What Colors Go With Cherry Bedroom Furniture?

Cherry bedroom furniture looks elegant and graceful. The dark reddish color deepens with age due to the natural oxidation process.

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It adds a bit of glamour and class to any bedroom.

Decorating the bedroom with cherry bedroom furniture is all about selecting the perfect color hues.

Cherry furniture can be mixed with a wide range of colors. In this blog post, we will share some tips regarding selecting the best colors when decorating cherry bedroom furniture.

Decorating a Bedroom with Cherry Wood Furniture

Decorating a bedroom with cherry wood requires certain consideration. Selecting the right color requires looking at the hues in the finishing.

Cherry wood generally has rich red hues mixed with brown color.

Here are some tips for decorating different parts of the bedroom with cherry wood bedroom furniture.

1. Walls

Let’s start by focusing on the walls and how you can create synergy in the space.

1.1. Light Colors

The dark colors of the cherry wood also look good when contrasted with lighter tones. Light colors are ideal for highlighting cherry wood features.

The color contrast between dark furniture and light walls will look more striking when the cherry wood furniture darkens with age.

Colors such as light blue, light green, light brown, or grey undertones will create high contrast that will make the cherry wood bedroom furniture stand out.

Other light colors that contrast well with cherry furniture include light caramel, creamy ivory, and light yellow colors.

You can create a focal point by painting the accent wall in sage green. The muted green wall color will balance nicely with the red and green colors that are opposite of the color wheel making them complementary colors.

Pastel hues on the walls will also make the wood furniture stand out. The color will perfectly blend in with the cherry wood.

It will make the room feel cheerful and bright all year round. As the cherry wood becomes darker over time, the pastel hues will become even more prominent.

Pastel hues can be too feminine for a bedroom with a male occupant. Consider a splash of turquoise or teal on the wall for a more masculine look.

The color hues will perfectly offset the red hue of the cherry wood bedroom furniture.

1.2. Dark Colors

Cherry wood can also stand up well against more intense colors.

Colors with dark hues such as hunter green, royal blue, and mustard yellow will look great with the cherry bedroom furniture.

These intense colors harmonize well, creating a low contrast allowing the wood to blend in instead of standing out.

Red and purple paint on the wall can also complement the cherry wood bedroom color.

Red paint will highlight the red tones of the cherry wood while the purple hues will complement the darker hues of the wood furniture.

1.3. Earthy Colors

You should consider earthy colors to bring a casual formality to the cherry wood. Gray-blue, pastel green, and ivory colors will create a neutral look that looks subtle but refreshing. The earthy colors will create a modern touch to the outdated cherry wood furnishing.

Consider adding a wood trim on the walls to create a more elegant look. The color will indicate a strong presence of cherry wood furniture in the bedroom.

You should keep the color of the walls white and install the wood trim all around the room. The wooden trim should complement the style of the cherry wood.

The natural grain of wood paneling on the walls will create a similar but more pronounced effect. It will feel like entering into a posh cabin as you walk inside the bedroom.

Grey color is the ideal choice if you want to play it safe. The color will also go along well with any color furniture that you put alongside the cherry wood furniture.

2. Floors

The floor tile or carpet color should also complement the cherry wood bedroom furniture.

You should make sure that the floor should blend in with the room or stand out to create the perfect look.

2.1. Dark color floor

A dark color floor is an excellent choice for a bedroom with cherry wood bedroom furniture. It can be an expensive option but worth it due to improved aesthetics.

The dark color floor creates an air of elegance and grace to any room. It will be easy to maintain since the blemishes will not be easily visible.

2.2. Light color floor

A dark color floor is not a good choice for small rooms. A dark floor will make the room feel cramped.

You should consider a light color wood or tile to complement a room with cherry wood furniture. It will contrast with the cherry wood and make the room appear bigger.

If you want to add a carpet to the bedroom, you should opt for a light color carpet. Consider light brown or light grey carpet rug for space.

Both these colors go well with the cherry wood bedroom furniture. But you should be prepared to clean the carpet regularly as dirt is more visible on light color floors.

3. Windows

Window treatments can also complement the cherry wood furniture.

You should consider layered window treatments to add style, function, and texture to a bedroom with cherry wood furniture.

3.1. Shade Colors

Consider installing window shades woven from the natural wood, reeds, and grasses with a hint of red to enhance the cherry furniture.

Window shades can also have hints of dark red to complement instead of contrast with the furniture.

The dark color shades will allow privacy while highlighting the natural features of the cherry wood. You can layer the shades with light color sheers for creating a contrast.

3.2. Curtain Colors

Hang pastel color curtains in front of the shades to create a stylish and layered appearance. White sheers can brighten up the cherry tones.

You can also select silky-lined draperies in muted green color to enhance the appeal with a complementary hue. This will give the bedroom a rich texture and create an interesting look.

4. Bedroom Accessories

Various Decorative accessories can add to the elegance of a bedroom with cherry wood furniture.

But you should keep the accessories to a minimum otherwise it will make the room appear disorganized and cluttered.

4.1. Indoor Plants

Place a few plots on the top of the dresser or armoire.

This will freshen up space with complementary color and the touch of the outdoors.

4.2. Glittering Chandelier

Moreover, you can highlight the natural aesthetics of the cherry wood by hanging a glittering chandelier with light color bulbs in the center of the bedroom.

4.3. Ceramic Table Lamps

Ceramic table lamps with yellow lights can brighten the room when placed on the bedside tables.

The table lamps will also provide task lighting that will make it great for bedroom reading.

4.4. Light Color Bed Linens

Light color bed linens with color will complement the look of the cherry wood furniture.

You should also place colorful pillows for creating a striking contrast with the bedsheet. The colorful pillows will harmonize with the cherry wood furniture improving the overall look of the bedroom.

5. Furniture

Light color furniture will not complement the dark cherry wood bedroom furniture.

The contrast will not look pleasant unlike the case with walls, floors, and decorative items since they don’t try to steal the highlight from the cherry wood furniture.

Dark color furniture will even out the cherry wood bedroom furniture. You should consider placing it away from the cherry wood piece to create a more balanced look.

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5.1. Black Color Furniture

Black color furniture is a good choice that will blend with cherry wood furniture.

You can place a black rocking chair, armchair, or a reading desk in the corner of the room. Moreover, you can also use black side tables to hold the lamps and flank the bed.

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5.2. Brown Color Furniture

Brown furniture is another good choice that will go well with the cherry wood furniture in the bedroom. You can place dark brown shelves or cabinets for storage.

This color is more traditional as compared to the black color that is more modern and elegant.

5.3. Dark Gray Wood Satin

Dark gray wood satin is another popular choice for a bedroom with cherry wood furniture.

This is the right color if you have light grey or white color walls to complement the cherry wood.

Final Remarks

Cherry wood bedroom furniture can go well with a lot of different colors. An important thing to keep in mind is that certain features such as illumination in the room will change the way a bedroom will look.

Fabric texture can also affect the appearance. So, you must experiment a bit to know what color will look best with cherry wood.

Use some paint chips to find out if it will look good with the furniture in the bedroom. You must select paint colors to match the characteristics of the cherry wood color and grain pattern.

Lastly, your personal preferences will also decide what colors go best with cherry wood bedroom furniture.

You must decide for yourself what color will look great since you will be the primary occupant of the bedroom.

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