Standard Sliding Patio Door Size: A Guide To Read

Standard Sliding Patio Door Size

Are you interested in making your home feel more like a resort? You are not alone! So many homeowners are desperate to see this happen.

And having the right sliding patio door size installed in your home is a wise step in improving your living space.

A sliding door can make a world of difference in your property. It can help to lower your energy bill, easy to use, and even raise the resale value of your property.

What Is A Sliding Patio Door?

First, let’s define what a sliding patio door is. A sliding patio door is a special kind of glass door that offers a great way to access your backyard, while providing some level of security, among other benefits.

In this sliding patio door, you will find one side of the glass door fixed on one spot, while the other part of the door slides over it. The two portions, which include the fixed part and the sliding one, are always of the same sizes, too.

Another thing that defines the sliding patio glass door and makes it different from the French door is with regards to space and swinging direction.

If you prefer a glass door that swings open, the French door will be a wise choice. But then, you need to have enough space for clearance and not obstruct movement, whenever the door is opened. That is the point.

Now when could the sliding patio door be considered a wise choice? Firstly, you can operate the sliding patio glass door without clearance. As earlier said, the sliding patio doors have two portions (panels) where one of them is fixed while the sliding part moves over the fixed one (in the case of a two-panel door).

So, if you have a smaller space, but want a patio door installed in your property, then you are better off choosing a sliding patio door.

Can I configure my sliding door to open from the left or right? That’s a good question right there. The answer is yes; you can set your sliding patio glass door to open from the left or right.

There are few professional terms you will come across when you approach a profession, though. But with regards to the direction you want your door to open, keep in mind that a right-handed patio door will open to the right-hand side. A left-handed door will open to your left-hand side.

Additionally, there are terms for these things. You will come across the use of letters like O and X. The O represents the panel that will remain fixed while the X represents the sliding panel.

What’s the standard sliding patio door size?

The standard height of a patio door is 80 inches (6 feet 8 inches). But width sizes vary and depend primarily on the patio door’s configuration.

You will find the two and three-panel patio door configurations, which have different widths. If you are choosing the two-panel, keep in mind that the standard width is 5-feet or 60 inches.

It can also be 6 feet or 72 inches. For the three-panel configuration, the standard widths are 9 feet or 108 inches and 12 feet or 144 inches.

That’s the standard size of a sliding patio door. Keep reading for more information to help you make an informed decision.

Different Sizes Of Sliding Patio Doors

It is essential to note the varied sizes of sliding patio doors before making a final decision on the type of door to have installed on your property.

For instance, the standard height of the sliding patio door is 80 inches. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find other sizes.

Back to the width, sliding patio doors have varied width sizes. These include two-panel, three-panel, 4-panel, 5-panel, and 6-panel.

Let’s take a quick look at the various sizes of sliding patio doors. Having a sound knowledge of the varied sizes will enable homeowners to make an informed decision.

The sliding patio door heights

Whether you are buying a two-panel, three-panel, or four-panel sliding patio door, the standard height you will find is 80 inches.

However, there are other sliding glass door heights out there. These include;

  • 6 feet 10-inches or 82 inches
  • 8 feet or 96 inches.

The Sliding patio door widths

The next size we are going to look at is the width of the patio sliding door. There are two-panel, three-panel, and even four-panel configurations.

Let’s start with the two-panel configuration.

The two-panel sliding patio door vs. width

The two-panel sliding patio doors have a total of two panels, with one being operable. This door can be installed to open to the right or left-hand side, depending on what the homeowner prefers.

In the two-panel doors, one side of the sliding door (panel) is fixed or made permanent, while the other is operable. You just have to slide it over the fixed panel whenever you want to either enter or move out of your home.

Now let’s talk about some of the features of the two-panel sliding patio door before discussing the different width sizes the two-panel sliding patio door has.

These door types only feature two panels. Therefore, they are more affordable compared to other types of door configurations. They also do not require a larger area, since you are only going to be using two panels. A three-panel sliding door will need more space.

The two-panel doors are also much simpler and quicker to install.

So, now let’s move over to the different widths of the two-panel doors. The common widths you will find for this door configuration are;

  • 5 feet or 60 inches
  • 6 feet or 72 inches
  • 8 feet or 96 inches

The three-panel sliding patio door vs. width

Another door configuration you will find in sliding patio door types is the three-panel door. In this type of door, the total number of panels you will find installed is three.

In the three-panel doors, you have varied options concerning how and which direction you want the door to open to.

You can choose the operable panel to open from the left-hand side to the center, from center to left-hand side or from the right-hand side to center. Another option is to have the operable panel open from the center to the right-hand side.

Let’s discuss some of the features of the three-panel doors. But firstly, you need to understand that these types of doors could be a bit expensive, compared to the two-panel doors.

The price would undoubtedly be higher because you are using three panels. The cost will also be a function of the type of material used in building the door.

Is the three-panel door a better option than the four-panel door? Here goes another critical question I believe many homeowners would like to know.

The thing is your choice of sliding patio door configuration could depend on a lot of factors. These include your budget, space, and preference.

Nevertheless, I believe most homeowners who have a larger area in their property that can accommodate the sliding patio doors will consider picking the three-panel as against the four-panel sliding doors.

Why do I say so? Well, the simple reason is that the three-panel door’s view area is less obstructed because it only has two posts.

In the four-panel doors, there are three posts. Therefore, they tend to have a somewhat “busy look” that most homeowners may not be comfortable with.

Now let’s move over to the different widths of the three-panel sliding patio doors. The common width you will find out there for this kind of door configuration are;

  • 9 feet or 108 inches
  • 12 feet or 144 inches

The four-panel sliding patio door vs. width

This sliding patio door will have a total of four panels. You will also have numerous options to choose from concerning the direction you want the door to open. One of the options is to have one operable panel, which you can open from the right-hand side to the center.

Another option is for the single operable panel to open from the left-hand side to the center. Also, one advantage the four-panel sliding patio door has is that you can have two operable panels installed.

In this case, you may decide to have the two operable center panels installed such that you can open both towards the other two panels.

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Sliding Patio Door

Are you thinking of splashing the cash on a sliding patio door?

Great idea! But before you go ahead with your plan, here are a couple of things you need to consider.

1. The sliding patio doors size

The size of the sliding door you are getting will affect your budget.

So, try to measure your door area and consider the type of sliding door you think will be ideal for your wallet and property.

A two-panel sliding door will be cheaper than a three-panel sliding door. Also, the bigger the door size, the higher the cost.

2. Choice of glass

There are different glasses you can use for your sliding patio door.

You can choose the tempered glass, which is also called the safety glass.

The exciting thing about the tempered glass is that when it’s impacted, it does break into smaller-sized pieces instead of large pieces that get stuck in the door frame and endanger the lives of those living in the house.

Another popular type of glass used in sliding doors is reflective glass, which helps to reduce heat gain. The coating on this glass helps in reflecting sunlight away.

However, the most important thing is choosing the glass door that satisfies your demands. Is it the tempered, reflective, or other types of glasses?

You should consider the pros and cons of each glass before making a move.

3. Door frame material

Before you decide on the material to have on your sliding patio door frame, have in mind that your door will forever undergo series of testing in the hands of the elements.

So, when choosing a material for the door frame, consider one that offers impressive thermal performance. The door frame should require little maintenance and no repainting.

Above all, it should be able to retain its quality despite the rain, heat, snow, and even cold it would face once installed on your property.


So, you have seen the standard sliding patio door size and other options available. However, the most important thing is choosing the right sliding door for your property.

A sliding patio door will not only connect you with your outdoor space. It could as well be the highlight of your living area.

So, choose the ideal sliding patio glass door size and style to make your home the envy of your neighbors.

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