15 Tips to Organize a Small Kids Bedroom

If you have a child, you’ll probably know how hard it is to organize their bedrooms. Getting rid of the clutter and storing away toys, books, and crayons can be a hassle.

And this becomes even more pronounced when the room is small, and space is minimal. It can truly be disastrous.

But contrary to what you might be thinking, it is completely possible to have a tidy small kid’s bedroom.

And you will be able to achieve that with some clever and strategic storage and organization techniques.

If you have been struggling with organizing your child’s small bedroom, here are some helpful techniques.

With these, you’ll be equipped to take their room from cluttered to clean in no time.

1. Use Stack Crates

When it comes to organizing toys for the kids, storage crates are your best friends. You can get them from any store or online.

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Dump all the toys in these crates.

This will be easier to do for the kids as well when you want them to tidy up the room themselves.

Place the crates against the wall, one on top of each other.

Plain-colored crates can look boring. This is why we recommend you paint them with bright colors like pink, red and yellow.

It’ll also be a fun DIY activity for the kids. Make sure also to secure these crates to the walls and each other.

Moreover, you can also add labels for categories of toys, for example, wooden toys, board games, lego, etc.

2. Get Multifunctional Furniture

For a small bedroom, multifunctional furniture is the trick to keep it clean and open.

Since you are limited on space in such rooms, you have to rely on every piece of furniture.

Therefore, consider getting a bed with storage drawers at the bottom. You can stow away numerous things in such beds.

In fact, you can even make storage out of existing furniture pieces. For example, you can put storage boxes or install drawers in bookshelves and use them as a makeshift closet.

Another smart hack with furniture is to get a bunk bed or take it off the ground.

This will create enough storage underneath for you to place chairs or desks.

3. Built-In Benches

A significant storage lifesaver for small bedrooms is built-in benches.

You can install drawers under them to hold tiny toys or clothes. Alternatively, you can turn it into a bookshelf.

The entire area can then be a makeshift reading corner for the children.

Other things you can store in these built-in benches include shoes, bags, and accessories.

4. Storage Inside Closets

Closets are a popular place to stow away things besides clothes, shoes, and bags.

However, it’s likely that you’re probably not using up all of the space that a closet provides.

Hanging all of your kids’ clothes in closets is not the best idea. This tends to take up more space compared to folded clothes.

If you have a larger closet or if your child is smaller and doesn’t have many clothes, you can use the space strategically.

For example, you can place their toy storage boxes in their closets as well.

Alternatively, if they have too many things, storage boxes can be placed in the closet and used to keep their clothes, shoes, and bags.

5. DIY Book Bin

This is the easiest and cheapest storage hack you can use.

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It’s also a fun activity you can do with your kids. Using wood, you can join planks together to build a box.

Paint the box in fun colors or create designs on them with the kids. You can also add pegs on the floor to make them standing boxes.

Or, to make it easier for you, simply place them on the floor.

These boxes you can then use as book bins.

These open book bins can come in handy for other things as well. You can store toys and clothes in them as well.

6. Combine Play and Storage

This not only applies to a small bedroom but generally any kid’s bedroom.

If you don’t use their toys or playing areas for storage, you might never be able to have an organized room.

Get a dollhouse and place all or most of the toys in it. You could even use a shelving unit for storage and simultaneous play.

Be clever about how baskets, bins, and crates can be incorporated into your child’s play area.

For example, baskets can be a clever addition to your child’s pretend kitchen.

7. Built-In Shelves

In a small bedroom, walls can be a great functional resource.

You can put up shelves on the walls and arrange books or toys on them. These can also act as a chic décor item for the room.

A simple set of shelves are boring, so make sure you get those with fun colors and align with the overall theme.

8. Use Spice Shelves for Storage

An interesting storage hack for a small kid’s bedroom is to use the typical spice racks as bookshelves.

You can put them up on the walls and paint them in bright colors.

This is a super cheap way to store your children’s books, and it would not even take up a lot of space either.

Alternatively, you can also use floating shelves for the same purpose.

Add one or several to the wall, depending on how many books you have.

Moreover, you can also securely place these racks on the wall above your bed. This would make bedtime reading much more convenient.

9. Get a Peg Board

A pegboard is a smart way to store a number of things.

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You can put up baskets on the pegboard and then use them to store diapers, toiletries, or socks.

Any tiny accessory can be stowed away on the beg board, especially those you need while on the go.

10. Use a Light Color Palette For the Room

A subtle way to make your small kids’ bedroom appear larger and more organized is this one. by using a light and pastel color palette, you can really open up the room.

Colors like baby pink or blue, mint green, and light yellow would work best.

Paint the walls, shelves, and bed with these colors and use similar accents for the bedsheets.

11. Make Storage at Corners With Cubbies and Bins

To make the most of the minimal space you have in a small bedroom, you can place cubbies and bins in the corners of the room.

Doing so would take up a minimal wall and floor space.

Cubbies and bins are a smart and effective storage hack to make the room appear less cluttered.

Alternatively, you can install shelves in the corner of the room too.

This may be a costlier option, but it will be well worth it. You can use this space to store toys, books, clothes, and stuffed animals.

12. Organize Their Clothes

If you have not done that already, this is the place to start.

Clothes are the primary thing that can make a kid’s small bedroom appear unorganized and cluttered.

Hence, you should organize their clothes by getting rid of the unused and discarded cloth items.

Once you have arranged them, it’s time to employ smart storage techniques for their clothes.

Fabric storage bags can work great for storing too many clothes.

You can add labels to them to keep track of exactly what is inside.

13. Stuff Bean Bags with Toys

You might not have heard of this super clever organization hack before.

If you have bean bags in your child’s bedroom, make them multifunctional with this hack. ‘Stuff’ your stuffed animals in these bean bags.

Since these toys tend to take up too much space anyway, this may help curb the problem.

Moreover, you could also make DIY bean bags yourself with brightly colored and texture sheets.

Add foam to these sheets and stitch them together, and add your toys inside them. The kids can sit on them or play with the toys whenever need be.

14. Create an Art Wall

Kids tend to have numerous art pieces and drawings, and storing them can sometimes be tricky.

Hence, instead of storing them, why not put them up on the wall?

By creating an art wall, your kids’ artwork will also be celebrated and displayed.

Install racks on the walls or hang threads. You can then use clips to hang pieces of their drawings.

15. Hang Accessories on the Wall

Similarly, you can use the wall to hang extra accessories that you can’t store away.

You can use a picture frame and add threads to them. Then you can use the threads to hang headbands, clips, socks, and even diapers.

It’s an easy, simple, and clever way to store these tiny items that tend to build up a lot of clutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective storage solutions for a small child’s bedroom?

Vertical storage solutions can be highly effective for small bedrooms. Adding floating shelves is a great way to store books and small toys without taking up floor space.

You can also consider getting the bed off the ground to save space underneath for a desk, reading nook, dresser or extra storage. Loft beds are popular options and you can find them in various designs to match your child’s preferences and room decor.

How can I best utilize IKEA storage items to declutter a child’s space?

IKEA offers a wide range of storage solutions for small spaces. Opt for furniture that can serve multiple purposes, such as beds with built-in storage or wall-mounted cabinets with fold-out desks.

Utilize their modular storage systems like the Kallax shelves or Trofast bins, which can be customized according to your needs. Also, consider using their slim storage carts for organizing smaller items such as art supplies or toys.

Where can I find inspiration for organizing a small kid’s room on Pinterest?

Pinterest is an excellent resource for small kid’s room organization ideas. Simply search for terms like “small kids room organization” or “kids bedroom storage ideas” to find numerous pins with helpful tips and visual inspirations.

You can create boards for different aspects of your organization project and save pins for easy reference as you work on your child’s room.

Can you recommend organization strategies for a little girl’s room that make the most of the space?

  1. Use vertical space with shelves and wall organizers.
  2. Utilize the space under the bed with storage bins or built-in drawers.
  3. Opt for a foldable or wall-mounted desk to save floor space.
  4. Choose storage furniture with multiple functions, such as a dresser with a bookshelf or a seat with underneath storage.
  5. Install wall hooks or an over-the-door organizer for accessories like hats, bags, and jewelry.

Don’t forget to incorporate your child’s preferences and needs while planning the organization for their room.

What DIY projects can help add storage to a child’s bedroom without taking up too much room?

Some DIY projects that can add storage without taking up too much space include:

  1. Building custom shelves or floating book ledges for wall storage.
  2. Creating an under-the-bed storage system using repurposed drawers or plastic bins.
  3. Crafting a hanging fabric or mesh organizer for stuffed animals or small toys.
  4. Upcycling a ladder or an old crib as a bookshelf or storage unit.
  5. Assembling a pegboard for storing and displaying art supplies or accessories.

Remember to involve your child in the DIY projects to make it a fun and engaging activity while adding functional storage to their bedroom!

Are there innovative ways to store toys in a small bedroom that won’t overwhelm the space?

Yes, there are several innovative ways to store toys without overwhelming a small bedroom:

  1. Use clear storage bins or baskets to keep toys organized and easily visible.
  2. Organize toys by category and rotate them out periodically to keep the space fresh and clutter-free.
  3. Install a toy hammock in a corner to store stuffed animals off the floor.
  4. Repurpose an over-the-door shoe organizer to store small toys and action figures.
  5. Create a magnetic or velcro wall to display and store toy cars or other small magnetic toys.

Remember to involve your child in the organization process and teach them to put away their toys after playtime to maintain a clutter-free bedroom.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know about the storage hacks to use for your small kid’s bedroom, it’s time to use them to create the ultimate space for your child.

These hacks may take a lot of effort, but they will definitely worthwhile when you see the result. They will also make clean up easier!

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