15 Ways to Decorate A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Are you struggling to make the most of the limited space you have in your bedroom? Do you want to change things up in your room while sticking to a budget? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

A small room can sometimes, quite frankly, feel unlivable and unattractive.

But this is not to say that it will always remain that way.

In fact, with a few tips and tricks, space can be transformed into a chic, aesthetic and functional room. All you have to do is be creative and put in the work.

Some people might find this task daunting because of their bedroom’s compact size, but the truth is that decorating such a space is actually pretty easy. Read on as we share some tips that will help you achieve your small bedroom goals!

1. Keep The Color of the Walls Neutral

One of the most subtle ways to make a room look bigger is by painting the walls in neutral and light pastel or white shades.

Most small bedrooms already tend not to have windows where natural sunlight can come in, so this would be a clever way of adding some light.

Though painting may be slightly costly, it will be worthwhile. If your bedroom already needs a paint job, consider giving it a basic light and neutral color.

2. Or Add Vibrant Wallpapers

On the other hand, if neutral does not sit well with you, you can go towards the opposite end of the spectrum.

Go bright and bold by adding vibrant wallpapers, but don’t go too crazy with them because they can give the impression of a smaller room.

We recommend adding bits of bold wallpapers on neutral walls to give a contrast that will amp up the aesthetic while concealing its tiny size. Alternatively, covering small nooks of the room with wallpaper can also help you achieve that.

3. Add in a Full-Length Mirror

Every home decorator will tell you that the easiest and least costly way of making your room appear bigger is by adding a full-length mirror.

Use the art of deception to your advantage through this handy decorating tip of leaning a mirror against your room wall. It helps to create an illusion of a bigger room because of the reflections.

You don’t need to go for a fancy mirror, as long as it is full length. You could even consider installing these mirrors in your closet if your budget allows, which will also create more space in the room.

4. Avoid Stacking Too Many Pillows

Stacking a lot of pillows is a great tip to add aesthetic to your room and make it look cozy. But this is provided that the room and bed are large; if not, it can give the impression of being too overcrowded.

Instead, we recommend you opt for a more minimalistic look for your bed, especially if you have a single or smaller sized one.

Perhaps add only one or two pillows to the bed, but those with a striking appearance. You could even throw in a duvet on the bed to make it look cozy and contrast with the bed and pillows.

5. Add a Pop of Color

As mentioned earlier, bold colors on neutral surfaces are an affordable and accessible trick that instantly amps up the look of a room nicely.

This is especially true for smaller bedrooms, as the contrast can help make them appear larger. Therefore, add pops of color throughout your room with the help of paintings, wallpaper, bright colored furniture, and so on.

Another decoration tip is to use neutral or white foundations, such as walls, chests, or nightstands, and add vibrant pieces to them. For example, adding a bright colored knob on a white chest is a subtle trick to make the chest beautiful.

6. Use Clever and Creative Storage Techniques

The internet is filled with a myriad of creative storage hacks that seamlessly blend with a room and double as storage pieces. Make Pinterest your best friend, and you’ll find tons of different storage hacks for your small bedroom.

For example, you could get empty crates from any local bar or farmer’s market for cheap and use them to give your room a rustic look.

Place plants, books, miscellaneous items, and decorative pieces, and voila! You’re serving two purposes through affordable pieces.

7. Make Use of the Walls

Again, it’s all about creating an optical illusion. Hence, consider making use of your bedroom walls to hang shelves, wall-mounted lights, and paintings.

Wall-mounted lights tend to take up less space compared to standing lights. Those might also require you to buy nightstands, which can get costly and take up a lot of space.

You could instead just mount the lights on top of your headboard. Similarly, installing shelves on the walls is an affordable and easy way to make space in your room to place your decoration items, books, and other pieces.

8. Use All Available Space

This goes without saying, but with a small bedroom, it is imperative that you use every bit of available space you can get.

This is not to say that you stuff the room with furniture or line each wall with shelves or furniture pieces.

The biggest issue with small bedrooms is that you cannot find space to place all your items.

This can be alleviated if you are clever about the available space in your room; for example, make use of the windowsill and place your items there.

9. Use Multipurpose Furniture

An affordable decoration hack is to use furniture that serves multiple purposes.

For example, getting a bed with drawers at the bottom; so the bed can double as a storage area.

Moreover, consider installing nightstands that double as dressers, study tables that double as dressers, and so on.

Make sure that each piece of furniture in your room is functional and preferably serves more than one purpose.

10. Incorporate Foldable Furniture Pieces

Can’t fit a chair or table in your small bedroom? Well, no problem.

Consider getting foldable chairs and tables instead. You can simply take them out and unfold them as and when needed, and neatly fold and tuck them away when you’re done.

Not only do they help create more space, but foldable furniture pieces also tend to be cheaper.

11. Add Built-In Furniture

As we mentioned earlier, making use of the walls by installing fixtures and shelves is a great way to create space for functionality.

Similarly, look for built-in furniture that you can incorporate into your room.

Since they don’t protrude in the room, they will frame the wall and serve a useful purpose.

Make sure not to overdo it with too many built-in fixtures because that could make it look cramped and stuffy.

12. Place the Bed Next To Or Underneath a Window

A window is an excellent resource for small bedrooms, and sometimes one that unfortunately does not exist in these types of rooms.

If you got lucky and have a window in your room, we recommend placing your bed either underneath it if it’s high. If not, then place your bed next to it.

This creates a natural focal point in your room and makes it look more spacious.

13. Add a Murphy Bed, Day Bed, or Turtle Bed

A Murphy, turtle, or folding beds are great additions to a small bedroom because they are small and serve multiple purposes.

If you need to use the room for other work, this can also be especially useful.

For example, during the day, they can be used for lounging, and when it’s time to sleep, they can be retracted and turned into comfortable beds.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could also make a DIY retractable bed yourself!

14. Decorate With Wall Art

Add patterns, textures, shelves, hangings, and whatnot to your walls.

This will serve a myriad of various purposes, with the most prominent being functionality, aesthetic, and impression of a larger room. If you leave your walls blank, they will look bland and boring.

The aim is to make your small bedroom look chic and spacious. Hence, wall art can help create a focal point in your room and bind everything together.

15. Use Ceiling to Floor Curtains

Using long, sheer, and flowy ceiling to floor cushions will create an optical illusion that will help make your small bedroom appear more prominent.

Not only that, but these types of curtains will look cozy and intimate.

They will also help bring continuous natural light to your room if you get the sheer ones.

All in all, ceiling to floor curtains are an affordable way to make your room beautiful, bright, and big.

Add Coziness

Creating a cozy atmosphere in a budget-friendly way is crucial to making your small bedroom feel comfortable and inviting. With thoughtful design choices, you can easily transform your space to feel warm, comfortable, and efficient while staying within budget.

Soft Lighting

Incorporating soft lighting is an essential element in creating a cozy ambiance. Consider adding floor lamps, table lamps, or string lights to your room for a warm, inviting glow. Here are some budget-friendly ideas:

  • Use energy-saving LED bulbs with a warm color temperature.
  • Shop thrift stores or discount home stores for affordable lamp bases and shades.
  • Utilize string lights for a magical touch, and you can find them at dollar store or during post-holiday sales for an even better deal.

Comfy Seating Options

Adding comfortable seating options can make your bedroom feel more inviting. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Opt for a bean bag chair or a budget-friendly accent chair from a discount store or online sale.
  • Repurpose an old chair from another room or find a secondhand one to refurbish (you can repaint, reupholster or add throw pillows to give it new life).
  • Use an oversized floor cushion or pouf for a flexible seating option that can be easily moved around the room.

Incorporating these cozy elements into your small bedroom will help create a more comfortable, sleek space without breaking the bank. Soft lighting and comfy seating options will make your bedroom feel light and bright, turning your space into a peaceful retreat.

Consider the Functional Details

When decorating a small bedroom on a budget, it’s essential to consider how every item fulfills a specific purpose.

By focusing on the functional details, you can optimize your space and make it look larger while keeping costs low.

Practical Storage Solutions

One way to maximize space in a small bedroom is to use practical storage solutions.

A storage ottoman serves as a comfortable seat while offering extra storage for items like blankets, sheets, and pillows.

Similarly, beds with pullout drawers make it simple to stash extra bedding and clothing, keeping your space tidy.

Here are some budget-friendly storage options to consider:

  • Under bed storage boxes
  • Wall-mounted shelves
  • Stackable storage bins

Closet Organization

A well-organized closet can make a significant difference in a small bedroom. Closet organizers help free up floor space and make it easier to locate items you need.

There are several budget-friendly closet organization solutions, such as:

  • Hanging shoe racks
  • Shelf dividers
  • Tiered hangers for optimizing hanging space

By concentrating on the functional details and choosing wisely, you can create a stylish and organized small bedroom that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Seek Out Affordable Decor

Thrift Store Finds

One great way to decorate your small bedroom on a budget is by exploring your local thrift stores.

Not only can you find unique pieces that add character to your space, but you’ll likely score them at a fraction of the price of new items. Here are some tips for thrift store shopping:

  • Be patient: It may take several visits to find the perfect pieces, so don’t get discouraged.
  • Look for potential: Don’t judge an item by its current appearance; imagine what it could look like with a fresh coat of paint or some minor repairs.
  • Consider versatile items: A daybed can be an excellent addition to a small bedroom, as it doubles as both a bed and a seating area.

Sales and Discounts

Another effective strategy for decorating on a budget is to take advantage of sales and discounts offered by various retailers. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Clearance sections: Most stores have a clearance area where they place items at heavily discounted prices.
  • Seasonal sales: Some of the best deals can be found during end-of-season sales, so be patient and plan your shopping accordingly.
  • Coupons and promo codes: Before making a purchase, search for available coupons or discount codes to lower the overall price.

By combining these affordable decor options with a smart layout and functional storage solutions, you can create a stylish and comfortable small bedroom without breaking the bank.

Clear Pathways

To ensure that your bedroom feels spacious and easy to navigate, maintain clear pathways. This means leaving adequate space around your furniture for comfortable movement and arranging items in a way that maximizes accessibility. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Keep a minimum of 2 feet of walking space around the bed and other furniture items.
  • Position the bed in a way that allows easy access to all sides, particularly if it has built-in storage.
  • Avoid placing large furniture items in front of windows or doorways.

By considering layout and paying attention to furniture arrangement and clear pathways, you can create a functional and appealing small bedroom that fits your budget and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some affordable DIY projects for a small bedroom makeover?

  • Repurpose old furniture: Give a fresh look to existing furniture with paint or new handles.
  • Create a gallery wall: Use thrifted frames and your own photos to create a personalized wall display.
  • Add plants for a touch of green: Choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants that don’t take up much space.
  • Sew or upgrade your own curtains: Look for fabric remnants and create simple curtains or improve existing ones with trimmings.

How can I create a luxurious feel in a small bedroom without spending a lot of money?

  • Choose a rich color palette: Deep shades, like navy or burgundy, can bring sophistication to a small space.
  • Layer bedding for a plush look: Add a plush throw blanket and several decorative pillows to your bed for a cozy effect.
  • Use lighting strategically: A well-placed table lamp or floor lamp can make a room feel warm and inviting.
  • Incorporate textures: Include soft, tactile materials like velvet or faux fur in your decor.

What are some simple and inexpensive decorating ideas for a two-person small bedroom?

  • Get a double-duty headboard: Choose a headboard with built-in storage or one that doubles as accent wall decor.
  • Opt for symmetrical arrangements: Place matching lamps, nightstands, and other bedroom essentials on both sides of the bed for a balanced look.
  • Use mirrors to create the illusion of space: Add a full-length mirror or strategically placed smaller mirrors to make the room appear larger.
  • DIY artwork: Create simple wall art by using basic supplies or printing your own designs.

How can I make my small bedroom feel calming and tranquil on a budget?

  • Choose soothing colors: Opt for a neutral or muted color palette to create a restful atmosphere.
  • Limit visual clutter: Store items in closed storage solutions to keep surfaces neat and uncluttered.
  • Incorporate natural elements: Choose wooden or woven furniture and decor to enhance a serene ambiance.
  • Use scented candles or diffusers: Add calming scents with essential oil diffusers or candles.

What strategies can I use to decorate my small bedroom when I have no money to spend?

  • Rearrange your furniture: Try new layouts to give your space a refreshed look.
  • Declutter and organize: Remove unnecessary items and store belongings more efficiently.
  • Swap in items from other rooms: Use decor and furniture from other areas in your home for a fresh look.
  • Upcycle existing items: Get creative with DIY projects to transform your old belongings into new pieces.

What are effective ways to maximize space and style in a small bedroom with minimal cost?

  • Make use of vertical space: Install floating shelves or wall-mounted hooks to store items in unused areas.
  • Choose multipurpose furniture: Opt for pieces that can serve multiple functions, like a bed with built-in storage or a desk that also works as a vanity.
  • Emphasize the room’s natural light: Use sheer curtains or blinds to avoid blocking sunlight.
  • Keep color schemes cohesive: Stick to a limited color palette to make the space feel larger and more organized.

Final Words

The main trick behind decorating a small bedroom is to give an optical illusion through aesthetic pieces of furniture.

These items need to look good, serve a purpose, and help make the room larger and spacious. All of this is not hard to do if you do it smartly.

There are tons of DIY beds, nightstands, and shelves you can make at home- thus making most of these tips budget-friendly as well.

We hope that you found these tips helpful. If you have any more questions, feel free to let us know, and we’d be happy to get back to you!

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