11 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Most when starting off can, initially, only afford a small bedroom while others simply like living in small cozy spaces.

Whatever the reason for the tiny size of your room, you would want to maximize the use of your bedroom space and make it look bigger and organized.

If your room looks cluttered and short on space, then it can end up making you feel claustrophobic.

There are several clever ways through which can keep living in the same room but make it look more spacious and bigger. Small changes in the use of the area and the choice of furniture make a big difference in the overall feel of your bedroom.

In this article, we are going to list down simple tricks and techniques that will make your small bedroom look much bigger.

So, let’s dive right in!

Use Light-Colored Paint

You may have heard that white paint makes a room look bigger.

Well, there’s certainly some truth to it. White and, more generally, light colors give an open and spacious feeling.

When you paint your entire room with the same color, it creates an illusionary effect, making the room look more spread out.

Using the same color on your walls, floor, and ceiling makes the end or boundary of the room indistinguishable.

This way you can make your small bedroom feel bigger and more open. Consider using light and soft palettes such as white, light blue, and yellow.

Install Bedside Stands & Shelves on the Wall

Instead of putting bedside tables, consider installing floating bedside stands or shelves on your wall at each side of your bed.

Bedside tables occupy lots of ground space and make the room look even smaller, so it is best to get rid of them entirely.

When your room has an emptier floor space, it looks more spacious and bigger. Plus, it adds a nice and functional touch of décor to your walls without cluttering the space.

Utilize Vertical Space

Another great way of making your small bedroom more efficient with space is by utilizing vertical space. When there isn’t enough room and width on the ground, it’s time to think vertically.

By using the space on the walls all the way up to the ceiling, you can make the room seem larger and create extra space for all your things.

Tall in-built shelves on the walls make the viewer stretch their view from the ground to the ceiling. This creates a sense of enlargement in your room.

Moreover, they provide an excellent arrangement for the storage of your items. In most cases, you’ll be able to store all of your everyday-use belongings on the shelves. These shelves can also be used for placing décor pieces, books, etc.

If you don’t have in-built shelves, you can mount the shelves on the wall yourself. The best way to maximize the use of space is to install wall-length shelves on one of your walls in the bedroom.

Make sure you paint the shelves the same color as your walls to make the room look bigger. Choosing white or any other light and warm color is the best option for your small bedroom.

Use legged Furniture

A clever technique for making your small bedroom look bigger is to use furniture with legs. This means that the furniture piece will have space underneath it, which will make the room feel more airy and open.

Even if you have just used one essential furniture piece with legs, it would make a huge difference.

You can use a bed with legs. If not, then consider buying a table, dresser, or closet with legs. If you want nightstands or bedside tables in your room, you can choose legged pieces for them as well.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are another interesting way of creating the illusion of a bigger room. Although one tall mirror is a requirement of every bedroom, a smaller one may need even more.

When placed rightly, mirrors can make your small bedroom look wider.

You can do this by installing mirrors on your closet doors. You can get differently-shaped mirrors to hang on your room’s walls. You can use mirrors as décor on your shelves and dresser.

If you can afford to be a bit fancy, then hang a starburst mirror over your bed.

You can also buy furniture that has mirror finishes. The more mirrors you subtly incorporate in your little bedroom, the bigger it will feel.

Get a Bed with Built-in Drawers

A bed with built-in drawers is an excellent option for small bedrooms.

Not only will you have a comfortable space to sleep, but you can also store most of your stuff right under it. It will give your room a chance to stay organized and put-together.

Utilizing space under the bed is an efficient way of maximizing your small space. Instead of just sliding things under your bed, the drawers make your room look more refined, organized, and functional.

Use Sconces instead of Lamps

In a big bedroom, people tend to use lamps on their bedside tables.

However, in smaller rooms, lamps take up a lot of space. If you’re using floating shelves as a replacement for bedside tables, then there is no room for lamps at all.

We recommend using scones on the wall right behind your bed just slighting upward from the position where your lamp would have been.

Wall-mounted scones or hanging pendants not only free up the bedside space but also create an open and airy feeling in the bedroom. They are perfect for bedtime reading and general use in the room.

Use Minimal Bedding

In a small bedroom, it’s important to keep your bed streamlined. Toss away all the extra pillows because they make the space look cluttered and small.

There is no room for bulky quilts and extra blankets in a small bedroom. Make sure you only have thin and essential bedding items on your bed.

Let Go of Curtains

Heavy curtains and drapes can make a room feel small and shut out. That is why it’s better to completely forgo them. Instead, use light shades or shutters to cover your windows.

They don’t take up any space and allow the sight of a viewer to go far and wander, making them feel a sense of expanded space. Make sure you use the same or similar color for your shades as your walls, so they blend right in.

However, this suggestion is only for when you need covers on your windows.

An even better setting would be where you abandon the idea of covering your windows and going bare.

Windows that offer a view allow the sight to travel far and make one feel like they are in an expanded space. The unobstructed view will let more light in and make your room feel lighter and bigger.

Avoid Unnecessary Furniture

If you have to make do with a small bedroom, then make this the rule of thumb: you don’t buy furniture you don’t absolutely need.

This means that the furniture that you require to function and live in your bedroom is the only furniture you buy. The less is more for a small bedroom.

When it comes to the furniture you do need, such as a bed, study or work tables, dresser, etc, consider choosing the transparent options. For instance, instead of a wooden table, get a glass table.

For your desk chair, buy a light and transparent plastic chair.

Transparent items make your room feel emptier even though they occupy the same space as non-transparent items. That’s why they are excellent at making a small bedroom look bigger.

Get Rid of Clutter

Finally, cutting the clutter is the best tip for making any small room feel and look bigger. As obvious as it sounds, people have the tendency to keep buying things that they don’t really need.

To make a small room feel bigger, you’ll need to adopt some form of a minimalistic lifestyle. Get rid of everything that isn’t essential or you don’t really use frequently.

Clutter makes a room look even smaller than it actually is. It also makes it difficult to keep things organized. So, assess your room and see what you can do without and then get rid of it.

Final Thoughts

Living in a small room can actually be a fun experience if you do it right.

Small bedrooms are easy to clean and maintain. By incorporating the tips and techniques we mentioned above, you can make your tiny bedroom look bigger than it actually is.

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