King Size Mattress Dimensions: A Complete Guide

King Size Mattress Dimensions

Getting a restful night keeps you rejuvenated. It also prepares you for a new day of activities. A lot of people sleep, but some do not get the best out of the activity.

It might be due to the choice of mattress. The king-size mattress offers sleepers comfort and space. It comes in different dimensions.

What is the King size mattress dimension?

A standard king size mattress measures 76″ Wide by 80″ in Length.

It is very comfortable for active sleepers. Also, it is wide enough to accommodate a couple. Couples can as well share it with their children.

Some of the standard sizes are named differently. They are Western Style, Standard King, and Split King Sizes.

The king-size mattress is top-rated among buyers. It is mostly due to its size. It is a perfect choice for shared space. Also, it offers more luxury to sleepers due to its size. There has been a higher demand for king size mattresses. It is because couples want more space on their beds.

The king-size gives the same amount of space as placing twin beds together. It comes in different sizes. Each size can comfortably accommodate people and their families. Also, it assures you of a good night’s rest. Besides, you can easily purchase any of the available products in the market.

Also, you can customize the bed to suit your needs. To achieve this, you only need to contact the manufacturer.

Overview Of Mattresses

A mattress is a wide rectangular pad that supports a reclining body. It is useful as a bed. One can place it on a bed frame. It makes it part of a bed. Mattresses consist of different materials. The materials include straw, cotton, rubber, hair, and foam.

It can also come from metal spring frameworks. However, some mattresses contain air. Others include water or different natural fibers. An example of such fibers is the futon. Usually, you place a mattress on the base of a bed.


The word “mattress” originated from the Arabic word, ”matrah.” Matrah means ”something thrown down.” It also refers to a place where you throw something down. At first, the materials stuffed in mattresses were straw, horsehair, and feathers.

A typical mattress has two main parts. The first is the core, which is the support layer. It also has the second section as the upholstery. It is the comfort layer covered in a bulky material called the ticking.

The upholstery layer provides support and cushioning. Also, it covers the mattress. The parts of it are the middle upholstery, quilt, and insulator.

Differences According To Countries

Based on the countries, there are also some differences between the king-size mattress

The UK and Ireland

Here, manufacturers do not give a standard dimension.

It means that there will be differences in sizes. In Ireland and the UK, the king size is 150cm x 200cm. This dimension comes with slight variations, though.


Countries in Europe have diverse dimensions for mattresses and beds. In Portugal, the dimensions are usually 180cm by 190cm.

This dimension is the same in Italy as well. In France, the king-size typically measures 190cm x 200cm.

North America

Americans follow the imperial standard of measurement. They give their mattress dimensions in inches.

The American standard dimension of the king-size is 76″ x 80″. This is approximately 193cm x 202cm.

Kinds Of King Size Mattresses

A king-size bed can be in a bedroom size of about 12″ W by 12″. The king-size mattress is the same dimension as two twin XL mattresses. Buyers can choose from the two types of king size mattresses.

The first is the Split King. It accommodates couples with different sleeping needs. Both sides of the mattress feel different when touched. Sleepers who long for adjustable bed frames can consider it too.

There is an advantage to using the Split King. Each side of the mattress can move independently. It occurs without having to disturb other sleepers. However, its sheets can be challenging to come by. They are much expensive. Also, they are not easy to find.

The second option is the California King Size. It covers a space of 72″ W by 84″. Also, it is an excellent choice for tall sleepers. Those who would like an extra length added can also get it. This mattress is quite spacious. It can accommodate active sleepers. It is ideal for couples sleeping with children. Pets can as well get a space on this mattress.

The California King mattress is longer by 4″. However, it is narrower compared to a standard king size mattress. This mattress requires at least 12″ W by 12″ L bedroom space.

The Best King Size Mattresses

The Casper is considered one of the best king size mattresses. It is a medium-firm mattress. It means that its quality is between plush and firm. It comes in four layers and has a 10-year limited warranty.

The snuggle-pedic memory mattress has an excellent airflow transfer. The mattress has a technology with flex support. Also, it offers a 20 – year warranty. There are also other excellent king size mattresses available.

Benefits Of The King-Size Mattress

Here are some benefits of using a king size mattress

More space and comfort

You are sure to get more space on the king size. The king-size mattress is wider than the queen size. The king size’s width is 76 inches compared to the queen’s 60 inches.

Also, it is wider than the California king. With this choice, there is more space for tossing. It is even more comfortable.

A more luxurious choice

The king-size offers you more luxury. The 10 inches or more looks much like beds you find in luxury hotels!

A plethora of choices

There is a diverse array of options at your disposal. Some of these are – Twin, Full or Double, Twin Xl, and King.

Note that the most common mattress types have the king size.

Some shortcomings

One of its demerits is that it takes up space. However, if you have a large room, this is not a challenge. People with smaller apartments may not make it their choice.

The king-size mattress is not easy to clean. Due to its size, it is equally a challenge to maintain it. Also, it is quite a struggle to change its sheets. Maintaining the sheets of a twin is easier in comparison.

Also, the prices of the king-size mattress keep increasing. Whenever the size of the mattress increases, its price climbs higher. It is an expensive choice compared to other mattresses.

The King vs. California king

The king size is a perfect choice for couples. It is also ideal for couples who sleep with their child. It offers more space since it is larger than the others. The king’s dimensions are 75″ W x 80″ L. However, it is not the same as the California king.

The California king mattress measures 73″ W by 84″ L. it is ideal for taller sleepers. It is also perfect for individuals who like to fill up room space. Note that the sizes of sheets used on both are different.

The King-Size Vs. Twin Size

The difference between these two is quite apparent.

The king-size is larger than a twin. Standard twin mattresses are 38″ by 75″. However, joining two twins gives you almost a king-size mattress. You can get a king-size by joining two twin XL mattresses.

Considerations On Choosing The King Size

One of the steps towards buying a mattress is selection. Sleepers have different habits. The habits, therefore, play a role in making choices. It is essential to know the mattress dimensions.

It helps you make the right choice.


It is equally important to consider the size. You need to think about the width, length, and width of the mattress. Your choice should accommodate its users comfortably.

A bed’s length must be four to six inches longer than the tallest sleeper. It should also give enough space for sleeping.

Another thing to be considered is the room’s size. Apart from this, think about the sleepers, future growth, and personal choices. Also, consider what fits into your space.

Ask yourself what size of the room you have. You have to ensure that there is enough room for other items. There should be space for dresser drawers and closets.

For a Queen or King Size bed, you need at least 10″ by 10″ space. Moreover, having a space of about 12″ by 12″ will be ideal.

Next to be considered is the sleepers. Who will sleep on the mattress? What are their sleeping preferences? Children usually require twin beds, full mattresses, or the Twin XL. These options offer the best comfort for children.

Single adults can consider Twin XL, Full, Queen, or King Size mattresses. Couples can choose any of the Queen, California King, or King sizes. Sleepers who want mattresses with adjustable frames have two options. One is the Split King. The other is the Twin XL mattresses.

Durability and warranty

You need a mattress that can support your weight. Also, your choice should sustain your sleeping posture. It should also stand the test of time. Generally, one should change mattresses within 5 to 7 years. Some are, however, able to remain in good shape after ten years.

Mattresses also usually come with warranty coverage. The ideal period covers up to 10 years. Some offer an extension of up to 25 years. You might need to look into this before making a choice.

Comfort and firmness

The king-size mattress offers sleepers comfort. It is refreshing, breathable, and soft. It gives sufficient airflow and comes with cooling gel items. These qualities ensure that it remains cool all the time. Potential buyers need to also check for firmness.

A king-size may be plush, firm, or medium. So, make the best choice. It is advisable to check the layers in the mattress. Some mattresses tend to have more than two layers. One should consider all these.

Other features

King size mattresses tend to have lovely covers. This quality gives it an edge over others. Some come in CertiPUR – US certified foams as well. A handful of them has hypoallergenic features too. The hypoallergenic characteristics take care of likely allergies

The unique features listed help in making the right choice.


The king-size mattress is a top choice. It is the largest of mattresses. Also, it is quite conventional. You get the very best in terms of luxury from the king size.

Before making a choice, however, consider some factors. Such factors are space, cost involved, and warranty.

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