17 Tips to Fit a Full-Size Bed in a Small Room

Are you tired of rolling off your tiny mattress in the middle of the night?

Does having a luxurious, spacious, king-size bed feel like a far-off dream due to your bedroom’s small size?

Well, it doesn’t have to be!

With the right tricks and tips, you can fit a full-size bed in a small room easily. If you’re smart about it, the large bed will become the centerpiece of your tiny room in no time.

So, let’s explore how to fit a full-size bed in a small room without making it appear congested!

Tips to Fit a Full-Size Bed in a Small Room

Here are some tips that you can use to fit a full-size bed in your small bedroom while retaining the aesthetic appeal of the room:

Plot Out the Size of Your Room Correctly

The first step you need to take is to plot your room’s size to see if it can even fit a king-size bed. Ideally, you should set aside 80 x 80 inches as your bed space to accommodate the bed in your room.

You will also need to see if setting aside this much space leaves any room for you to walk about freely in your room.

It’s best to leave at least 24 inches around the edges of your bed to ensure ample walking space. It will enable you to maneuver around the bed without bumping into it.

You must take appropriate measurements to ensure that your room passes this initial test.

Make the Bed the Focus of Your Room

If you have a small room, you have to think about improving its functionality. Adding a full-size bed in a small room will understandably take up a large chunk of the space.

You must embrace this fact and make your bed the center of attention. When you make your bed the focus of your room, you can easily incorporate other essential elements around it.

Don’t invest in unnecessary furniture that will take up the limited space in your bedroom. You can try to incorporate some vital elements of a bedroom into your bed. These could include your wardrobe, chest of drawers, etc.

You can build a platform bed frame with storage space in the form of drawers fitted underneath it. You can also incorporate floating shelves to make the most of underutilized wall space.

Put the Bed in the Center

It will help free up space if you put your bed in the center of your room’s main wall. Don’t push it to one side of your room up against the adjacent wall in an attempt to save some space.

If your bed is in the middle of the room, it will provide the room with the right aesthetic flow. It will also give you plenty of space on either side to make your bed properly.

Don’t Use a Headboard

Depending on your bedroom’s size, you might need to get rid of the headboard of your bed. The headboard will only add weight to your bed frame and make your small room appear smaller and congested.

It’s best if you select a bed without a headrest. It will take up less space in your room.

However, if you simply cannot do without a headboard, try getting one that you can modify to improve its functionality.

For instance, you can get a headboard that has additional storage space for your nighttime reading materials. You can also fill that space up with your favorite décor items.

It will save up your space and prevent you from buying an unnecessary side table for your bed.

Choose a Bed with a Slim Frame

Don’t choose a heavyset bed frame for your bed. It will take up too much space in your small bedroom. You should select a sleeker, slimmer bed frame so that your room appears bigger than it is.

Additionally, try to choose modest but tall, slanted legs sturdy enough to lift the bed off the ground. The additional space underneath the bed will make your room appear more open.

Go for Light-Colored Sheets

You also need to consider your room’s aesthetic appeal; colors play an important role in making a room appear confined or spacious. Darker colors tend to make an already small room appear even smaller.

It’s why when you choose your bed sheet, coverlets, or duvets, go for warm, light, and neutral hues, without any large or heavy prints.

Lighter shades will make your room appear bigger. However, you don’t have to stick to a single color for your bedding. You can opt for delicate prints against a warmer or lighter background.

You can also match warmer hues with cooling pastels.

Don’t Use Extra Bedding Pieces

If you want to fit a full-size bed in your tiny bedroom, you will have to operate smartly.

While you might be tempted to go all out and keep lots of comfortable pillows and cushions on your bed, it’s best if you opt for simple, essential bedding pieces.

Additional bedding pieces, such as dust ruffles, bed skirts, and innumerable cushions will only swallow up your bedroom.

If you want your room to appear bigger, you need to avoid anything that is overly textured, fluffy, bulky, or made from a heavy material.

Instead, choose clean-cut minimalist threads in neutral, light materials, such as cotton and linen, for an easy look. You can also keep two pillows and two cushions on your bed, but don’t go overboard.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play with Darker Colors

Even though you must try and stick to neutral colors for your bedding, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play with darker hues for the rest of the room.

You can certainly experiment with a darker color palette to paint the walls of your small bedroom. It will help you embrace the size of your room and play into it.

Painting your room an olive green, navy blue, or even charcoal gray can be super chic and modern. If you’re worried that the darker hues will make your room appear smaller, don’t fret.

You can counteract the darker color by ensuring that your room is filled with lots of natural light.

Add Multiple Light Sources in Your Room

Whether you opt for a crisp pale shade or experiment with a moody hue, don’t forget to add numerous light sources to your room.

The brightness will keep your room from feeling claustrophobic. Choose decorative overhead lighting, wall-mounted lamps, an elegant, slim floor lamp, and even some reading lights to add to your room’s ambiance.

Choose Colorful Accents to Brighten Up the Room

Even if you prefer minimalism, you must get a little fun and creative and experiment with a colorful piece of artwork for your bedroom.

It will brighten up the small space and make it feel bigger. Just choose a striking artwork for the center wall of your room.

You can opt for cooler colors, such as grays and blues for the foundation. A black and white patterned area rug will also go well with your bold artwork.

These are all options that you can experiment with to add some color to your room.

Ditch Smaller, Impractical Furniture

It’s essential to understand that your room is on the smaller side and find furniture that will easily fit into it. However, before you invest your hard-earned money in small furniture, you need to ask yourself if it will be useful to you.

For instance, small bedside tables tend to take up extra space but don’t offer the same functionality as a slender yet long table that follows the length of your full-size bed. You can use such a table as a makeshift couch.

You can also put drawers underneath them for extra storage space. If you buy normal-sized furniture for your small room, it will prove to be functional.

The idea is to reduce the furniture pieces in the room rather than to fill it up with miniatures of all types of furniture.

Create the Illusion of Space

Another way to make sure that your small bedroom doesn’t look too crowded because of a full-size bed is to create the illusion of space.

Hang your curtains as high as you can near the ceiling of your bedroom. This trick will bring the eye up and make the room appear bigger.

Additionally, make sure that the fabric color matches the color of your walls. It’s a modern décor tip that will help your smaller space appear bigger as the eye won’t be distracted by opposing colors.

Keep Your Room Clean

It’s kind of a no-brainer, but you need to make sure that your room is clean.

It’s because if there’s clutter all over the room and on your bed, your room will appear more crowded and smaller. You can accessorize the room however you want, but keeping it clean will ensure that it looks spacious.

Add Some Greenery

An excellent way to ensure that your small room doesn’t get too congested due to a large bed is to add a touch of life to it. Add a potted ornamental plant to your room.

Try to choose a vertical and tall plant, such as a fig tree, as it will bring the eye up and make your room appear larger. Moreover, a live, green plant can also make a stuffy room feel fresh.

Use Your Bed as Your Work Station

If you’re looking for an incredible hack to save up some space in your small room for your huge bed, look no further than the giant bed itself!

You can use the spacious bed for various purposes other than sleeping. During the day, you can prop up your pillows and cushions and turn your bed into a makeshift workstation.

You can also adjust a small-scale coffee table on the bed for your ease.

Pick Mounted Lights Instead of Bulky Floor and Table Lamps

If you want to fit your full-size bed into a small room, bid farewell to the bulky floor and table lamps. They will take up a lot of space that you can utilize for a king-size bed.

Instead of floor lamps, you can opt for space-saving wall and ceiling-mounted lights that can hang above your spacious bed. You can opt for a light with a swinging arm to adjust the direction of the light.

Choose Functional Furniture and Décor

When trying to fit in a gigantic bed in a tiny room, you will have to get creative with the rest of your furniture and décor pieces.

Search the market to find pieces that can perform double duty. For instance, if you want a mirror for your room, try to get a functional one with a shelf or a tiny console attached to it.

This way, you will not have to buy a separate dressing table for your room.

Additionally, instead of buying a bulky dresser, you can invest in a tall nightstand to store all of your clothes.

Alternatively, you can create storage space under your end as well. It will prevent your small room from getting overfilled with furniture.

The Bottom Line

It can be a bit tricky to fit a full-size bed into a small room.

However, you can use the aforementioned tips to make space for your king-size bed while ensuring that your room doesn’t appear too crowded.

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