Master Bedroom Size: What You Should Know

Master Bedroom Size

Are you familiar with the master bed size? If no, then this post is for you. Knowing the size of the master bedroom would help you during your building project.

You can also advise someone with the knowledge obtained.

As you already know, the bedroom is a place for resting and comfort. So, you need proper planning to ensure your property has your dream bedroom.

Also, when you are familiar with the various sizes of the master bedroom, you will be able to decide what to place in your bedroom to achieve the comfort level you desire, once the building is complete.

What is the Average Size of a Master Bedroom?

There are different master bedroom sizes.

But your choice of the master bedroom will depend on your living space.

  • If your home is below 2,000 square feet, the average size of your master bedroom will be 231 square feet.
  • If the home ranges between 2,000 to 2999 square feet, the average measurement of your master bedroom will be 271 square feet.
  • Finally, if your home measures over 3,000 square feet, then the average size of your master bedroom will be 423 square feet.

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The Factors That Qualify A Bedroom To Be A Master Bedroom

A home can have four bedrooms and a master bedroom, but you can easily identify which one among the four bedrooms is the master bedroom. Why? A master bedroom differs in size and style.

A bedroom needs to have certain qualities for it to be called a “master bedroom.” Otherwise, it is just like every other room. A bedroom can have modern furniture and decorations and not be a master bedroom. That’s something you also need to know.

So, what qualifies a room to be a master bedroom?

Every bedroom serves the same purpose, whether big or small. Bedrooms are resting spaces in the home. However, one thing that differs among the bedrooms is the size. A master bedroom is bigger and more spacious than a regular bedroom.

That’s not all. A master bedroom needs to have a door, a ceiling with a height higher than 7feet, a closet, and an egress window. Without these features, it won’t meet the code requirements to be called a bedroom.

By definition, a master bedroom is a special room in a building that the head of the house sleeps. It simply means a living area where the parents lay their heads after a busy day at work or taking care of the home. In an architectural plan, it is used to denote the owner’s bedroom.

Note: The master bedroom not only has a larger space. It is well-furnished than a regular bedroom.

The Best Master Bedroom Size: What You Need To Understand About It

Today, home designs and sizes have changed drastically. People are also looking to follow these trends. However, we mustn’t deprive ourselves of comfort or overdo things because that’s what is trending. Ensure your master bedroom is spacious enough. Your comfort depends on it.

Bedroom sizes are getting smaller and smaller. Ideas about the master bedroom have changed too. But no matter what, keep in mind that a master bedroom has to be spacious. There should be enough space around your bed, including the dressing area. Again, you need to create space for sitting. You can have a couch placed in the bedroom if it’s wide enough to accommodate one.

Many claim the optimum master bedroom size remains 4 x 4m to 4.5 x 4.5 m. The reason is that these measurements will allow enough space around the bed and make movements within the room easy. That’s how the best master bedroom size should be. If the room is not spacious enough to ensure your comfort, it’s not worthy of being called a master bedroom.

Master Bedroom Vs. Master Suite: What’s The Difference?

Master bedroom and master suite are a popular term used to denote bedrooms. But they are not the same thing in terms of features and size. The master suite is bigger than the master bedroom with regards to the size.

In a master suite, you can have an in-room office, ensuite bathroom, mini spa, sitting area, and entertainment system. It is more like a private living area where you can have almost everything except a kitchen.

Can you create a master suite from a master bedroom? The answer is yes. You can create a master suite out of your master bedroom. What you need to do is to join any empty room to your master bedroom to make it more spacious.

The process is also not that expensive. But you need to give proper thought to it and plan carefully. Most importantly, consult a reliable design-build company with a good reputation to help you with the process.

Note: The size of your master suite depends on several factors. The first is your budget-size. How much you are comfortable spending on such a project. Next are your property size and zoning allotment. Your property size and zoning allotment should be the first things you should consider before moving ahead with your plan to add a master suite in your house.

How To Layout A Master Bedroom

It is one thing to build a master bedroom, and another to arrange your furniture perfectly. Keep in mind that how you organize your furniture matters a great deal. If done correctly, your room will look more spacious and allow smooth movement in the room. You may also find enough space to mount other items in the room.

It’s your living space, so you need to ensure it looks inviting. Note also that you don’t have to break the bank to have your master bedroom designed. Just ensure that the little items you have are arranged accordingly.

Here’s how to layout your master bedroom.

1. Decide the ideal location for your bed.

The bed is going to be the largest among the furniture in your room. Thus, it should be the first thing to arrange. Since it’s a master bedroom that is spacious to an extent, you can place your bed at any of the corners.

Just ensure your head isn’t facing the door. It should be your leg facing it, so you can see whoever comes into your room through the door.

2. Balance your master bedroom

Since the master bedroom is spacious, you are going to have some empty spaces in the room to fill up. The last thing you want is to have a master bedroom that looks empty.

Now how can you balance your master bedroom? You can do so by mounting a piece of furniture of a reasonable size opposite your bed. Examples include a long dresser, chaise lounge, or vanity.

However, if you have plans to mount two beds in your master bedroom, then you don’t need to balance your bedroom with the piece of furniture, as mentioned above. The two mattresses may occupy enough space in the room.

3. Incorporate nightstands

Another way you can balance up and extend the look of your master bedroom is to use nightstands. You can have two nightstands mounted on the left and right-hand sides of your bed.

The nightstand is not only going to be functional. It will also fill up some space and make your room look feature-rich. However, you should be thinking of incorporating nightstands painted with a color that complements the room’s color, including other pieces of furniture you plan to have in the room.

Note: when mounting your bed in the master bedroom, choose an area that isn’t too cold, noisy, or hot. That means installing your bed underneath the window is out of the equation. The cold or heat from the window can leave you sick or make sleeping a bit challenging for you.

4. Purpose the master bedroom will serve

The number one purpose of a bedroom is to serve as a resting place. There are other secondary purposes, though. The bottom line is that you need to arrange your bedroom to serve your ultimate objective.

For instance, if you plan on reading in the room often, you need to get a lamp. Since you have two nightstands placed on both sides of the bed, all you have to do is get two lamps and put them on each of the nightstands.

Also, if you have a television in your master bedroom, arrange the bed in such a way that one can sit or lie down, and still be able to watch the TV. Even if you managed to squeeze in a couch in your master bedroom, you need to ensure the bed is well-positioned to let everyone lying or sitting on the bed to watch the television conveniently.


So, that is the master bedroom size. Keep in mind that your master bedroom can be in different sizes and shapes. Also, there are varied factors to consider when deciding the master bedroom size to build.

These include your budget-size, but the most important one is the available living space. If you don’t have enough space, it will be unwise to build a master bedroom.

Doing so will be at the expense of other parts of your property, which might make you look selfish.

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