How To Make DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls: Step By Step

Diy Autumn Leaf Bowls

The DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls. Oh, what a lovely autumn craft it is. I enjoy myself whenever I get into such DIY projects. But for this one, know it’s an autumn craft that requires a little bit of patience. Trust me!

Anyway, it’s that time of the year when the faux autumn leaves start showing off those irresistible colors of theirs.

You can’t just fold your arms and watch those beautiful colors fade away. Have you ever thought about how having such captivating leaves in your home would look? So, kick-start your autumn leaf bowl project right away!

I will walk you through the process, and the uses of this magnificent leaf bowl. So let’s get down to business. I also want you to read from start to finish to get the whole gist about the autumn leaf bowl.

What Purpose Will The DIY Autumn Leaf Bowl Serve?

One thing that drives me nuts whenever I embark on such DIY projects. I look for the benefits the project would serve when done right.

Then I keep it at the front of my mind as I continue doing my best to make the project to come out good.

The point is, having this mindset gives me the motivation I need to continue offering my best effort.

The autumn leave bowl serves numerous purposes in the home. When done neatly, it can help to beautify your property.

The color is so bright that it gets noticed quickly. So if you need a quick, budget-friendly and eye-catchy autumn decoration, then consider the DIY autumn leaf bowl.

The autumn leaf bowl is also a wise choice for holding tasty Halloween treats or scented potpourri. So it does not only serve as a decorative bowl.

How To Create The DIY Autumn Leaf Bowl

Yeah! This is the part you should be waiting for; I am too. I will walk you through the various steps so you won’t miss any.

So be attentive and read from start to finish. But before I begin, I would like to inform you that the process is simple. All you need is patience.

Again, you don’t need any technical skills to craft a nice leaf bowl. Just get the right supplies and do the right thing. Your leaf bowl will surely come out okay.

So, friend, let’s get started with the DIY autumn leaf bowl project. Shall we?

Step #1: Gather all your supplies

The first thing is to bring all the materials you need for this project together. Place everything on the table or desk you intend to use before you begin.

Below are the supplies or things you will need for this project to go smoothly.

  • Foam brush
  • Scissors
  • Balloon
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Mod podge
  • Faux leaves
  • Plastic wrap
  • Plastic bowl

Step #2: Prepare the leaves

Prepare the leaves_1

Alright, at this stage, you need to start gathering your faux leaves. Just snip them one by one off the strand of the garland. You should also ensure the ones collected are conducive for the project.

The thing is the type of leaves you have at your disposal matters. They will determine the uniformity of your autumn leaf bowl. Make sure you have thin leaves, which is almost like the paper-like flatness.

You will find the leaves easier to work with when they are thin. Placing them on the balloon won’t be a chore to you.

Now, after sorting out your leaves, you can proceed by removing the plastic stem one by one. This will make it much easier to mold to the leaves to the shape of the plastic bowl or balloon, whichever one you intend to use for this project.

Step #3: Get your balloon or bowl ready

To eliminate confusion, I will like to make this clear. Please know that you can use a balloon or bowl to craft an autumn leaf bowl.

But for this project, I will make use of a balloon. Using the balloon won’t produce better output than the bowl anyway. It’s just what I prefer using.

Now since we are working with a balloon, the next step would be to fill it up with air to whatever size you want and knot the end properly. It’s up to you to decide the size you want the balloon to be. You need to have at the back of your mind that you are going to place the balloon in a bowl to keep it firmly in place while adding the leaves on by one.

So after you blow your balloon to size, place it in an empty bowl to keep it firmly in place.

Step #4: Apply your mod podge

Apply your mod podge_1

Now we have the balloon filled with air and placed in a bowl. Okay, let’s continue with the process. The next thing you need to do is apply your mod podge on the balloon.

Here is a question; do I need to apply it all over the balloon?

Well, the answer is no. You only need to apply the mod podge around the area of the balloon you feel is the ideal size you want your leaf bowl to be.

Start applying the mod podge from the middle. And apply it quickly to prevent it from drying out before you start attaching the leaves.

Step #5: Start laying the leaves

Before you get to this stage, you must have applied the mod podge over the balloon evenly. Now quickly, start putting the leaves, one after the other, on the balloon, in the area where you applied the mod podge.

However, here is what you need to do in this stage of the autumn leaf bowl process:

You need to apply a meager amount of mod podge over the leaf laid on the balloon and continue putting the rest. Continue to lay the sheets over the balloon until every space is completely covered. You can get smaller-sized leaves to patch holes that are not adequately sealed.

Step #6: Allow the mod podge to dry properly

You need to give the mod podge sometime to dry. You need the leaves to remain firm together. So give the mod podge sometime to solidify.

You can take as long as you want. Some people will allow it to stay for at least 12 hours. During this time, you can decide to wrap the entire balloon together with the bowl it’s placed in, with a plastic bag.

The plastic bag will hold the leaves in place while the mod podge sets in. But this is optional by the way. You may decide to place the leaves on the balloon and allow it to dry that way.

Step #7: Get rid of the balloon

Okay, now we have come to the end of the project. At this stage, your autumn leaf bowl is ready for use.

I hope you have what you intend to use it for in mind? Do you? Okay, good!

Now it’s time to get rid of the balloon. Just use a sharp object to pierce it beginning from where you tie the knots. Sometimes, the leaf bowl may collapse once the balloon is deflated. But there is no cause for alarm. It will revert to its standard shape.

Here’s a video that will give you a clear idea of how you can do it.

Ways You Shouldn’t Use Your Autumn Leaf Bowl

Bravo! You now have your leaf bowl ready for use. You can go ahead to create as many as you want now. The DIY leaf bowl is lightweight and would be gorgeous when placed on a coffee or side table.

But here is the thing; never place heavy objects in your leaf bowl. The mod podge and the leaves themselves do not have the strength to withstand heavy objects.


Your DIY autumn leaf bowl is ready. Well done! I know it might look challenging at the beginning, but that’s because it’s your first time.

The process is not that difficult. You can even make two or more leaf bowls at a go.

But ensure you are through with one before moving to the other bowl. So now you have learned the necessary things to create the best leaf bowl, you can get creative henceforth.

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