Cost of Installing New Kitchen Cabinets

Did you know that updating the kitchen cabinets can increase the value of a house?

Whether you are installing a new cabinet or replacing it with a better quality one, installing a kitchen cabinet can lead to an improved look of the entire place.

What’s more, investing in kitchen cabinets can provide returns as much as 70 percent during the sale of the house.

In this blog post, you will learn about the cost of the installation of new kitchen cabinets.

We will also explain the factors that determine the cost of a kitchen cabinet as well as share some tips to minimize the cost of kitchen cabinets.

Cost of New Kitchen Cabinets

The cost of a new Kitchen cabinet can be best estimated using the square footage method.

Large areas require more cabinets so the cost of cabinets will be more.

Whether you are installing a new kitchen cabinet or replacing an old cabinet will also determine the cost.

Cabinet replacement is generally more costly since the old cabinet will have to be removed and a new one will then be installed.

Generally, the cabinet installation cost falls between $120 and $390 per square foot.

The cost also includes the labor cost for installing the cabinet. Each cabinet will take between an hour or two to install, depending on the expertise of the installer.

The cost of a kitchen cabinet installation range from $4,500 to $9,500. Most homeowners spend about $6,500 for medium-quality kitchen cabinets.

This cost estimate includes the cost of materials, transportation costs, and labor costs for installation and finishing.

It does not include the cost of removing the cabinet, modifying the existing frame, or moving electrical, HVAC, or plumbing connection for cabinet installation.

Moreover, the cost does not include contractor overhead for supervising the installation of cabinets.

Generally, the contractor costs add 13 to 20 percent to the price of the cabinet installation.

If you have chosen to change the layout of the cabinet, the cost of cabinet installation will be significantly higher.

You can hire a handyman for installing the cabinet or choose to let the retailer provide the installation services.

Generally, retailers offer installation services at a special rate for their customers. Make sure that you compare the rates before selecting an installer for the project.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Cabinet Installation

Various factors affect the cost of the installation of kitchen cabinets.

Here are some of the factors that have an impact on the final price of the cabinet.

Cabinet Number and Size

Larger cabinets will require more effort in installation.

Moreover, it will take more time to install ten or more cabinets than five or few cabinets.

The effort and time will add to the labor cost of installing the cabinets.

Replacing Existing Cabinets

The cost of cabinet installation will be more if you are replacing existing kitchen cabinets. More labor will be required to replace existing cabinets.

Moreover, the old cabinets will also have to be disposed of that will add to the costs. Disposal costs vary depending on the number and size of the cabinets.

Cabinet Accessories

Additional features such as trim and molding add to the cabinet installation costs.

The labor cost depends on the effort required in installing the extra cabinet accessories.

Supplier Location

The cost of cabinet installation also varies from one location to another.

You should get a quote from your local cabinet supplier.

Cabinet Material

Material quality also affects the cost of kitchen cabinet installation. Birch and Oak are less costly as compared to Cherry that has a unique style and appearance.

Maple is also a costly material but not as expensive as Oak and Birch.

Artificial material such as laminated veneer is the cheapest. The material appears similar to natural wood but costs a quarter of the original wood.

Moreover, caring for laminated veneer is easier as compared to a painted wood surface.

Cabinet Design

The design of the cabinet is a reflection of your preferences. You can select rustic and traditional cabinets for sleek and elegant kitchen cabinets.

Whatever cabinet you select, you should remember that the more detail you require, the more money you will have to pay.

For instance, a fancy raised panel door will be more costly as compared to a recessed or flat cabinet door.

In addition, a full overlay door that covers the cabinet frame will be more costly as compared to a partial overlay door. Inlet style doors are the most costly that fit the frame opening.

Remember the more details in the cabinet door; the higher will be the cost.

Frame Type

Cabinets have different frame types. The European-style cabinets are frameless while the standard style has a face frame cabinet.

Frameless kitchen cabinets cost more as compared to traditional kitchen cabinets.

But they also provide easier access inside the cabinet since there is no face frame.

Drawer Type

The cost of the kitchen cabinet also depends on the type of drawer.

A drawer with a plywood bottom is more costly than the one that is joined together.

However, the cabinet with a plywood bottom tends to be more durable as compared to the other.

Custom Cabinet

Custom cabinets tend to be costlier as compared to standard cabinets.

These cabinets require extra labor and time that can increase the overall cost of the cabinet.

Required Permits

You will have to get permits if the cabinet installation involves a change in the electrical or plumbing.

The cost of permits will add to the installation cost of kitchen cabinets.

Tips to Minimize Cost of Cabinet Installation

You can minimize the cost of a kitchen cabinet by going for a simple design instead of a fancy one that doesn’t provide value-added functional benefits.

Go for Laminate Instead of Wood

As mentioned earlier, the cost of material affects the price of the cabinet installation.

Cherry and Maple can add thousands of dollars to the cabinet installation. You should consider Oak or birch as they are more affordable.

The laminate veneer is the best option if you want to minimize the cost of cabinet installation.

The fact is there is not much difference in appearance between laminate and original wood cabinets.

The next best option is thermofoil material – a type of plastic applied to fiberboard or other wood core.  

The material is less expensive than wood and easy to clean. Moreover, it holds up well over time as compared to laminate material.

Opt for Ready-Made or Semi-Custom Cabinets

You should avoid custom-made cabinets as they can cost an arm and a leg. While custom cabinets provide flexibility in terms of style and space, you will have to pay a lot for the cabinet.

Custom cabinets take longer to manufacture due to which your kitchen remodeling project will be delayed.

You should instead go for ready-made cabinets as this will result in cost savings and also result in quick completion of the remodeling project.

A balance between full custom and ready-made cabinet is the semi-custom cabinet.

The size and design are uniform but you can select a custom color. You can select a cabinet color that matches the existing kitchen décor.

Your lumberyard will probably have different types of cabinets.

You can select from different finishes, body paint, and door design options.

The price of the semi-custom cabinet will be higher than a ready-made cabinet but much lower than a custom cabinet.

Avoid Designer Cabinets

Designer cabinets are not significantly better than standard cabinets.

But the price of designer cabinets is significantly more than the non-branded cabinet of similar quality and design. The hefty price of a designer cabinet is mainly due to the brand.

Unless you want to impress others with the designer brand, there is no rational reason to pick designer cabinets. You will get a better deal when you select a non-branded kitchen cabinet.

Simple Cabinets

You should buy cabinets with simple drawers. Going for minor upgrades such as full-extension slides or soft close drawers will jack up the price of the kitchen cabinet.

You will have to pay hundreds of dollars more for simple upgrades that don’t add much value. These are just perks that don’t add significant functional benefits.

Consider cabinets with door pulls instead. These undergo less wear and tear and are more affordable as compared to cabinets with fancy drawers.

Skip the Details

Attention to detail is important when you are doing work. But it can cause a big dent in your pocket if you apply the same approach when buying a kitchen cabinet.

Small details such as glaze may add aesthetic appeal. However, it also raises the price of the cabinet significantly.

A glaze finish is more of want instead of a need. If you want to minimize the cost of cabinet installation, you should not focus too much on the details.

Final Remarks

The cost of kitchen cabinet installation depends on different factors.

You should set a big budget if your main goal is the aesthetics or the appearance of the cabinet.

But if you want to minimize the costs, you should consider a simple cabinet without a fancy design.

Consider fewer drawers and more doors to save cost. Laminate material will also save you a lot on kitchen cabinets.

Ready-made cabinets are recommended rather than custom cabinets to minimize the cost of kitchen cabinets.

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