How to Choose a Paint Color for Kitchen?

You know what they say; the kitchen is the heart of the house.

And for all the right reasons, it’s the most used area of the house. For example, it is the place where everyone gathers for meals at least twice a day.

A room that has such high traffic undoubtedly requires an excellent paint job.

Whether you have just moved in or want to give your kitchen some TLC, adding a new color will definitely give it new life.

However, finding the right shade for the kitchen can sometimes be quite tricky.

This guide will provide you with all the tips to help you choose the right color.

We will also provide unique color combinations and groups that might work for your kitchen. Keep reading to find out.

Tips to Choose a Paint Color for Kitchen

Knowing where to start when it comes to painting your kitchen can often be difficult.

However, by keeping the following tips in mind, you will be able to choose the perfect color for your kitchen.

Choose Your Kitchen Color Scheme

The first step in your kitchen paint job is to identify what color scheme you prefer and which will go with it the best.

Your kitchen scheme does not just include the kitchen walls but also the color of the cabinets, hardware, and appliances. It all needs to tie in cohesively.  

To pick out the right color scheme for your kitchen, you should consider a few factors.

For example, you must look at how much natural light enters your kitchen.

If it’s a lot, you can consider going for bold colors. If not, then sticking to neutral shades would be best.

Moreover, if you plan to paint your kitchen cabinets, counters, and floors, you can go with one uniform color. Otherwise, you can add pops of color.

Give Your Cabinets the Lead

Several designers recommend that you decide your color scheme based on the color of your cabinets.

This is especially true if you have large cabinets and smaller-sized walls. Hence it is best if you choose the color and finish of your cabinets first.

If you opt for a clear finish, the natural sheen of the wood will be highlighted.

However, if you decide to paint your cabinets, that color will determine the overall kitchen color scheme.

Match Colors with Kitchen Island

If your Kitchen Island and cabinets are of the same color, you should consider tying in that color with the paint of your kitchen.

Like matching your shoes with your outfit, you have to ensure that all colors are uniform.

We don’t recommend painting the walls the same color as the cabinet and islands; it should rather be a contrast.

Use the Backsplash to Choose Color

Are you confused about which color to pick for your kitchen? Consider pulling out a color from the backsplash.

Most of the time, the backsplash colors are in coordination with those of the cabinets.

Hence painting color from the backsplash might help create a uniform and aesthetic look in the kitchen.

Consider the Natural Light

The natural light in your kitchen space can make a world of difference to the vibe and appearance of your kitchen.

This is because natural light can make a room appear bigger or small.

Hence it is best that you choose a color accordingly. You can go with bold and bright colors if you have ample natural light.

However, sticking to safer neutral shades would be a better bet in a dark kitchen where there are minimal or no windows.

Go Beyond a White Kitchen

Nowadays, you have a multitude of choices when it comes to painting your kitchen. There is a variety of colors that you can choose from.

This is why you should look beyond a white kitchen and consider different shades. For example, teal, sunflower yellow, plum, and so much more.

Maintain a Healthy Balance

Whichever color you choose to go with, the key to a uniform and aesthetic look is to have a balance.

Too much of one color, regardless if it is white, grey, or blue, is not appealing.

You can maintain a healthy balance by adding pops of color to neutral backgrounds. Or you can also go with contrasting color combinations.

Match the Light Fixtures

To add more depth to the color scheme you choose, consider matching it with the light fixtures.

Nowadays, most modern light fixtures come in a variety of colors, such as black, bronze, or gold.

If you go with any of these, they can really help tie in the overall color scheme of your kitchen.

Consider Your Undertones

All colors have their undertones. When you can understand and identify what these are, you can easily decide on a color scheme that aligns with the island, floor, and cabinets.

It will also save you the hassle of choosing a scheme that might not look appealing depending on the undertone.

Identify Color Temperatures

Besides the undertones, another important thing to identify is the color temperatures. Warm-toned colors have a distinct undertone from cool-toned ones.

Hence, by identifying both color temperatures and undertones, you will be able to choose a color that better aligns with the kitchen.

Add Pops of Color

Whichever color you choose to go within your kitchen, it is always a good idea to be colorful.

Adding pops of color will make your kitchen look interesting and unique. You can do this by choosing vibrant colored accessories, dinnerware, appliances, and whatnot.

Don’t Overdo with Grey Colors

You might be tempted to go with a grey-colored kitchen or have a color scheme that incorporates grey.

While it is an excellent shade and is found in most trendy kitchens, too much of it might not be a good idea.

This is because it can easily make your kitchen look dull.

Interesting Color Combinations for Kitchens

Whether you are on the lookout for neutral shades or vibrant hues, going with a specific color combination can let you enjoy both of them.

Doing so will mean that there is not too much of one color, and the color scheme will be well-balanced.

Here are the trendiest color combinations for kitchens people have been opting for:

Pale Blue and White

If you are looking for calming and relaxing vibes from your kitchen, then this is the color combination to go with.

It is exquisite and not too hard on the eyes.

Bright Green and Blue

If light-toned colors don’t appeal to you, then consider this combination. It will make your kitchen look bright and vibrant.

This is why it’s perfect for small kitchens without any windows.

Blue and Black

A dark hue that will be great for kitchens with big windows is this one.

It feels warm, rich and adds a hint of sophistication.

Green and White

Another popular color combination that many people opt for is green and white. These make the room look bright and fresh.

They also work great with wooden elements. Hence wooden cabinets with green and white kitchen walls are an excellent combination.

Gray and White

Gray in any room is an excellent choice. It pairs well with most colors and adds an aura of undeniable sophistication.

Not just that, but this combination is also excellent if you have wooden floors or cabinets.

Canary Yellow and Blue

Yellow and blue is a timeless combination that you can rarely go wrong with. In fact, it is perfect for small kitchens.

Whether you have many windows or none at all, this color combination will work well for you regardless.

Turquoise and Light Yellow

Another bright and eye-catching color combination that we love is that of turquoise and light yellow.

If you are looking to amp up your kitchen and not make it look plain and boring, we recommend this combination.

A good idea is to paint the walls with a light buttery yellow.

Then paint the cabinets with a bright but slightly muted turquoise shade. Not to mention, the buttery walls also go perfectly well with wooden floors, windowsills, or cabinets.

Teal and Concrete

Do you already have concrete walls in your kitchen? Then this would be the perfect combination for you.

It will also be cost-effective for you. Instead of painting the concrete wall, you can leave it bare and paint the cabinets instead.

You can also add pops of teal through dinnerware and kitchen accessories.

Black and White

A timeless and unbeatable color combination that you can never go wrong with is undoubtedly black and white.

It is classic and exquisite. Not to mention, you can do a lot with this combination.

For example, you can add pops of any bright color such as bright pink, red, teal, or bright yellow.

Any of these you can incorporate through accessories, kitchen items, and even small frames.

Best Colors to Paint Kitchen

We can understand if you don’t want to spend too much and simply want to add some style to your cooking space.

If that’s so, you can consider any of the following colors for your kitchen. Remember to keep a healthy balance and not overdo these colors, though.

  • Historic Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Sunflower Yellow
  • Country Green
  • Pink
  • Burgundy Red
  • Dark Gray
  • Pale Blue
  • Poppy Mint
  • Dark Plum
  • Rustic Green
  • Pale Pink
  • White
  • Soft Taupe
  • Pure Black

Last Few Words

Choosing a color to paint your kitchen does not necessarily have to be a tricky or overwhelming process.

By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind and choosing the color you prefer most, you can find the most suitable one to amp up your kitchen space.

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