What to Do With an Extra Bedroom? – 18 Ideas

So, you’ve just moved into a new house and have a spare bedroom? Or your roommate may have moved out, and you now have a vacant room.

Whatever the reason may be, if you have an extra bedroom in the house, there are tons of things you can do with it to put it to good use.

With homes becoming more compact, an extra bedroom is a true luxury. This is why making use of the extra space is always a better idea than leaving it empty.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ways you can transform your extra bedroom into a chic and functional space.

Depending on your preference, needs, and budget, any of these ideas can be implemented through a bit of creativity and hard work.

If you want to gain some serious inspiration, keep reading to find out what you can do with your extra bedroom.

1. Cozy Study Corner

One of the most common ways of using a spare bedroom is to convert it into a study room for yourself and your kids.

Line the walls with study tables, chairs, and shelves to create a clean and dedicated space for studying.

These kinds of areas can really help productivity because they enhance focus and concentration.

With the kids studying on the kitchen table or in their rooms, they likely have several distractions anyway.

2. Organized Home Office

Similarly, if you don’t have kids or have been working from home, you could really benefit from converting the extra bedroom to a dedicated home office.

Add lots of shelves and cabinets in the room, with bits of vibrant color here and there to create a cozy, functional, and aesthetic-looking home office.

You could even stick or hang motivational quotes on the wall for inspiration. In fact, the chances are that the office will even be big enough to accommodate two working people simultaneously.

Therefore, if you had been looking for office space, consider looking within your house and utilizing the spare bedroom.

3. Music Room or Recording Studio

Are you fond of playing an instrument or mixing up beats? Is music something you play regularly? Have you always wanted to record your own podcast?

If so, then you can convert your spare bedroom into a striking music room or recording studio. Place a few instruments in the room. Start small, and you can expand your collection with time.

We recommend soundproofing the room as well, but if that’s out of your budget, then even placing a thick carpet on the floor would do the job well.

4. Kids Playroom

Having a dedicated kids’ playroom can really help declutter the rest of the house and make it organized.

This is because their toys will all be tucked away in a specific area.

Giving kids ample space to be creative, have fun, and play around is a really useful way of utilizing your extra bedroom.

Add in a large and colorful rug on the floor to make it more comfortable and accessible for the kids to sit on the floor and play.

Moreover, don’t forget to add great arts and crafts supplies to the room just in case of a rainy day.

5. Movie Room or Home Theater

If none of the above-mentioned ideas intrigued you, perhaps this one will. If you’ve got the budget, converting the extra bedroom into a media room and home theater is one of the best ways to utilize it.

You can keep your family and guests entertained through this, and the room will also be something you can never get tired of.

Not only will it be a great way to entertain guests, but it will also be a lovely relaxing retreat for you.

Consider adding a large and comfortable sofa, a large TV screen or projector, and a surround sound system to create this space.

6. Art Room

You can set up an artist’s room in the extra bedroom of the house.

It will give you a space to relax, be creative, and cut off from all of life’s distractions for a little while.

Add in an easel for painting, as well as cabinets and shelves for storage. If you have space, you can also add a sofa, couch, or seating area for visitors.

7. Full Room Closet

If a walk-in closet or an insanely large closet is something you’ve always dreamed of, then you might be able to make these dreams a reality through the extra bedroom in your house.

Moreover, if you also struggle with storing things in your closet and it always ends up being too cramped, this idea might appeal to you.

Though it may require some effort and could be costly, installing shelves, closets, and cabinets to store all your clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry could be worthwhile.

It will also give your house a luxurious touch.

8. Game and Activities Room

If you are fond of playing board games with your family and your extra bedroom is a bit larger, you can consider creating a fun games and activities room.

We all know how uncomfortable playing board games on the kitchen or dining table is.

By creating a dedicated room for games, you can add an expansive table and comfortable chairs to play all the board games you want.

Moreover, if it fits your budget, you can also place snooker and foosball tables in the room.

9. Cozy Lounging Room

Who wouldn’t want an extra lounging room?

Consider converting the extra bedroom into an extra cozy and comfortable space where you can unwind and relax with your family.

In fact, a small room already becomes quite intimate and relaxing on its own. Throw in lots of pillows, blankets, and comfortable couches, and you’ll achieve your comfort goals.

If you can afford it, you can also add a fireplace.

10. Home Yoga Studio

If meditation and being zen is what you inspire to be, it would be great to transform your extra bedroom into a home yoga studio.

It won’t even require lots of work or expenditure because the entire point of a home yoga studio is to create an open space.

Add a mat, a diffuser, and some motivational quotes on the wall, and you’re good to go.

11. Home Gym

Similarly, if you fancy working out and exercising, a home gym can also be an appealing idea.

Though it may be expensive, you can start small and keep adding more equipment over time. A home gym only requires the addition of equipment and maybe even a large full-length mirror.

Make sure that the floors are hard and wooden, and you have windows in the room for ventilation.

12. Pet Room

Why not spoil your pets by dedicating your extra bedroom for your pets?

You can decorate the room with wall hangings of their pictures and add in pillows and blankets for them.

Moreover, put their favorite toys or scratching post in their room.

13. Laundry Room

Another handy way to utilize the extra bedroom is to create a functional laundry room.

If your laundry room is on the wrong floor or way too small, this might be your chance to change things up.

You can add shelves and cabinets to the room to create ample storage for your cleaning and other related supplies.

14. Sewing and Knitting Room

We’ve been giving you ideas for changing up your room and dedicating them to hone your hobbies.

Here, we provide you with another such idea. You can line the room with a long table for your sewing machine, cabinets to store your sewing and knitting supplies, and comfortable chairs.

A room of this sort will undoubtedly give you ample space to sew clothing pieces and give you a chance to focus on your hobby.

15. Home Library or Reading Room

Are you fond of reading and have an extensive collection of books?

By creating a reading room or library, you can have a space that your entire family, even kids, can utilize.

If your budget allows, perhaps you can consider building full-length shelves lined with the walls from the ceiling to the floors, comfortable couches for reading, and ample light.

16. Expand Your Bathroom

An idea that may be costly but ultimately worthwhile is to expand your bathroom with an extra bedroom.

Create a large and luxurious bathroom by adding in a giant bathtub or Jacuzzi, walk-in showers, huge closet space, and a huge his and her vanity space.

17. Dining Room

Some houses are not big enough to include dining rooms.

But that shouldn’t be a problem if you have a spare bedroom.

You can use it to create a gorgeous dining room by adding a large table with chairs and decorating the art walls.

With a dining room like that, you can take your hosting to the next well. If you have more space, perhaps add in a minibar as well.

18. Study Room, Office, and a Guest Room

Lastly, we just want to clarify that there’s no concrete rule that you can use your spare bedroom for only one purpose.

In fact, creating the room to serve multiple purposes will actually make it more useful.

Therefore, you can convert your room to a study room and home office, and by putting in an extra bed in the room, you can also use it as a guest bedroom for when you have guests arriving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the possibilities for an extra bedroom can be both exciting and challenging. Below, find targeted advice to assist in making the most out of this additional space.

How can I transform a spare bedroom on a strict budget?

You can refresh a spare bedroom without spending a fortune. Consider repainting with leftover paint, rearranging existing furniture, and incorporating DIY decor. Thrifted items can add character and function to the space at minimal cost.

What are some creative ideas for converting an extra room into a space for a girl?

Transforming an extra room into a girl’s haven can include theme-based decor such as a princess or safari adventure to spark imagination. Include craft areas or a small library to inspire creativity and learning.

What are the best ways to utilize an additional bedroom in an apartment setting?

In an apartment, space is premium. Consider multifunctional furniture for a guest room that doubles as a home office, or create a cozy reading nook to maximize the room’s utility.

Can you suggest some unique concepts for a spare room that aren’t commonly considered?

Sure, think outside the box with a meditation space, a mini home theater, or even a personal wellness space. These ideas can provide a specialized retreat from the daily grind.

How can I make effective use of the surplus space in a large bedroom?

If you’ve got room to spare, split the area into distinct zones: a sleeping area, a lounge, or an exercise spot. Use room dividers or area rugs to visually separate the functions.

What are some practical and innovative uses for a spare bedroom in a house?

Your spare bedroom can serve many roles—from a home office or art studio to a game room for entertainment. It’s all about tailoring the space to fit your interests and needs.

Final Words

By now, you might have understood that with an extra bedroom in the house, the possibilities are endless.

You can change up the room based on your interests, preferences, and budget.

We hope you found the inspiration you had been looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know – we’d be happy to help!

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