How Much Does It Cost to Carpet a Bedroom?

If you’re planning to remodel your bedroom, the most important decision is the type of flooring you should get.

Carpeting is an excellent way to create an atmosphere of comfort and subdued peace in your bedroom. It makes your bedroom look lush and luxurious without needing new furniture.

However, people often consider the cost of carpeting too high to be feasible.

Today, let’s find out how much it costs to carpet a bedroom. We will consider different factors, the cost breakdown, and how to get the most value for your money.

Why Should You Carpet Your Bedroom?

You can choose to add a carpet to any room of your house, but the impact of carpet in the bedroom is the most prominent. 

Makes Your Bedroom More Comfortable

Walking around on hard flooring is just uncomfortable. Adding plush, thick carpet to your bedroom floor will make you feel comfortable, like you’re walking on a pillow.

Not only does a carpet in the bedroom make walking around more comfortable, but you can also sit on the floor more comfortably. The floor won’t feel hard against your hips.

It Makes Your Room Comfortably Warm

The carpet is much warmer than hard flooring. You might not really care if your floor feels cold throughout the day, but you’ll surely not like the feel of a cold floor early in the morning.

This would feel like a blessing in the winters when you don’t feel like leaving your warm comforter!


A carpeted bedroom feels quieter than a room with a hard floor. 

You don’t have to worry about making noise when you leave your bed to use the bathroom at night or early in the morning, because walking on carpet is literally noiseless.

It’s particularly beneficial if you’ve children co-sleeping with you, who you’re concerned might wake up on the slightest of noise.

Improved Aesthetics

Carpeting can have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your room. The right choice of color and design can make your room appear bigger and more spacious.

Not only that, but a carpeted bedroom looks cozier, warmer, and a lot more welcoming!

How to Calculate the Cost of Carpeting a Bedroom

Before you can decide whether getting a carpet for your bedroom is financially feasible or not, you should know how to calculate the cost.

The first and the most important factor that comes into play when calculating the cost of carpet installation is the size of your room.

Measure the length and width of your bedroom. If your room is irregular in shape, divide the room into various sections and measure the length and width of each section.

Multiply each section’s length and width to get your bedroom’s total square footage. Multiply the square footage of your bedroom with the cost of carpeting that you like, and you’ll have an estimate of how much it’ll cost to carpet your bedroom.

Carpets are available at a wide range of prices, and the price you pay for carpet installation in your bedroom depends on various factors.

Carpet rolls usually come in 12 and 15-foot sizes. If your room is bigger than that, you’ll have to pay extra (about 5 to 20%) for the padding and carpeting material to cover your entire bedroom.

When you’re considering the cost of carpeting your bedroom, it helps to be aware of the different things to consider. From the actual carpet to the padding, floor improvement, and even labor costs – there are lots of factors to look into.

Accordingly to HomeAdvisor, carpet installations of bedrooms usually range from $756 all the way to $2,591. With such a huge range, you will need to be aware of all the costs so you can set a budget.

Homeowners should expect to pay around $3.5 to $11 per square foot to carpet their bedroom. This price depends on the style and texture of the carpet you pick and the shape of your room.

Let’s go over all of the costs of carpeting a bedroom.


The very first cost to consider is, of course, the carpet itself. This will make up a majority of your total carpeting budget, so you can easily pick out a style and material that minimizes the cost.

At most retailers like Home Depot, you can find super cheap carpeting options that start from just $0.65 per sq ft.

However, if you head off to a luxury home decor shop, you will notice that the prices start from a ‘basic’ $5.0 per sq ft. and go all the way up to $12 and more.

This means that if your bedroom is a typical 10 x 12 dimensions room, you could choose a carpet that just costs $78. On the flip side, it could also cost $1440 or even higher!

The price of the carpet depends on its fibers, the cut style you pick, and its pile height. We’ll go over this in detail in the following sections.


Just because you can’t see the carpet padding in rooms doesn’t mean it’s not an essential part of the overall installation.

The padding matters a lot, as it determines just how comfortable your carpet is to walk on.

Imagine entering your room after a long, tiring day of being on your feet at work. Would you really want to step on hard and scratchy carpeted floors in your bedroom? Of course, not!

So, remember that padding is worth the splurge. It allows the carpet to be gentle on your feet and knees. It also insulates your floors and keeps the heat or cold from seeping into the carpet.

Padding is also a great way to damper sounds. So, if you live in an apartment complex or even a loud home, it will prove to be godsent!

There are many types of carpet padding. Each type is priced differently. Urethane foam padding is the most economical and costs about $0.75 per square foot.

Bonded urethane is the most commonly used padding material, and it costs about $0.90 per square foot. It’s extremely comfortable, very durable, and also avoids compression.

Waffle rubber padding is a costlier padding option that costs about $1 per square foot. It’s not very common.

Another type of padding that’s commonly used is fiber cushion padding which costs about $1.25 per square foot. It’s a blend of various natural fibers and is a more environmentally friendly option.

The most expensive padding material is flat rubber padding, which costs about $2 per square foot. It’s the most durable of all padding materials.

In general, a 10 x 12 bedroom floor can be padded within the range of $30 to $150.

Installation Costs

Another important aspect of getting your bedroom carpeted is the labor cost. Trying to DIY carpet installations is a bad idea, so we highly recommend letting a professional do this for you.

Some carpet companies offer free installation when you buy from them. However, most companies charge an installation fee ranging from $1.00 per sq ft. to $2.00 per sq ft., depending on your room.

This means that a 10 x 12 bedroom would encounter labor costs of $120 to $240 for the whole place.

However, if you wish to uproot the old carpet, the labor cost will be higher. Also, if your bedroom is big and requires more workers, you might have to pay more in labor costs.

Depending on the kind of services offered and the expertise of the company, it could just be a better idea to pay for installations.

Sure, a company might offer free installation services, but if their work doesn’t live up to the mark, you will end up wasting a lot of money. It could even ruin your newly purchased carpets!

The best way to go about this is to look up reviews online and find a reliable carpet installation company. See if their quotes fall within your budget, and then get started!

Moving Furniture

There are some additional costs that you might also come across during this process. It is best to budget for these factors beforehand, so you aren’t caught by surprise.

After all, it is better if your carpet installation ends up costing less than your budget, rather than exceeding it.

You might need some extra assistance with moving the heavy furniture in your bedroom. Bed sets, dressers, and other bedroom furniture can be quite heavy and difficult to maneuver on your own.

If you need professionals to move your furniture, set aside an additional $200 – $400 for it.

Carpet Removal

If your bedroom is already carpeted and you want to change the flooring, you will need to get rid of the old carpet first.

You could try scraping and removing it on your own, but that usually creates a mess on your floor.

Just in case you face difficulty in carpet removal and end up needing professional services for it, budget out around $ 3 to $5 per sq ft for this.

If your room also has padding installed in it, add another $1.5 per sq ft to your budget.

Miscellaneous Costs

The final cost of adding carpet to your bedroom is usually slightly more than what you calculated. This is because of the various miscellaneous costs involved in the process.

Factors like moving the furniture, flooring repair, and custom cuts, among many others, often add up in the final cost.

How to Choose the Best Carpet Fiber and Style for Your Budget

Now that you’re aware of all the costs associated with carpeting a bedroom, let’s move on.

Here is everything you should know about the carpet type so you can make the best choice within your budget:

Carpet Fiber

Carpet fibers indicate the type of material the carpet is made of. Each type has its own unique features, so be sure to consider them all before making a pick.

Polyester – $0.65 to $6.59 per sq ft.

Polyester is one of the cheapest carpet fibers. It is a synthetic option with stain-resistant properties.

Polyester is also fade-resistant and comes in a variety of bright colors. This makes it the perfect choice if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your room.

However, polyester carpets aren’t suitable if your bedroom is used very roughly. But if you’re susceptible to allergies, polyester carpets are a great choice as they’re resistant to mold and mildew.

Nylon- $2.69 to $8.49 per sq ft.

Nylon is among the more expensive carpet fiber options. It is also a synthetic material and is well-loved for its durability. This versatile carpet type is available in several colors, patterns, and piles.

If you want a soft, weather-resistant, and easy-to-clean carpeting solution for your bedroom, nylon is your ideal choice. Nylon carpets are the best choice if you use your room roughly and have kids and children.

Polypropylene- $0.65 to $5.86 per sq ft.

Polypropylene is also an affordable carpeting option. It is colorfast, which means the colors are constructed instead of being dyed like other carpet fibers.

This gives polypropylene excellent color-resistant properties, and it is significantly less likely to fade. It is also resistant to moisture. However, as compared to nylon, this isn’t a very durable carpet fiber.

Cotton- $6 to $7 per sq ft.

Then there are cotton carpets. These are quite expensive because they’re made from natural materials. But cotton carpets stain and fade easily.

Sisal- $5 to $15 per sq ft.

Sisal carpets fall into the category of premium carpets. Sisal carpets have a woven and rough texture, making them suitable for rough use.

Wool- $3.59 to $12.04 per sq ft.

Lastly, we have wool which is one of the most expensive carpet types. It is a natural carpet fiber that feels incredibly soft and plush under your toes.

The biggest winning factor for wool is that its softness doesn’t reduce its durability. Wool is also stain-resistant and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for bedrooms.

Carpet Piles

We now know about the different carpet fibers and their costs. Let’s dive into the different carpet piles available in the market.

Low Pile

Low piles have short and flat fibers, making them easy to clean. These carpets can withstand a lot of footfall without showing any signs of damage, making them perfect for commercial sites.

However, these aren’t the most comfortable carpets to walk on due to the short fibers and their limited cushioning effect.

Medium Pile

The medium pile strikes the perfect balance between comfort and durability. It has the wear-resistance of the low pile while also offering the plush, luxurious feel of the high pile.

If you’re looking for a good quality carpet without going over your budget, a medium pile is your best choice. It is comfortable enough for bedrooms while also being durable and easy to clean.

High Pile

Lastly, the high pile is the epitome of luxury and comfort. This is the most expensive option in the market and well worth its higher price point.

High pile carpets make you feel like you’re walking on air. The immense comfort is further supplemented by incredible sound damping for added comfort.

However, this carpet pile isn’t without some cons of its own. The increased length of fibers in high pile carpets attracts more dust and dander. So, they need to be cleaned more often.

How to Maintain Your Carpet

Keeping your carpet in good condition is essential to prolong its life and maintain a clean, healthy living environment.

In this section, we will discuss how to deal with furniture, properly clean, and avoid allergens.

Dealing with Furniture

When arranging furniture in your bedroom, be mindful of how it impacts your carpet.

  • Make sure to use furniture coasters or pads under the legs of heavy pieces to distribute weight evenly and prevent dents.
  • Regularly rearrange lightweight furniture to avoid excessive wear and tear on specific areas of the carpet.
  • If possible, use area rugs or mats in high-traffic areas to lessen the impact of foot traffic on your carpet.


Regular cleaning is crucial to maintaining your carpet’s appearance and freshness. Follow these simple steps:

  • Vacuum your carpet at least once a week to remove dirt, dust, and other debris.
  • Treat spills and stains immediately to prevent permanent damage. Blot the affected area with a clean, damp cloth and use a carpet cleaner formulated for the specific type of stain.
  • Schedule a professional deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months to remove embedded dirt and grime thoroughly. The cost of carpet cleaning ranges from $122 to $235, with the national average at $178.

Avoiding Allergens

Carpets can trap allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen, which could impact your health. To minimize allergens in your bedroom:

  • Choose a carpet made from hypoallergenic materials or have a low pile height to reduce allergen build-up.
  • Regularly clean and replace your vacuum’s filter to ensure its effectiveness.
  • Consider using an air purifier in your bedroom to reduce airborne allergens further.
  • Wash your bedding frequently to prevent the accumulation of allergens on your bedroom floor.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your carpet in top condition and maintain a comfortable, clean living space within your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost per square foot for carpet installation

The average cost per square foot for carpet installation ranges from $1 to $4 depending on the style and construction of the carpet.

Keep in mind that this cost only covers the carpet itself and does not include padding or labor costs.

How can I estimate the total cost of carpeting my room?

To get a rough estimate of the total cost for carpeting your room, you can follow these steps:

  1. Measure the length and width of your room in feet.
  2. Multiply these dimensions to determine the total square footage.
  3. Multiply the square footage by the average cost per square foot.
  4. Add the costs of padding and labor, which vary depending on the thickness and density of the padding, as well as local labor rates.

This will give you a ballpark figure of what it might cost to carpet your room.

What are the labor costs for installing carpet and padding?

Labor costs for installing carpet and padding vary depending on your location, but the national average is between $3.50 to $11 per square foot or $32 to $100 per square yard.

Do home improvement stores offer carpet installation services?

Yes, many home improvement stores, like The Home Depot, offer carpet installation services. The costs for such services may be included in the price of the carpet or offered as a separate fee.

How can I calculate the amount of carpet needed for a specific room size?

To calculate the amount of carpet needed for a specific room size:

  1. Measure the length and width of your room in feet.
  2. Multiply the length by the width to get the total square footage.
  3. Add an extra 10% to account for cutting and fitting waste.

This additional percentage allows for any necessary adjustments during installation.

Are there any deals or specials for carpeting multiple rooms?

Some retailers and installers might offer deals or specials for carpeting multiple rooms at the same time. These discounts may vary depending on the company, the carpet material, and the size of the project.

It’s a good idea to ask multiple retailers and installers for their prices and compare their offers before making your final decision.

The Bottom Line

Adding carpet to your bedroom will be the best decision ever! Your bedroom will be a lot more comfortable and cozy.

If you wish to add premium-quality carpet to your bedroom, be prepared to bear some hefty costs. But the feel of the finest quality carpet is truly beyond what words can explain.

At the end of the day, your comfort and the aesthetics of your bedroom matter, and carpet can up the level of both!

So, to answer how much it costs to carpet a bedroom, carpet installation in a bedroom can range from $756 to $2,591. It will include the cost of the carpet and the accompanying service costs.

So, make sure to budget accordingly.

Happy carpet shopping!

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