Is It Healthy Or Unhealthy To Have A Fish Tank In Bedroom?

have a fish tank in bedroom

Do you think mounting a fish tank in the bedroom is healthy or not? What is your thought about this?

Well, many believe there are adverse health effects of having a fish tank in a place where one sleeps. Some even claim it can make an individual unhealthy.

But from the little experience I have had and people I have seen who have different sizes of the aquarium in the bedroom, I don’t think they are facing any of such challenges.

Is It Healthy To Have A Fish Tank In Bedroom?

Having a fish tank mounted in your bedroom is not a bad thing. And it won’t even affect your health as ill as many claim it would. So, as long as you can tolerate it, then fine.

Let’s find out more about having a fish tank installed in a bedroom. Read on friend!

Things To Consider Before Placing A Tank In The Bedroom

Placing A Tank In The Bedroom

Alright, let’s say you have finally decided to splash the cash on an aquarium. But you are still confused about where to have it mounted.

There are many places you can mount your aquarium in the home. In short, most people believe they can fit theirs anywhere.

But let’s focus on the bedroom for now. Before you mount your fish tank there, here are some things you need to consider. They are things you might have to adapt to and tolerate.

The entertainment

Watching a fish swim in an aquarium is fascinating. But it can also deprive you of quality sleep.

It’s easier to say this is not a compelling reason. Anyways, you will know better when you experience such.

Noise from the fish tank

Some people find it harder to sleep in a noisy environment. If you are one of them, then mounting a fish tank in your room is not a good idea.

The room is supposed to be a quiet place in the home, a static environment so you can sleep and rest properly any time of the day.

So, considering this fact, the noise created by the movement of fishes might not be ideal for people who can’t sleep naturally in a noisy environment.

So, if this is a concern, then there is no point in mounting a fish tank in your room.

Maintenance and Cleaning

A crucial aspect you need to be mindful of is the maintenance and cleaning necessary for a fish tank. Regular water changes and cleaning are required to maintain a healthy environment for your fish.

Additionally, you will have to deal with unpleasant odors and algae build-up that may occur.

Tank size/room space

Aquariums are available in different sizes. So, before you splash the cash ensure to check on the various sizes available.

It is best to have an idea of the fish tank sizes to know the one that will fit your room best.

For instance, if you have a small room, then you might want to get a smaller sized aquarium so that there will be enough space to mount other items in the room. Plus movement will not be obstructed.

So, consider your room space before buying a fish tank. If you choose the one that is too big, you might not be comfortable in the room.

Small fish tanks

Well, I just started that aquarium size matters, and anyone thinking of buying a fish tan should consider their living space before doing so.

But there is something else you need to know;

The small fish tank, for instance, would fit your tiny room space well, but you need to be ready to keep the floor dry when necessary because water may spill over.

The spilled water can also make the floor to become sleepy. And if not spotted and mopped on time, it could become a danger to others.

But not in every case though. And the spilling depends on the level at the tank is filled with water.

Big sized fish tank

If you are planning of securing a big fish tank, then you are going to have to consider the changing of water thing. It will be a bit challenging if the thank is massive in size.

So you have to be ready for that too.

On the other hand, big fish tanks are ideal for rooms with large spaces. So if your room size is small, you need to reconsider before splashing the cash on an aquarium.

But then, bigger-sized tanks would contain more fishes and be easier to spot. So if that’s what you are eagerly looking forward to, then you can go for it.

But you need to be ready to handle the challenges that come with mounting a large fish tank in your bedroom.

Noise from the filters

Let’s keep any sentiment aside. Sincerely, one of the drawbacks of installing a fish tank in the bedroom is the noise.

The point is some people are light sleepers. They can wake up and remain awake all through the night when disturbed while sleeping.

So placing an aquarium in such an individual’s room isn’t the best decision. Besides the noise from the fishes, the water which the filter generates can create a lot of noise too.

Therefore, if you are one of those light sleepers, then you should reconsider your decision to mount an aquarium in your room.

Ideas And Places To Mount An Aquarium In Your Home

Let’s forget about the bedroom for a moment. What other areas can one fit an aquarium? Plenty if you ask me!

You can mount your freshwater or saltwater fish tank anywhere. Another excellent idea is to work the fish tank into a piece of furniture.

So if you are looking for ideas, then you can use any of these.

The kitchen

A lot of people would argue that mounting an aquarium in a kitchen is not ideal. And I understand why they think that way!

They believe the grease and smoke from your cooking activities can pollute the water, which might be challenging to clean up.

Well, aquarium ideas are numerous. You can even work a small one into a kitchen island.

Kitchen cabinetry

Well, people are becoming more creative with aquariums and conserving space at the same time.

However, if you can leave the countertop space on your kitchen cabinetry bare, you can use it for your aquarium.

Having a well-designed fish tank worked into kitchen cabinetry will transform the look of your kitchen.

Front of the house

Well, this is not a fish tank idea but an ideal place you can mount your tank.

And guess what;

It is believed that mounting a fish tank at the front of one’s home can bring money luck to the family.

You can mount on the left side of the door because it is believed that this area symbolizes the “Green Dragon” and according to the feng shui Bagua, dragon usually favors water.

Benefits Of Aquariums – A Scientific Study

Benefits Of Aquariums

There are some benefits of keeping a fish tank in the house. Surprised? And guess what, these benefits are backed by science too.

Let’s take a look at them right away.

Stress reduction

Having an aquarium in your home let you experience the calming effect of nature. The soothing effect is also beneficial to those dwelling in a high-stress environment.

That is why when you visit some corporate organizations, you will find aquariums in the office environment.

Reduces heart rate and blood pressure issues

A study conducted by some researchers at the National Marine Aquarium, University of Exeter and that of Plymouth.

They discovered that the heart rate and blood pressure of people reduce when they stir at fishes swimming, particularly in an aquarium.

So, if you are a senior citizen, particularly one with high blood pressure issues, you might want to consider mounting an aquarium on your property.

Calms individuals with Alzheimer’s disease

The calming effect produced by the aquarium is also beneficial to those with Alzheimer’s disease.

According to one of the studies conducted at Purdue University, displaying a brightly colored fish tank can help calm disruption traits and eating habits of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

The study went further to highlight that patients who had this opportunity displayed a more relaxed behavior and less aggression.

Therapeutic effect

This effect of the aquarium is something most of you had experienced without even knowing. It’s incredible.

Now, here is an exercise for you.

The next thing you visit your doctor, make sure you stir at a fish tank (if there is a fish tank) before a major surgical operation or treatment. You will feel the calming effect before the surgery is done on you.

A study conducted found out that patients who had the opportunity to stir at fish tanks ended up requiring less amount of pain medication before a surgical operation.

Effects on Sleep

White Noise Factor

A fish tank in your bedroom has the potential to improve your sleep quality by providing a consistent soothing sound. The gentle hum of the pump and the bubbly water create a type of white noise, which can:

  • Drown out unwanted and distracting noises
  • Facilitate relaxation
  • Promote a deeper and more restful sleep

However, it’s important to choose a quiet filter for your fish tank to ensure the noise remains soothing rather than disruptive. When selecting your filter, look for models with a lower decibel rating to maintain a peaceful environment conducive to sleep.

Influence of Light

Aquarium lights can have both positive and negative effects on your sleep. Some benefits of having aquarium lights in your bedroom include:

  • Creating a calming ambiance for relaxation
  • Mimicking natural daylight to help regulate your sleep patterns

However, it’s worth noting that excessive or bright light, especially blue light, can potentially disrupt your natural sleep cycle. To minimize such disruptions, consider the following tips:

  1. Use a lid: A lid on your fish tank can help reduce the amount of light exposure in your room.
  2. Timers: Install a timer on your aquarium lights to ensure they align with your sleep schedule.
  3. Dimming options: Choose aquarium lights with adjustable brightness settings to control the intensity of light.

By paying attention to both the white noise factor and the influence of light, you can determine if having a fish tank in your bedroom is a healthy or unhealthy choice based on your specific needs and sleep preferences.

Remember, maintaining a quiet and comfortable environment is key to ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Health Implications

Humidity and Mold Issues

Having a fish tank in your bedroom can affect the humidity levels in the room. The water in the tank can evaporate, increasing the moisture content in the air.

In some cases, this increase in humidity may lead to the growth of mold, especially in damp and poorly ventilated areas.

According to the CDC, mold exposure can cause various health issues such as nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, and eye irritation.

So, it is essential to maintain proper humidity levels in your bedroom to prevent mold growth and ensure a healthy environment.

Potential Allergies and Asthma

While fish tanks themselves do not directly cause allergies, they can contribute to the growth of mold and bacteria.

These microorganisms can trigger allergic reactions and breathing issues, especially in people who already suffer from allergies or asthma.

To minimize this risk, you can take several measures, including regularly cleaning your fish tank and maintaining a clean filter to prevent harmful germs from breeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potential effects of a fish tank in a bedroom?

Having a fish tank in your bedroom can offer both positive and negative effects.

The soothing sounds of the water and the mesmerizing movements of the fish can create a relaxing environment that promotes sleep and reduces stress levels.

However, noise from the tank’s filtration system could potentially disturb your sleep if you’re sensitive to sounds. It is important to choose a quiet aquarium setup to mitigate this potential issue.

Are there health concerns associated with a fish tank in a baby’s room?

Fish tanks can be safely placed in a baby’s room, provided that proper precautions are taken.

Make sure the aquarium is stable and out of reach to prevent any accidents.

Additionally, maintain regular cleaning and hygiene practices to avoid any potential health concerns from bacteria or mold growth.

Can fish tanks contribute to room humidity and mold?

Yes, fish tanks can increase humidity levels in a room, particularly if the tank is uncovered or has a high evaporation rate.

Increased humidity might contribute to mold growth if not properly managed. It’s crucial to monitor your room’s humidity levels and ensure proper air circulation to prevent mold growth.

Do fish tanks cause any unpleasant odors in a bedroom?

Fish tanks should not cause any unpleasant odors if properly maintained. Regular cleaning, water changes, and proper filtration can help prevent any unpleasant smells that may arise from algae growth or decaying food particles.

However, if you notice a persistent odor, it is important to address the issue by performing additional cleaning or improving your tank’s setup.

Which fish species are suitable for a bedroom aquarium?

Quiet and non-aggressive fish species are suitable for a bedroom aquarium. Some popular choices include betta fish, neon tetras, guppies, and dwarf gouramis.

These fish species generally have lower noise levels and will not create excessive sounds in your bedroom, allowing for a peaceful environment.

How does a fish tank influence sleep quality?

A fish tank can have a positive impact on sleep quality, as the calming visuals and soothing sounds help create a relaxing environment conducive for sleeping.

However, it is essential to choose a quiet filtration system and reduce any potential disturbances caused by excessive tank noise.

By following proper setup and maintenance, a fish tank can be a beneficial addition to your bedroom.

Wrapping It Up

Well, if you are into feng shui, you might want to avoid placing a fish tank in your bedroom because it does not support that.

In short, some Feng shui experts believe that having an aquarium in the bedroom can cause misfortunes and problems.

But then, if you don’t support these claims, and if you are also comfortable with the challenges that can result from mounting a fish tank in a bedroom, then go ahead and do so.


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