What Is The Standard Bedroom Door Size?

The issue I will be addressing here is “what is the standard bedroom door size?” It’s a familiar question to architects.

And if you are one of such professionals, then you may have heard it many times from your clients.

What Is The Standard Bedroom Door Size?

The bedroom door does not have a fixed size. It depends on the architectural design of the building, the owner’s choice, or the one popularly used in the said locality.

The standard sizes that you can choose for your interior doors such as the bedroom door are:

  • 24 inches
  • 28 inches
  • 32 inches
  • 36 inches

And the standard height of bedrom doors is usually 80 inches. It could be a bit smaller or higher at times, like 79 inches or 81 inches (depending on the contruction).

Read further as I discuss interior doors and give information that can help you make the right bedroom door choice when the need arises.

How To Measure the Bedroom Doors Size

Bathroom and bedroom doors are all grouped as interior doors. And there are still homes with doors installed at the top of a stairway or to separate one room from another.

The standard door height is mostly 80 inches (give or take a few inches).

But the size of the width can vary. It can be from 24 inches to 36 inches. But if your house needs disability access, then the minimum width that any passage should have is 36 inches.

What about interior door thickness?

Well, the thickness of the interior door isn’t always the same. But the standard measurement is 1 3/8 inches.

But the above thickness can also vary according to the width and height of the door. For instance, if the door is 90 inches taller and 36 inches wider, then the thickness will be 13/4 inches.

What to do when planning to replace a door?

If you aim to replace your existing bedroom door, then you have to be extra careful and ensure you don’t make a mistake. You need to also measure every part of the door, from top to bottom.

Now, when I say measure every bit of the door, I meant you have to measure the thickness, width, and height. It is very critical to measure the door jamb width, including the width and height of the existing frame.

But if you are purchasing your door from a vendor, you need to be sure that the measurements you gave are the authentic ones. You need to be specific because any mistake will make them send the wrong size to you.

And of course, you need the implication of fixing a door that does not fit correctly. It will be more difficult and frustrating.

So here is the deal;

Before you forward any door measurement to your door vendors, try to get professionals to verify the size first. You can even ask them to take the measurements themselves for you to be sure the right thing was done.

Ideas On How To Choose The Ideal Bedroom Door

Whether you are thinking of fixing a new door or replacing an existing one, there are factors you need to consider to make the right choice.

Changing the windows or furniture in your home are not the only things that can have the biggest impact. Doors are still very critical. Once you can find the perfect or ideal door for your property, everything will wear a new look.

So every homeowner must make an effort to make the perfect choice when choosing a door for their bedroom. And the door in question must not only be visually appealing. It should also match the décor in your bedroom and other rooms nearby.

So, these are factors you need to consider when choosing a door for your bedroom.

  • Budget
  • Operational styles
  • The direction the door will swing
  • Door material
  • The finish of the door

Now, let’s look at them one after the other to have a better understanding;


Before concluding plans to purchase a bedroom door or for any part of your home, you have to first and foremost consider your budget size.

Doors are at different prices and grades. So your budget will determine whether you should purchase a specific door or not.

So, once you have gotten the measurement of your bedroom door, you can conduct intensive research online to figure out door prices. You can even compare door prices from your local vendor to the ones online to know which is cheaper.

Operational styles

Another critical factor to consider before choosing a door for your bedroom is the operational styles. Some doors slide on tracks, while others swing on either hinges or pivots.

So, why should you consider swinging doors?

The one reason that encourages many to consider the swinging door type is because of the installation and are straightforward to install compared to other door types. Also, such doors offer more variety.

When is the sliding door an ideal choice?

The pocket or sliding door should be a top choice for a smaller space. In other words, if your house does not have enough space in which the door can swing without causing an obstruction, then the sliding door will be a wise choice.

Reason being that the sliding door can easily slide behind the wall or into it whenever you open the door. It won’t cause any obstruction or occupy much space like the other door types.

But there are things about sliding doors you may want to consider. They are drawbacks to this door type. The point is sliding doors don’t offer as many varieties as other door types, and they are also quite challenging to install too.

The direction the door will swing

You would typically want a door that when opened would rest in a convenient spot or direction and also expect nothing to obstruct its movement.

But when choosing or installing your bedroom door, you need to consider the placement of your furniture or windows. Will the door obstructs the window when opened?

Or considering the size of your room and the direction you intend to place your furniture, will it be difficult to open the door entirely once installed?

So, here is the deal;

If you want your door to swing into the room when opened and also the left side, then a left-hand door will be the ideal option.  But if the door turns into the room in the right direction, then a right-hand door is what you need.

Door material

Materials used for bedroom door ranges from wood, fiberglass, and even steel. These are the ones you are going to find in the market.

So, have this in mind before splashing the cash on your bedroom door.

But then, if you check correctly or visit homes in your neighborhood, you will figure out that wood is likely the most popular material used for bedroom doors in many homes.

However, wooden bedroom doors seem to be more affordable than the other types. But the drawback is that they tend to have a shorter lifespan. But have in mind that different grades of the wooden door do exist. And some are more expensive than others.

The hollow-core unit is more affordable than the solid core wooden door. So when before you splash the cash, have that in mind. The exciting thing about the solid-core wooden door is that prevents sound from transmitting into the room.

The solid-core wooden door also feels a bit heavier than the other options, which is what many prefer to have in their bedroom.

The finish of the bedroom door

You will find wooden doors in different wood veneers and other options. They are usually myriads of varieties to choose from when it comes to finishing.

Also, they may be either painted or stained. So, you can choose based on the wooden door you think perfectly matches your décor and design of your home.

Here are some great ideas;

You should pick a veneer that has an appealing grain style and natural coloring. Also, you can choose your preferred stain.

What about fiberglass and steel doors? These usually come pre-finished and with numerous color options available, you can make a choice.

Door design

Bedroom doors also come in different configurations. So, you have to choose the one that suits your décor, taste or other rooms.

You will have the paneled or smooth faces and choose the one you think is ideal.

Wrapping it up

You have seen the size of a bedroom door. And now you understand there is no fixed size. But there are standard sizes for doors, and this includes 24 inches, 28 inches, 32 inches, and 36 inches.

So, choose the right door size. And excitingly, I also highlighted some factors you can consider when choosing the door type to install in your bedroom. The ideas can also help you select door type for other parts of the home too.

So, thanks for stopping by, and do have a lovely day!


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