Maggots in Bedroom – What to Do?

There are many ways of eliminating maggots from a bedroom, but the most commonly used is spraying the infested area with a homemade cleaner or commercial pesticide solution.

Maggots are larvae of flies, which are attracted to untidy places that may or may not carry moisture. Having maggots in the bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s unclean.

However, it must have a source of attraction for the creepy crawlers, which you need to get rid of to make your bedroom maggot-free.

Maggots and Bedrooms

A bedroom is arguably that place in a house where the chances of a maggot infestation are the slightest.

However, sometimes you may encounter these crawling lodgers in the bedroom when there is a hidden breeding ground that you are unaware of.

As a result, you don’t realize that you have left the coast unguarded, and maggots will come running to encroach on your property.

It’s a well-established fact that flies sit on untidy surfaces that might also be damp. When they do that, they lay eggs while feasting on the filth.

The eggs then turn into tiny gray or cream-colored worms that roam around freely in the surrounding area.

Now the tricky part is that nobody keeps filth in their bedroom, so where do these repulsive critters come from in there?

As surprising as it may be, a bedroom can have a few entry points for maggots to travel through and take over different corners of your personal space.

Knowing these entry points is a must if you want to get rid of maggots in the bedroom.

Naturally, when you know where the slithering worms are coming from, you can shut those routes to prevent an increase in their population.

With that in mind, here is a rundown of all the possible windows in a bedroom that serve as an entrance for maggots.

The Bathroom

A bathroom is perhaps the most convenient place for maggots to infest as it gets dirty easily and offers moisture that pretty much all insects love.

Due to this, maggots can have a party in the bathroom more frequently than you’d expect. Once they enter your bathroom, they can cross the threshold to your bedroom rather conveniently.

So, ensuring that your bathroom is free of maggots is essential to keep your bedroom maggot-free.

There are many places in a bathroom that said insects can inhabit, such as near a leaking pipe, the corners of the bathroom, and the area next to the toilet.

If you want to have your bedroom to yourself and not share it with the creepy crawlers, you should clean your bathroom thoroughly.

To do that, spray every corner of it with an antibacterial bathroom cleaner.

Although getting an antibacterial solution is not necessary, it will help you keep your bathroom squeaky clean and remove all germs.

When cleaning the bathroom, pay extra attention to the toilet. Moreover, flush the toilet multiple times a day even when it’s not in use as doing so will keep maggots at bay.

Clean and sanitize your bathroom weekly, if not daily, because if it is maggot-free, your bedroom will have fewer chances of getting infested by the creepy crawlers.

Unclean Trash Bin

While the odds of having an untidy trash bin in a bedroom are slim, they exist.

Sometimes we can be a little lazy and not empty the garbage can in the bedroom for a few days, giving maggots an ideal window to appear and infest the area.

Furthermore, when there is a wet or moist item in the garbage, maggots will be more easily attracted.

Simply put, if you don’t take out the trash from your bedroom, you may run into the insects you don’t want to meet.

Also, consider lining your bedroom dustbin with a bag so that all the filth goes out when the bag is removed. This way, you can make sure that no moisture leaks into the bin that invites maggots.

Damp Clothes

As surprising as it may be, a pile of clothes can also be the culprit that invites maggots to your bedroom.

We all have a chair or nightstand that’s shrouded in garments that we wore last week or even before that.

These not-so-fresh clothes may have sweat, which would make the perfect breeding ground for fly babies.

Moreover, at times we can leave slightly damp clothes on the sofa that might get soaked and attract insects from all corners.

Long story short; be sure you put your used outfits in the laundry basket right after taking them off. If doing so is too much hassle, you can at least ensure that they are completely dry by spreading them on the nightstand.

Once your clothes are sweat-free, you can let them sit in the room for a bit.

Hidden Trash

Are you one of those who love to munch on junk food at night but don’t like to get out of bed to throw away the wrapper? So, you slip it under the pillow and forget about it.

If you are guilty of doing that, you are not alone!

While sliding food wrappers under the pillow may seem like the perfect plan to evade getting out of bed, it can bring maggots.

The biscuits, chocolates and chips that we love so much come with a downside; the omnipresent crumbs!

No matter how carefully you munch on them, their remnants will remain to haunt you. So, when you put junk food wrappers under your pillow, they could have crumbs in them that might attract maggots.

In simple terms, you should toss the trash where it belongs, even if you do it the next morning.

Bear in mind not to delay any longer because the longer the food bits remain, the higher the chances of an infestation.

Gaps in the Walls

Cracks and gaps in the walls are the most preferred entry point chosen by flies and their babies. If you have holes or fissures in your bedroom, fill them up with caulk to keep maggots out.

Additionally, be sure that the room next to your bedroom is clean and doesn’t have insects roaming around.

Now that we have covered all the possible reasons for a maggot infestation in a bedroom, it’s time to look at the remedies.

How to Eliminate Maggots from the Bedroom

There is no denying that maggots are disgusting creatures and just looking at them can make one squirm. However, the good news is they are easy to kill.

You can do that in many ways, such as

Shutting the Breeding Ground

Perhaps the most important thing to do when getting rid of maggots is to take away their source of sustenance.

Let’s say, some evasive crumbs brought maggots into your room. In that case, you need to wipe the residual food bits so that the creepy insects don’t have a place to stay.

Once you do that, you will have blocked all routes for new maggots and starved the ones already present.

Spray the Infested Area with a Pesticide

The market is brimming with products to kill unruly worms that weasel their way into our lives and nauseate us.

You can get one such item and spray the affected parts of your room with it. That said, don’t forget to wear a mask and pair of gloves to protect yourself, as the fumes of pesticides can cause irritation in the throat and lungs.

A pesticide may also irritate the eyes, so you might want to wear protective glasses to keep yourself safe.

When dousing your room with a maggot-killing formula, be sure to get to the hard-to-reach spaces like behind the dresser or bed.

To do that, you can use a spray bottle with a straw-tip nozzle that will enable you to get the product in every nook and cranny.

Once you have covered your entire bedroom, let the chemical do its job while you stay away.

Make a Homemade Solution

If you don’t want to expose yourself to harsh chemicals, you can prepare a homemade formulation to get rid of maggots.

Take one part vinegar and three parts water to create a blend. Pour the concocted mixture on the uninvited lodgers in your bedroom.

That said, you should be careful about not getting the solution on any of the soft furnishings because that will not only leave a stain but also give the fabric a putrid smell.

Sprinkle Salt

Maggots love water, which salt can suck away within seconds. Salt is a natural (not to mention, highly effective) dehydrating agent that removes water from wherever it’s sprinkled.

Therefore, sprinkle a hefty amount of salt on the maggots you see gallivanting about in your bedroom and suck all the water from them.

When you do that, they will die of dehydration.

Ending Note

All the tips mentioned in this article are effective enough to rid your bedroom of maggots. However, you must try to prevent the problem altogether if you want to save yourself from unnecessary hassle.

Keep your bedroom spick and span to stop maggots from coming into your space!

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