amps,125V

This product is labeled at 14 Gauge, with a power rating of 125V, 15 Amps, and 1875 Watts the three-pronged cord is well-grounded. This is a sturdy cord that is not only suitable for air conditioners but many other appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, washers, and home or small industrial power tools.

With its angled plug, you can easily connect or remove the plug from the socket. As a UL listed product, it means this product has been certified to meet all safety standards and can be trusted.

It comes I predominantly grey color and weighs roughly 1.95 lbs. with its high capacity 1875 wattage rating, it means you can split the cord with more extension cords, power strips, plug adders, or surge protector. This product comes in blue color and can be found in different lengths varying from 3 feet to 25 feet.

This is a 14-gauge cord with top quality construction and the vinyl material insulation makes it less susceptible to over-heating and high risks of fire accidents.

The protective vinyl material also protects the cord from excessive moisture, alongside abrasion and the damaging effect of exposure to sunlight. The white PVC flexible sheath on the plug ensures that the cord can resist water alkaline, acid, oil, and UV rays.

  • It comes with an angled plug that makes it easier to flush to the wall especially within tight places.
  • Measures 20 feet which is quite long for many applications.
  • You can hook as many devices to this plug as long as you don’t exceed the 1875 watts power rating.
  • It cost slightly higher than many of its main competitors.
  • Quite long and bulky for some applications.

Qualihome Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire, (12 FT) Ideal for Air...

Qualihome Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire, (12 FT) Ideal for Air...
  • Angle Plug Allows cord to remain flush to wall in tight spaces
  • Sturdy cord Ideal for plugging in large appliances such as washers, dryers, or...
  • Grip grooves allow easy connection and disconnection of cord

This product prides itself as the number one extension cord for air conditioners for several reasons. It has worldwide compatibility with different air conditioners and several other devices.

Though this product comes in the standard 12ft. length, it can also be found in varying lengths of 2ft, 6ft, 9ft, and 15ft.

This cord comes with an angle plug that makes it easier to flush to the wall, especially in the tightest places. The cord is quite sturdy as it allows big appliances including refrigerators, washers, and power tools to be plugged easily.

It also comes with grip grooves that provide an even better or easier connection and disconnection of the plug from the power source.

This cord is rated 15Amps and 1875 watts, which makes it very powerful in handling huge power demands for the air conditioning appliance. The cord is well-grounded with its 3 conductor wire design.

Completed with heavy-duty Vinyl insulation which also serves as an extra layer of protection against damages. It comes in predominantly grey color and it weighs just 1.25lbs, making it a very lightweight cord for convenient usage.

  • The angled plug makes it easier to plug and remove at any time.
  • Excellent insulation on the cord, there are no incidences of over-heating.
  • The highest length available is 15ft which may not be enough for connectivity to certain appliances.

Prime EC680509L 4/3 SPT-3 Air Conditioner Extension Cord, 9 Feet,...

Prime EC680509L 4/3 SPT-3 Air Conditioner Extension Cord, 9 Feet,...
  • Right-angle male plug head on 1 end, female straight receptacle on other
  • 1, 875 watts, 15 amps, 125 volts
  • UL/CSA listed

This is another easy-to-use extension cord for air conditioners. The maximum length available is 9ft. you can also get the 3ft and 6ft versions that cost even less. This cord comes with a right-angle male plug head plus a female straight receptacle on the other.

The power rating on the cord is 1875 Watts, with 15 amps and 125 Volts. It is predominantly gray. The cord weighs less than 1 lb., which makes it one of the lightest extension cords around for the air conditioner.

The extension cord is ideal for many appliances in addition to your air conditioner, these include; the washer, dryer, and computers.

This is a 14 gauge extension cord that works perfectly to handle the power supply to your air conditioner. The temperature rating is between -20C and 60C degrees, which makes it relatively stable in extreme cold and heat conditions. This product comes with a limited manufacturer warranty.

  • It has very high heat and cold resistance.
  • Quite affordable
  • Limited usage with its 9ft length

Woods 0045 9-Foot Air Conditioner Appliance Cord, Beige

Woods 0045 9-Foot Air Conditioner Appliance Cord, Beige
  • Three-conductor heavy-duty flat vinyl
  • Ul listed and meets osha specifications
  • Reinforced blades help prevent accidental bending or breaking

This is one of the most affordable and short-length air conditioner extension cords you can find around. It measures just 2 ft. You can also find the product in other length options – 6ft, 9ft, 12ft, and 15ft.

Available only in beige color, this extension cord comes with a three-conductor heavy-duty vinyl protector that provides great insulation plus extra durability.

This product is UL listed, which means it meets all safety regulations and standards. It also comes with OHSA specifications. There are reinforced blades in the structure of the cord, these ensure that the cord does not bend or break accidentally.

Though it is designed to handle power demands for air conditioners, it can also be used for power appliances such as computers, dryers, and dishwashers.

There is a heavy-duty strain relief feature on this cord that protects the electrical connections within and to ensure that the cord lasts long. At just 8 ounces of weight, this is a relatively light product you can use.

It comes with a very high heat and moisture repellent feature to ensure that the risks of over-heating and fire accidents are reduced drastically. With a three-pronged plug design, with an angled plug, you can easily plug and remove the cord from the power outlet.

This product is shipped only to selected countries and it comes with a manufacturer warranty that guarantees its quality.

  • It doesn’t bend or break, thanks to the reinforced blade structure within the cord.
  • Available in different sizes
  • The max size available is 12 feet, which may be a bit less for some applications

Getting The Right Type Of Extension Cord: Buyer’s Guide To Extension Cord For Air Conditioner

HVAC technicians use extension cords regularly on their job sites, and the cord must be carefully selected because it is an integral part of the installation of the air conditioning appliance.

The outdoor extension cord used for air conditioners must be industrial grade, which means it must be able to handle heavy electrical loads that are required to power such an appliance.

Instead of hooking up the air conditioning appliance directly to the power source, it is the extension cord that extends the appliance’s wiring to the electrical power outlet, thus ensuring that the appliance does not get overloaded with excess power.

There are certain factors you must consider when choosing the right extension cords for air conditioners, these are;

  • Durability
  • Power rating.
  • Cord Length
  • Gauge and Thickness

1. Durability

The ability to withstand wear and tear perhaps is the most desirable feature on an extension cord for an air conditioner. It must be able to withstand repeated usage from one day to another day.

Those that are hidden under the carpet or attached to walls and roofs will be subjected to regular human traffic and abuse from furniture components. The cords must be able to withstand all these days to day usage.

The extension cords for air conditioners will be dragged from one point to the other across different terrains especially when a technician is planning to fix the air conditioning system, hence the cord must be thick enough to withstand such. A durable cord becomes necessary to avoid having to replace it several times.

2. Power rating

It is important to know the power rating of your air conditioning appliance in terms of amps, wattage, and voltage before choosing the right extension cords.

You may want to get a professional electrician to install a dedicated circuit to accommodate your air conditioners, especially if the power rating is high or you plan to install several units at a time.

3. The Length of Cord

Experts do suggest that you should get an extension cord that is not less than 50 feet in length only if the power outlet is far from the appliance, otherwise a 7-12 feet long cord may be suitable for your appliance.

Though the length of the extension cord should depend on the distance between the air conditioner appliance and the power source.

The main reason you should consider getting a longer cord is that it will conveniently reach into difficult places such as the attic. Also, a longer cord can be passed conveniently under the carpet or attached to the wall without exposing it to danger.

4. Gauge and Thickness

When it comes to thickness, experts recommend that the thicker the extension cord the better, and as a matter of fact, the industrial-grade extension cords are much better and more efficient than the normal household cords because industrial extension cords handle power deliver to the appliance much better without any risk. O

n the other hand, the lower the gauge the better. For instance, a 12-gauge extension cord works better than a 15-gauge extension cord in handling the delivery and performance of the air conditioner.

Other Desirable Features To Look Out For In Extension Cords For Air Conditioners

In addition to durability and an excellent power rating, there are several other desirable features you need to seek out for when looking to buy air conditioner extension cords, these include the following;

1. Three-pronged grounding

Three-pronged grounding is a must, especially as it regards the safety of the appliance. The end of the cord, should have a three-prong mouth, which shows that the appliance will be grounded when plugged to its electrical outlet.

Two-prong outlets are usually not as safe as the three-pronged plug on extension cords, and in some cases, a professional electrician will advise that you replace such a cord or change the plug to the three-prong mouth.

Whether you are looking for a new or fairly used air conditioner extension cord, you need to consider the three-pronged mouth end first, before any other thing.

2. Warranty

Any air conditioner extension cord that does not come with a minimum of 1-year manufacturer warranty should be avoided. The manufacturer warranty is a certification of the quality of any product, hence you should ask for it, just in case something goes wrong.

Remember, most sellers will not refund your money or replace the extension cord if there is no warranty on the product. The manufacturer warranty is the number one indicator of a quality product.

3. Insulation

The ideal air conditioner extension cords are well insulated to prevent heat loss or heat exchange between the cord and the external environment. The vinyl insulation on cords is one of the commonest types of insulator you can find on cords.

There are several other types of insulation material used but you just have to make sure that the extension cord is well-protected. Insulated cords are also known to have lower risks of over-heating issues that can trigger fire accidents.

4. Consider Angled Plugs

The extension cords for air conditioners come with plugs of different shapes and sizes, however, some of them are not angled, which means they can’t be flushed perfectly on the wall outlet. Angle plugs are very easy to flush to the outlet wall especially within the tight places.

The grip grooves of some angled plugs also make it easier for the plugging and disconnection of the plug from the power outlet. Angled plugs can also help prevent slip-out of plugs from the socket especially when there is accidental tripping or stepping on the cord.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Though the appearance of extension cords for air conditioners may not matter some professional electricians believe that choosing brighter colors can make such cords more visible from afar, and reduce the instances of accidentally stepping on them.

Most extension cords do come in lighter colors such as beige, gray, white, and brown and they can be as good as other cords with different colors. While lighter colors are okay for shorter cords, deeper or brighter colors can be the most suitable options for the longer cords for visibility purposes.

6. Price

When it comes to prices, several things come into play. Generally, better quality and more durable extension cords are pricier than those with lesser qualities. The longer the extensions cord, perhaps the pricier it also gets.

How To Use Your Extension Cord For Your Air Conditioner

Positioning your extension cord rightly with your air conditioning is very important, for this reason, the air conditioner must be installed close enough to the outlet where the cord will be located, to ensure that the cord reaches the appliance properly without stress.

Choose a cord that is heavy enough to withstand the load. for most air conditioners, the ideal cord should be rated at a minimum of 12 amps.

A 14-gauge cord should be able to handle current supplies to the air conditioner without any overheating but the 12-gauge cord seems to be much safer while the 10-gauge cord is the safest of the three.

You need to keep in mind that the extension cord should be used temporarily with an air conditioner, and if the unit is permanent you should consider replacing the cord or installing a new outlet. It is important to understand how to use your air conditioner extension cord to avoid making costly mistakes.

What You Must Avoid When Using Air Conditioner Extension Cords

You must avoid the use of undersized extension cords because they are the leading cause of fire accidents and electrical shocks linked to air conditioners. Undersized extension cords can lead to melting plugs and receptacles and these problems can lead to serious fire accidents that are even more rampant in the hot summer seasons.

Cords can also get extremely hot especially when covered by carpeting or when they are taped to the wall. If you leave the air conditioner cord wires uncovered, on the other hand, they may cause constant tripping, especially for toddlers.

These are some of the reasons why it is recommended that air conditioner owners must never substitute air conditioner extension cords with permanent wiring.

Choosing The Right Extension Cord

Choosing the best air conditioner extension cords should begin with selecting the right rating, length, and gauge of an extension cord. To size your extension, cord properly, you need to have an idea of how much electricity or power your air conditioner consumes regularly or requires.

You should be able to find the power rating of the appliance on a label attached to the appliance. In most cases, the power rating or wattage for an air conditioner should be between 900 and 1,500 watts.

Extension cords are also rated by the amps they can handle but you need to convert such to current. To achieve this, simply divide the wattage by the voltage displayed on the label (this is usually 120 Volts). If for instance, the wattage rating of the cord is 1,500, then the current will be 1,500/120 which is 12.5 amps.

The Gauge

The gauge is another factor you must consider when choosing the ideal extension cord for your air conditioner. Since the 14-gauge cord can handle much power, it can be ideal for some air conditioners.

The problem here is that some air conditioners can draw more current faster than others, especially when they start-up and running. You should aim at preventing poor performance especially when there is a drop in the wattage, this is the reason why you should go for the lower gauge, such as 12-gauge.

You need to be careful where you get cords for your air conditioners. The cords saved in stores may be ideal for other appliances but dangerous for the air conditioner.

Choose The Three-Pronged Cord

It is ideal to choose the three-pronged air conditioner cord to preserve the ground connection. The three-pronged cord will help maintain the grounding of excess electricity and this will help prevent possible damages to the air conditioner especially when there is a power surge.

Other Considerations For Maintaining Your Cord Extension For Air Conditioner

Protecting your extension cord is very important to extend their lifespan and make them work more efficiently. You need to protect the cord from being damaged by other appliances such as the cleaner and the furniture legs.

You must also keep the cord out of sight of children and pets by stapling it to the top of the baseboard rather than leaving it loose on the floor. You should consider using an extension cord that is just long enough to connect the air conditioner to the power outlet.

Don’t make the cord too long and make sure you wrap the junction in-between the air conditioner cord and the extension cord with paper tape to prevent their separation. Try as much as possible to avoid routing the extension cord through the doorway, the windows, or any other part of the home that is exposed to regular traffic.

If the power outlet less than 10 feet away from the air conditioner, you may want to replace the cord with a longer one. This procedure should be easy unless you decide to do it after you install the air conditioner unit. You may want to leave the cord permanently plugged into its outlet. The installation of a new outlet may be necessary, to prevent circuit breaker tripping, especially when the current requirement of the air conditioner is higher than expected.


This content has provided sufficient information on what it takes to get the best air conditioner extension cords. It has also provided an insight into the top-rated extension cords you may want to consider right now. It is important to understand your needs before you settle for a specific type of cord.

For instance, you need to understand the specific length of the cord you require. If you have numerous appliances and want to use the same extension cord for connectivity, then you need to find a cord that is long enough to reach the farthest appliance.

If you are plugging the cord behind furniture or shelve and there is little space, you need to choose an angular plug extension cord to make it easier to plug and remove the plug from its power source.

Keep in mind that switching the air conditioner extension cord from one place to the other can contribute to the rapid deterioration of the item, it is therefore important to choose multiple extension cords of different lengths, to minimize the deterioration of the product.

You should also take care of the moisture and temperature requirement of the cord you choose. Keeping an extension cord at temperatures much higher or much lower than those recommended can cause a decline in its function.

The lifespans of extension cords vary significantly, perhaps you shouldn’t wait until the cord packs up before you replace it. As mentioned earlier, it is important to check the manufacturer’s warranty of an extension cord just before you settle for it. Any product with no manufacturer money-back guaranty or lifetime warranty should be avoided.

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