How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Small Bathroom?

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Remodeling a bathroom is a huge task and the more details you know about it, the better decisions you can make.

And the most important to know when it comes to remodeling bathrooms is to know how it can take.

How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Small Bathroom?

While the exact time would depend on the type and kind of kitchen remodeling you’re getting done, on average, it takes approximately 20-25 days to get your remodeling tasks completed.

Now, what are the things you need to consider and why does it take so long to complete?

You should have in mind that different factors influence the duration of time it would take to complete this task.

Let’s take a look at bathroom remodeling tips to have a better understanding of the process and be able to make the right decision.

Factors That Can Delay Your Bathroom Remodeling

Several things can influence the time it would take for your bathroom remodeling tasks to be completed. And knowing what they are can even help you to make decisions that could speed up the process.

So what are those things that can influence the time it would take to remodel a small bathroom? Let’s find out quickly.

1. State of the tradesmen

One of the factors that can determine how quickly your remodeling task is completed is the state of the tradesmen that will be working for you.

If they are in good shape, then you can expect them to give their best. But you have to hope that no one falls sick.

However, even if you have decided to do the remodeling yourself, you are still going to need people’s assistance. So, if you have someone assisting you, then the person’s health better be in good shape throughout. Otherwise, your remodeling task might be delayed a bit.

2. Availability of materials

Another critical thing that can slow down or hasten the completion of your remodeling project is the availability of materials needed for the work.

If they are enough materials and the right one, of course, the tradesmen who are remodeling your small bathroom won’t have any reason to stop halfway down the line.

On the other hand, if materials are not available. Or if it eventually gets finished, then the remodeling task might be delayed a bit.

So, the advice is to ensure the right amount and quality of materials is acquired before the remodeling project begins. But if you cannot evaluate the elements that would be sufficient for the project, get professionals to assist you with the evaluation process.

Again, knowing the number of materials you will require for the remodeling is also not enough. You still need to know how much it would cost, and other alternatives in terms of quality.

3. Availability of tradesmen

Oh yes, the availability of the professionals who will handle each stage of your remodeling project is also very critical.

When everyone is available to play their part, there will be no dead days, and your project might be completed faster than anticipated too. When one person finishes, the next person takes over.

If your remodeling task is handled this way whereby everyone would be available to handle their section, then your remodeling project is likely going to progress a bit faster.

4. Issuing of change orders

Another factor that can slow down or delay a bathroom remodeling task depends on the decisions of the project owner.

There are cases where the owner of the project might want to make changes to the materials and style of the design after much has been done.

But then, this action can slow down the project and increase the amount of time it would take to complete the work.

So what you have to do to avoid the need to issue a late-hour change order? It is simple.

Before the project kicks-off, you can task the tradesmen to show you samples of what the finished work would look like. And the pictures should be clear for all to see too.

But if they don’t have one to present to you, then you can browse online. You will find myriads of bathroom remodeling images and tips that may help you remodel your small bathroom to your taste.

Then during the project, you have to check at different intervals to know if there are any deviations to make quick corrections even though an inspector might come in to monitor at different intervals too.

You can even continue with this until the remodeling project is completed. That way, there might be no need for you to issue any change order.

5. Budget

The point here is your budget can affect a lot of things regarding your remodeling project. And make no mistake; you don’t need to break the bank to improve the look of your small bathroom.

Also, you don’t have to go bankrupt to achieve this. With proper planning and budgeting, you can get your remodeling project completed to your taste.

Another point is to start the remodeling project when you are financially buoyant. You may also decide to acquire all the materials you are going to make use of one after the other until you finally have every single thing ready for the project.

Also, keep in mind that materials are of different qualities and price. So before splashing the cash on any material you need for the bathroom remodeling project, you need to check if there are other alternatives to decide the right one to buy.

Another thing you need to budget for is labor. And it is essential for you to have the right amount to pay those that will be working for you so that the project can progress faster.

6. Acquiring Permits

When remodeling a small bathroom, it’s important to acquire the necessary permits before starting the project. Permits are required for certain aspects of bathroom renovations, such as structural changes or plumbing and electrical modifications within walls.

Acquiring permits ensures that your bathroom remodel meets local building regulations and provides a safe environment for you and your family.

To obtain a permit, you’ll need to contact your local building department or municipality. They will provide you with the necessary forms and guidelines for submitting your permit application.

Towards the end of your remodeling project, you’ll have to schedule a final inspection. The final inspection is crucial for confirming that all the work in your bathroom remodel has been completed according to the approved plans and complies with any relevant building codes.

How Long Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Will Take

Now if you are still wondering why a common bathroom remodeling task would last more up to 24 days or more, then the chart below will help to clear your doubts.

But the thing is most of the tasks can be finished earlier. It all depends on the speed and competence of the person handling the section.

So here we go, your bathroom remodeling plan in a chart. Take a look!

ProjectRemodeling taskNumber of days neededReport
Task 1Demolition process1-3Demolition of the old fittings to install a new one. The task can be a bit tedious and take more time when you are living in a storey building or need to move demolished materials out or to the down floor.
Task 2Carpentry work2Only needed when the underlying structure is not in good shape.
Task 3Plumbing work1 – 2Rough-in plumbing service would be needed and may take at least 2 days when you are moving items like toilet or tub.
Task 4Electrical work1 -2Depending on the electrical fittings and speed of the electrician, this rough-in electrical work should finish a bit faster. Also, he will only draw the lines, not connect to a power source.
Task 5Inspection of the progress of work1This task should be faster unless the individual doing the inspection is not available. But it normally should not exceed a day.
Task 6Insulation4-5This shouldn’t take that long as well. 4-5 days is enough to complete the task.
Task 7Hanging of drywall1Start this once the insulation work is complete.
Task 8Finishing of the drywall2This involves the application of joint compound, sanding, and other finishing tasks.


Task 9


Painting of the wall and ceiling1The painting should not take long since you are dealing with a small bathroom.
Task 10Final inspection1The inspector can perform this task in less than an hour. The only challenge you may have is scheduling. It can take a bit longer to get an inspector to show up.
Task 11Tiling2Another task that should not exceed two days. It’s also optional too.
Task 12.Cabinetry1Cabinetry work in the bathroom is not that massive. So a day or less should be enough for this.
Task 13.Flooring2Keep in mind that some flooring options could take longer.
Task 14.Fixtures, hookups, among others2You need to hookup items like toilet, sink, and other items.
Task 15.Miscellaneous2In case there is a delay or need to extend a task.

Design Ideas That Works Best For Small Bathroom

Here are tips to help make your small bathroom more functional.

  • Use a sink that is configured to fit a corner to create more space in the bathroom.
  • Install a glass shower door that slides on a track or shower curtain.
  • Mirror the entire wall behind the vanity.
  • Mount a single tower bar on the door of the bathroom.
  • Mount the faucet on the wall of the bathroom to create more space.
  • A trough sink is a good option for small bathrooms. It would free up more floor space for storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a 5×8 bathroom remodel take?

A 5×8 bathroom remodel typically takes around 23 days under ideal circumstances. This means, if no work is done on weekends, the renovation can be completed in about 4 and a half weeks.

Keep in mind that this duration may vary depending on factors like availability of materials and labor.

How much time do professionals need for a bathroom renovation?

The time professionals need to complete a bathroom renovation depends on the scope and scale of the project.

For a small bathroom, the renovation may take around 23 days, while larger bathrooms and master bathrooms may take longer. Always discuss the estimated project timeline with your contractor before starting.

Can a bathroom remodel be completed in under a week?

It’s unlikely that a complete bathroom remodel can be finished in under a week.

Most bathroom renovations involve various tasks such as plumbing, electrical work, and fixture installation, which usually take a few days to complete. Under ideal conditions, a small bathroom remodel takes around 23 days.

What is the typical duration for a master bathroom renovation?

The duration of a master bathroom renovation will depend on the scope of work and the size of the bathroom. However, it’s safe to estimate a range of 4-6 weeks for a complete remodel.

This timeframe includes demolition, plumbing, electrical work, and installation of new fixtures and finishes. Delays may occur due to issues with materials, labor availability, or other unforeseen circumstances.

How fast can a small bathroom renovation be completed?

A small bathroom renovation can be completed in about 23 days under ideal circumstances. This translates to about 4 1/2 weeks if work proceeds uniformly with no breaks.

Note that this timeline may vary based on factors like your contractor’s schedule, material availability, and the scope of work.

What factors impact the timeline for remodeling a bathroom?

Several factors can impact the timeline for remodeling a bathroom, including:

  • The size of the bathroom: Larger bathrooms usually take longer to remodel than smaller ones.
  • The scope of work: Comprehensive renovations involving plumbing, electrical work, and structural changes will take longer than simple upgrades like replacing fixtures and repainting.
  • Material availability: Delays may happen if materials are backordered or not readily available.
  • Labor availability: The availability of skilled labor, including plumbers, electricians, and contractors, can influence the timeline.
  • Permitting: In some cases, local building permits and inspections may be required and can cause delays.

Remember to discuss the timeline with your contractor and consider these factors when planning your bathroom remodel.


So, the answer to the question of how long does it take to remodel a small bathroom is 24 days. It could take some time or shorter, depending on some factors which I have also highlighted on this post.

So, if you considering remodeling your bathroom, the tips from this post will help you make the best remodeling decisions. Happy reading!


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