How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take For Different Type Of Clothes?

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take For Different Type Of Clothes

How long does dry cleaning take is one crucial question that concerns everyone.

The primary reason for wearing clothes is to protect the skin. Clothes protect our skin from the sunrays and during icy weather. The clothes you wear on your body must always be clean, whether you are heading to an occasion or not. Otherwise, it will give room for skin disease to thrive.

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take?

The answer to this is – it depends on the fabric.

The thing is that every fabric has its duration when taken through the dry cleaning process.

Be it a wedding gown, jeans, leather jacket, hat, gloves, name it; the time each of these clothes will take to dry differs. However, most dry cleaners have a turnaround time of 3 days, but can also deliver the same day.

How Long Dry Cleaning Takes For Different Clothes Type

Alright, before we close this discussion, it would be ideal to talk about how long each clothes take to dry clean.

Item  Duration to dry clean
1. Beddings & linens 3 – 4 days
2. Wedding dresses 1 – 2 weeks
3. Business wear Same-day or 1- 2 days
4. Coats and jackets 2 – 3 days
5. Prom dresses & gowns 4 – 7 days
6. Furs and leathers 1-2 weeks
7. Suede 1 – 2 weeks
8. White-colored dress 2 – 3 days
9. Gloves 1 week
10 Hats 1 week

How The Dry Cleaning Process Works

You don’t need to be a professional dry cleaner to understand the dry cleaning process.

It’s simple to understand, and even though you are not a dry cleaner, you can learn about the process. I will be explaining the dry cleaning process in simple steps for easy understanding.

Inspecting the clothes

Dry cleaners cannot just start working on your clothes without proper inspection.

All dry cleaners do it. The first check the label on the cloth to know the kind of material they are dealing with before the work starts.

It also makes it easier for them to choose the chemical that is most suitable for the cloth in question.

Another area that dry cleaners inspect is the condition of the clothes.

If there are missing buttons or turned parts, they will report to the owner before work commences. Failure to do so, then they will have themselves to blame. Once the inspection of complete, the next process then begins.

Administering the first treatment

This process is called pre-treatment. It’s compulsory when the aim is to remain stains from clothes.

The cleaner checks the cloth thoroughly for stains and makes sure they are well treated. This early treatment would make the cleaning process a breeze. So it’s equally a critical step.

The dry cleaning process

This stage is what we have been discussing in this post.

So, it should not be new to you. At this point, you need to soak the cloth in question in a machine contain a suitable solvent.

The post-spotting stage

The clothes have to be rechecked for stains untouched. The idea is to give the dry cleaner a chance to remove all the stains.

The packaging stage

Once the dry cleaning process is complete, the cleaner would start the packaging immediately. The procedure includes pressing the clothes, folding, and packaging them. After this step, they are then delivered to the owner.

The Process Involved in Dry Cleaning Clothers

Alright, this is to give you some heads up. It is not enough to take your clothes to a dry cleaner.

You also need to understand what happens to your precious clothes, the ones you got with your hard-earned money.

What Does Dry Cleaning Imply?

The meaning of dry cleaning is without water. When the process involved is laundry, then, you are going to need or use water. Now you get the meaning of dry cleaning and the difference between dry cleaning and laundry. Let’s move forward.

The dry cleaning process follows the same principles that washing involves. The only thing of note is that it does not use water but solvent to deliver the soap to the cloth in question.

Is Dry Cleaning A Wise Choice?

Of course, it is. It is also safe for some circumstances. The fibers that combine to form the dry clean garment cannot withstand being soaked in water for long. So the use of solvent tends to be a better option than water.

What Does The Solvent Do When Used For Dry Cleaning?

What Does The Solvent Do When Used For Dry Cleaning

You already know by now that the use of solvent can be a wise choice when dry cleaning specific garments. So there is no point going back to that. What anyone should be concerned about is how the solvent acts.

When applied during dry cleaning, solvent helps to transport the detergent to one’s clothing. Next, it bonds with the oils, stains, dander or dirt on the cloth, thus taking it away.

Reasons To Dry Clean And Understand How Long The Process Takes

There are occasions when you need to have your clothes dry cleaned and delivered at a specific time. Have you been in such a position in your lifetime? Your primary focus at this point will be to get your clothes delivered and nothing more.

So when you know how long it will take for it to get to you, then you can make an informed decision. You will be in a better position to determine whether to give your clothes to the dry cleaner or not.

So, you should find out how long it will take for your clothes to dry naturally and the budget. Many dry cleaners would be happy to share this with you and also offer you some discount when the clothes you intend dry cleaning is much.

Now with that out of the way, why is dry cleaning necessary? Quickly, let’s look at the importance of dry cleaning.

Importance Of Dry Cleaning Cloths And Why It’s Necessary:

1. Fabric type

Fabric type

The first is to avoid shrinkage of the fabric. That is one of the reasons people should look at to dry clean their clothes. During the production process, the fabric fiber is usually stretched a bit to increase yardage. So when you immerse in water and wash, such fabric would shrink when it dries out. It can shrink further to a smaller size.

Have in mind that not all fabrics are conducive for washing. They can get damaged when washed, which means your money might be lost at the end of the day. Examples are some silk fibers, leather, suede, velvet and others. They are never the same after washing them at home.

Open weave and knits fabrics stretch when washed at home. But what makes this worse is that they get to stretch out of their original shape when washed at home. So the best option will be to dry clean.

2. Dry cleaning of white clothes

Dry cleaning can be a better option to get white stains off your clothes. When you present your white clothes to a dry cleaner, you can expect it to become even whiter than they previously were.

3. Keeping Beaded clothes intact

If you have a beaded cloth, then washing might not be the best option to use If you want your expensive and heavily beaded fabric to maintain its color and keep the beads intact, then opt for dry cleaning.

It’s a better option than washing. Washing can cause the beads to fall off. A little pressure applied while washing can cause this to happen to your clothes.

4. A wise choice for painted fabrics

Most clothes come painted with unique paints. The glitter and puffy paint are sometimes added to clothes to make them more captivating.

But the thing with these paints is that they can peel off. When you soak such garments in water and wash them, you should be ready when the paint starts peeling off.

5. Keeping stained fabric clean without fading

You cannot keep stains away from clothes. It’s the reason you take your clothes to the dry cleaner’s place in the first instance. When you are dealing with a dark cloth and aim to wash off the stain, the fabric in question can start fading.

The best option would be to give such clothes to your dry cleaner. A professional dry cleaner uses solvent instead of washing with water. And this helps to target the stain and ensure the cloth in question doesn’t fade.

6. Home furniture

Your home furniture deserves to maintain its attractive appearance as long as you want it.

But that won’t be possible when you wash. The best option would be to dry clean. When you dry clean your home curtain, instead of washing, it will maintain its elegant look.

7. Ideal for formal and expensive clothes

Ideal for formal and expensive clothes

Prom dress, bridal gown, suits, sports jacket, uniforms, and others, retain their shiny look when they are dry-cleaned. It’s way better than washing to get rid of stains and ensure that your clothes don’t lose their attractiveness.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have the answer to how long does dry cleaning take the question, you can move ahead and have your clothes dry-cleaned.

The process is rewarding and will help to keep your clothes in the right shape. Isn’t that what you want?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them. We enjoy discussing with our readers and helping them in any way possible.

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