What Are The Queen Bed Frame Dimensions: A Short Guide

Queen Bed Frame Dimensions

In this article, we will elaborate on the queen bed frame dimensions.

Knowing them, I believe, will help you make an informed decision. Are you planning to buy a new queen size bed? You are in the right place.

What are the dimensions of the queen bed frame?

That’s the question many are asking. The thing is frame styles, and queen bed mattress sizes differ.

That is why it is difficult to tell what the actual size of the queen bed frame is.

But an easy way to go about this is whether you are getting a basic frame or one with a foot and headboard.

You generally have to ensure the frame is 2 or 5 inches longer and wider than the mattress.

For instance, if the mattress measures 60 X 80, the bed frame would be 62 X 82 or more. But make no mistake; some mattress might fit the bed frame. And as such, there might be no need for the extra space.

However, we will try to elaborate on this subject for better understanding and decision making. So read further to get more useful information on the queen size bed frame most suitable for you.

What Are The Popular Queen Size Beds?

What Are The Popular Queen Size Beds

The queen size bed is a popular option for grownups. What this implies is that many adults around the world sleep on a queen-size bed.

Now, talking about queen size bed frames, there are numerous options out there. Innumerable factors also play a significant role when choosing a bed frame for your queen size bed.

One of those factors is the design you have in mind. Others include the construction, material, and bed sizes.

As said earlier, whatever the size of your mattress is, add 2 – 5 inches, and that’s your frame. It’s that simple.

So below are the popular queen beds out there. Please read carefully to make a wise choice.

The Standard Queen Size Bed

This queen mattress measures 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. It’s considered to be the most popular bed size for sleepers the world over. The standard queen size bed is not that the biggest with regards to size. But it is big enough to accommodate two grownups.

The Standard Queen Size Bed

If you are someone that enjoys sleeping in different positions, meaning you change sleeping positions and enjoys moving around on your bed, you won’t have problems sleeping on the Standard queen size bed for sure. It will also give you and your partner the chance to come close to your partner for cuddling.

The standard queen bed size has enough space for two adults and a kid to sleep on comfortably. It also has space to occupy your pet, if you have one living with you.

Where is the standard queen commonly used in homes?

The standard queen size bed is popularly placed in the teenager room, guest room, and children’s rooms. You can also use it in the small-sized master bedroom.

The standard queen size bed is big enough to accommodate a couple, together with a pet or kid.

The recommended room size for queen size bed?

The recommended room size varies based on personal preference. The preference, in question, might be the space you would like to have around your bed. Do you require enough space to move around or don’t mind as long as your bed is around?

There is a recommended size, though. You can either ensure your room is 10 x 10 square feet. Remember that the standard queen-sized beds measure 80 inches long and 60 inches wide.

So you can see that the standard queen size mattress is not the largest in terms of size. But you may require a bigger space if you want two or more persons to sleep comfortably on it.

The Olympic Queen Size Bed

This bed size is a bit odd. And if you live in the United States of America, you will understand that it’s not that common among users. Even most dealers don’t have it because people in this region rarely purchase them. But that doesn’t mean the Olympic queen isn’t a cool bed size.

However, this bed measures 80 inches long by 66 inches wide. So you can see that the foot space of the bed has an extra 6 inches. Now guess what, this gives the Olympic queen some specific advantages.

Who is the Olympic queen ideal for?

This Olympic queen size is suitable for two people as well. You can also have it mounted anywhere in the home. The bed has a 6 inches foot space, which makes it ideal for couples who are a bit bigger and need a mattress that’s a bit spacious.

The recommended room size for the Olympic Queen size bed?

Well, the room size required for an Olympic Queen size bed is 10 x 10 or 10 x 14 feet. It also depends on the walking space you are hoping to have too.

This bed type is suitable for sleepers seeking great comfort. It has enough space for two or more persons to share the same bed. The bed size also allows your pets to join you. There is enough space for pets that enjoys lying comfortably at the end of a bed.

The Olympic Queen size bed is also ideal for individuals who do not want to upgrade to a King size bed.

Other factors to consider before choosing an Olympic Queen size bed

That aside, there are several things you need to know before splashing the money on an Olympic Queen size bed. The first which has been explained is that the bed is not that popular. And that’s why many manufacturers and dealers do not have it readily available.

The thing is many people are not familiar with this bed size. That’s the thing. So keep in mind that the Olympic Queen is a bit more expensive compared to the standard queen size I earlier discussed.

Again, before you splash the cash, consider your room size. Do you have enough space to place the bed? Are you more comfortable with a bed size that will give room for you or your partner to walk around the room freely? Put these things into consideration before buying any bed.

The California queen size bed

The California Queen bed is a bit more commonly used in homes. Hence, it is more popular than the Olympic Queen. It’s the same 60 inches wide as the Standard Queen but has an extra 4 inches to its length, making it longer. In other words, the bed is 84 inches long.

So given the size, the California Queen is quite conducive for taller people. In other words, if you are not seeking a wider bed, then the California Queen would make a wise choice.

You’ll find enough room to stretch your tired body on this bed and sleep comfortably with your partner. If you have kids, one or two can join you. But one would be more conducive given that the mattress is not that wide but long.

Recommended room size for the California Queen

Your California Queen is longer and not wider. Its length and width are 84 inches by 60 inches respectively. But keep in mind that you still need a room with enough space.

The recommended room space can either be 12 by 10 feet or 12 by 14 feet. With this room size, you can mount your bed and still have enough space to walk around the room comfortably.

And if you work from home, you will still have enough space in the room to mount your working chair and other stuff you may require for your

Things to consider before choosing California Queen

Like the standard queen, the California queen bed is also very popular. It’s a bit more popular than the Olympic Queen. And because of this popularity, you will find a decent variety of accessories such as frames, mattresses, and even sheets.

But then, you need to consider the space you have in your room before thinking of buying one. Would there be enough space for the California Queen size bed? Pay attention to this area before splashing the cash.

The Queen Headboard: What’s The Size?

Well, let’s be clear on one thing; the queen headboard does not have a standard dimension. It depends on the design of the bed and the user’s taste.

But the common ones you will find out there, are headboards measuring 20 to 50 inches tall, and 0 – 3 inches broader than the frame.

However, the average height of queen headboards is 48 inches. The width is 60-63 inches. But bear in mind that these are for the standard queen bed and the California queen.

The average height for the Olympic queen is 48 inches as with the other bed sizes. But the width is 66-69 inches.


So now you know the convenient answer to “what are the queen bed frame dimensions.” It’s time to take the next step and get you a comfortable bed.

Ensure you get a bed that will make you and your partner or, ally to sleep comfortably because sleep is crucial to good health.

I believe with this article that I have been able to help point you to the right choice. If it did, I would be a happy person.


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