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best multi angle measuring ruler

It is interesting to note that the world as we know it is filled with diverse angles. These angles range from the angle of a beam that goes through across to your roof’s slope. It is therefore imperative to state that you require tools such as the best multi angle measuring ruler to get the perfect measurement of such angles.

The big question, however, is “what is the best multi angle measuring ruler in the market?” the answer is very easy. We have come up with the seven best rulers in this category based on the reviews and experiences of previous satisfied clients. The tools identified and highlighted here have certain unique features that make them stand out amid their peers.

It is, however, important to note that every profession has its special tools for measuring such angles. However, some of these tools can be used for more than one trade. It is, therefore, your responsibility to choose the tool that best suits your trade.

Tools such as adjustable triangle, T-Squares, protractors, transit levels as well as set squares are a few of the tools that are used for measuring angles in surveying, architecture, carpentry, and geometry. We have taken out time to scout for some of the best multi-angle measuring tools in the market based on reviews and product features.

It should be noted that the measuring tools reviewed here all have common features of excellence. From convenience to durability, ease of use, lightness of weight, usability for multiple functions, the list of benefits goes on and on. Here we have reviewed some of the best among the best in this category for you.

Can’t wait long? Well, here’s a quick table for the 5 best multi angle measuring tools:

Our Feedback Multi Angle Measuring ToolsOur Expert RatingPrice
Best ChoiceProfessional Template Tool Practical Multi-Angle Ruler Layout Tool9.5/10Check Price
Runner UpAmenitee Universal Angulizer Ruler- Full Metal Multi Angle Measuring Tool9.5/10Check Price
2nd Runner UpAmenitee Ultimate Irregular Shape Aluminum Multi9/10Check Price
Expensive But PremiumAmenitee Universal Angularizer Ruler9/10Check Price
You Shouldn't MissGlowGeek Multi-Function Ruler-Universal9/10Check Price

Top 7 Best Multi Angle Measuring Ruler Tools Reviewed

1. Professional Template Tool Practical Multi-Angle Ruler Layout Tool

This unique template tool is an ideal companion for both personal and professional use. It’s useful for creating special shapes in wood, tiles, bricks, and countertop. It comes equipped with four sides that are adjustable and can lock and slide into any angle or position as a customized stencil easily and quickly.

Regardless of whether you are a builder, DIYer, craftsman, this is the ideal tool that should be in your toolbox. This unique Multi-Angle measuring ruler tends to slide and lock at different angles to help you save time on repeating measurements. In addition to this, the chute structure at the back helps in supporting the accurate and perfect sensitivity for changing to any shape and angle you so desire.

It comes designed with unique features that make it portable, easy to use and store. The material it is made from is also high-quality meaning you don’t have to bother about it lasting long.

What we like about it What we don’t like about it
  • Comes with a unique luxury velvet pouch
  • Highly efficient
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material
  • Very accurate measuring tool
  • It is both portable and ergonomic
  • Very easy to use
  • A bit expensive

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2. Amenitee Universal Angulizer Ruler- Full Metal Multi Angle Measuring Tool-Ultimate Template Tool-Upgraded Aluminum Alloy Multi Functional Ruler (Black)

This is, without doubt, the supreme template tool for fashioning professional layouts in brick pavers’ tiles, laminate and lumber. Its unique four-sided mechanism swiftly adapts to the shape of the work area which may then be used as a sort of stencil for cutting your workpiece.

In the case of professionals, the Amenitee may be used to create bull’s eyes, plumb cuts on roof joists and arches. If you are the do it yourself type, you may opt to make use of the Amenitee to assist you to lay a brick patio.

There are different ways via which you may make use of this Amenitee if you are looking to save your time. This tool will certainly help in speeding up your subsequent projects while also helping you to save money and time.

What we like about it What we don’t like about it
  • Designed with soft Gasket under each of the knobs which helps make twisting easier while protecting the scale from wearing out.
  • It comes with perfect thickness
  • It is firm and durable
  • Very versatile with multiple applications
  • It is durable lightweight and compact
  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual
  • It is not flexible hence it breaks easily

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3. Amenitee Ultimate Irregular Shape Aluminum Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler

The unique Heavy-duty Aluminum Multi-Angle Measuring ruler by Bluebana is one item that stands apart from the crowd. It was created by Bluebana a brand that is reputed for creating tools which are geared towards making life better for users.

This ruler is one that has multiple applications and can be used to help you create a template of a space or object and have it transferred to any material of your choice. It is indeed ideal for making repetitive cuts or making a particular measurement.

There are quite several unique features which make this product standout first is the fact that it is quite easy to use.  In addition to this is that it gives the user premium finishing while also coming in a durable and flexible build. You will also find that it can be easily customized thus making a perfect gift idea.

What we like about it What we don’t like about it
  • Makes perfect cuts each time
  • It is both durable and strong
  • Can be used to make perfect cuts each time
  • It is perhaps the easiest way to measure rather awkward shapes
  • It is easy to use
  • Can only measure a maximum length of 25cm

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4. Amenitee Universal Angularizer Ruler-Easy Angle Ruler-Multi Angle Measuring Tool-With Unique Line Leve-Embedded ABS Bolts and Nuts-Ultimate Template Tool

This one brand that is very much committed to creating tools which are fashioned to make your life easier. This tool in particular with its four double-sided rulers give any craftsman DIYer or tradesman the ability to carry out over a thousand diverse functions.
It usually comes with a template Tool user’s which should give you the much-needed inspiration! It is ideal if you intend to cut multiple angles over and over again.

Among other features, this tool which is one of the best multi-angle measuring rulers in the market is designed for one-hand operation. Its unique weight of just around 3.2 oz makes it ideal for most functions. Furthermore, the scale of the amenitee is laser engraved which means you do not bother your head on how to maintain it.

Furthermore, it is equipped with metal bolt and threads which are more durable than plastic. The parts are however surrounded using plastic to ensure that it doesn’t wear on the ruler itself.

What we like about it What we don’t like about it
  • It is easy to use
  • It is quite versatile in application
  • It is durable, compact, and does not weigh much
  • Does not require a special tool to tighten or loose
  • The instructions are not legible enough
  • Use it with a protective cover so that it does not break

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5. GlowGeek Multi-Function Ruler-Universal

If you are looking for an Angelizer template tool that is ideal for accurate and precise angle measurements, this is the tool! It is equipped with a multi-angle mechanism which just requires you to place the tool on your work area and slide the rulers into the shape that is needed. This tool is best suited for craftsmen builders and DIYers.  It is indeed a vital tool for your toolbox because it saves you money, time and energy.

Furthermore, this Angleizer can be folded for easy storage as well as one-handed operation. You can carry it with you to any site. It also efficiently serves as an ideal template for Your Tool Box. In addition to this, it comes in Inches and CM angle measurements thus enabling it to be adjusted to fit all angles and shapes easily and quickly.

It is equipped with an upgraded 12 in/30 cm Aluminum Alloy with Goniometer and Laser Etched Scales.

It should be noted that it is very easy to use and quite accurate in its measurements. All you need to do is place it on your work area while you get rulers into the needed shape and get the screw tightened.

What we like about it What we don’t like about it
  • It is highly accurate and quite easy to make use of
  • It is made with upgraded aluminum alloy for increased durability
  • It has multiple applications
  • It is quite versatile
  • It is durable, lightweight and compact
  • The numbers are laser etched
  • Doesn’t come with comprehensive enough instruction

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6. Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler- CrazyLynX Premium Aluminum Alloy

With features such as heavy-duty premium aluminum alloy Raised metal knobs as well as Laser-etched markings, this is certainly an easy choice for you. The CrazyLynx Multi-Angle Template Ruler is one measuring tool that is durable with its all-metal frame as well as rust-resistant plastic. It’s made of premium Aluminum Alloy which does not rust and doesn’t break in the toolbox.

Furthermore, it comes with a free protective pouch, four adjustable two-sided rulers which can be used for multiple kinds of surfaces. It would interest you to note that this handy angle template tool may be used at work or home and will certainly assist you in perfecting angles in brick, slate, wood, laminate and a whole lot of others.

One other unique feature of this tool is its ease of use as well as its versatility of measurement. It is also quite compact and lights thus making it an ideal choice for a great gift.

What we like about it What we don’t like about it
  • Hundred percent aluminum alloy
  • It is very easy to use
  • Can make measurements in CM and inches
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Doesn’t have a built-in level
  • The ruler knob does not lockdown on the template
  • It’s quite expensive

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7. Tescat Angleizer Template Tool

This is the ideal tool for craftsmen, Builders, DIY-ers and weekend warriors.  It is useful in crafting special shapes in wood, tiles, countertops, and brick.

It is fitted with four slotted rulers which can easily be moved and locked into any situation to become a customized stencil in just a matter of minutes. This helps in removing the guesswork as well as wasted materials emanating from inaccurate cuts.

It comes in a designed dimension of 10*5 inches, with a product size of 31*18cm and a  package size of 32*6*2.5CM. It can be used for a lot of functions ranging from outdoor decoration to indoor decoration and garden building. It is ideal for accurate and precise angle measurements and weighs just 7.2 ounces.

What we like about it What we don’t like about it
  • Made of premium aluminum alloy
  • Compact and lightweight build
  • Multiple applications for different situations
  • Gives precise and accurate measurements
  • It helps to eliminate tedious work
  • A bit expensive

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What if you get the wrong item as against the measuring ruler you order?

If you place an order for any of the best multi angle measuring ruler and instead get a broken or wrong product, you should make use of the international telephone line or email to contact the customer care. They should be able to get you a replacement or even your money back.

How was this rating list created?

We had you the reader in mind and really wanted to help out, hence our team spent a considerable amount of time going through different rulers. It was not an easy venture as we had to factor in both the expensive and non-expensive multi angle measuring ruler in our list.

What this means is that regardless of what your budget may be you may make use of our guide to select the best multi angle measuring ruler in your preferred price range.

Do you need to be bothered when purchasing Multi-angle measuring rulers on the internet?

No, you do not! Why would you even be? Most reputable online platforms are always on the side of the buyer during disputes. Also, getting a refund is not always a herculean task and may take just a few hours.

What are the angles in the different fields of application?

What are the angles in the different fields of application

For you to be able to get the ideal tool for your profession or needs, you must have a reasonable level of knowledge of what the angles are. Here are a few insights into some of the angles of some fields:

Architectural angles

For Architects involved in creating blueprints by hand for landscape or bridges, they usually make use of several tools to get accurate measurements. For instance, they make use of T-Squares for drawing horizontal lines while measuring ninety-degree angles relative to such lines.

You may make use of an adjustable triangle to determine angles that are between 0 to 90 degrees by putting it on the Horizontal axis and getting the hinged angles adjusted until it gets lined up with the angled line you seek to have measured.

Also, if you intend to have an angle measured precisely, all you need to do is a couple a ruler with a compass to measure the angle and draw a similar one.

Surveying angles

Professionals such as Surveyors make use of tools for measuring both vertical and horizontal angles relative to the surface of the earth. For instance, the transit level is equipped with a moveable telescope that is focused at a rod to ascertain a horizontal level as well as the angle of inclination in minutes, degrees, seconds and minutes.

This goes a long way in ascertaining the specific grade of a roadway or even the foundation of a building.

Professionals in the Forestry sector for instance use of clinometers to ascertain the tree height starting from the angle created between the tree and the clinometers. To measure the tree height, all you need to do is look through the clinometers eyepiece at the highest point of the tree while you read the dial measurement. You can then include the measurement to the height from the ground to the instrument.

Geometry angles

When it comes to geometry classes, a protractor is simply a ruler that comes with a semi-circle added to it. What you need to do is lay its straight edge on the top of the horizontal side of the angle and deduce where the hypotenuse crosses the angle as measured in degrees.

After doing this, you will then need to put a set square on angles of 30, 45, 60 or 90 degrees to ascertain the degrees. By default, the angles of a Triangle are set to 30, 60 and 90 degrees and usually, its direction is what determines the angle degree. You may well use another set square to get the measurement of the 45 and 90-degree angles.

Carpentry angles

In the world of carpentry, a speed square is simply a square with three sides with measurements that range from 0 up to 60 as indicated on its diagonal side. You can measure angles by putting it along the edge of a board and having the degrees of angle read.

You may also use a bevel protractor to get the measurement of the angle that is at the end of a board by simply getting the adjustable arm rotated on the protractor till it clamps down to the top of the wood. After doing this, you can simply have the degrees read on the dial so you can know which angle the wood is cut at.

How Can The Angles And Degrees Calculate For Pyramid Hip Roof Construction?

You should note that a pyramid hip roof adheres to a fixed set of guidelines. First and foremost, the sides of such a roof usually slope downward to meet the exterior walls of the building.

Usually, Pyramid hip roofs are made up of for triangular sections of equal size which meet at a point. It is proven facts that pyramid styled roofs usually create an increased level of resistance to winds that damage.

Upon taking the inventory of the dimension of the roof, getting the calculation of the interior and exterior angles becomes ordinary arithmetic.

What Is The Preparation Required?

Here’s a video on how these type of tools could be ready to use:

The first thing you need to do is to get each side of the roof measured. After getting this done, you may then get one of the tape measures to the outer part of a side of its base and get the length measured. You should also measure the four sides to determine the errors that may have arisen from the calculation by “out of square” walls.

Furthermore, get the intended height of the roof measured. For pre-existing structures, get an OSHA-approved scaffolding to climb up through the rafters while you place an end of the tape at the peak interior point of your roof.

You may then measure the distance from the top base plate of the house to that point. If you are planning on building structure, the height of the roof should feature on the blueprint. Get all the measurements written down.

After this, get your calculator set to degree mode. In the case of scientific calculators, switch on the calculator and click on DRG button till the point where the upper right-hand display indicates “DEG.” If you are however making use of graphing calculators, click on the “MODE,” button and then switch the setting to “RADIAN.”

Getting the angles calculated

Usually, the side of the roof creates triangles which are made of up of the base as well as the two sides which angle up to a certain point. Get the distance from the middle of the base of the sides measured to the tips of its points.

How Do You Get The Slant Angle Of One Side?

To get the slant angle of a side, input sin-1(height of roof/height of side). You should then make use of the base angle to determine the angle that exists between both sides as the vertex of the pyramid.

How Do You Determine The Top Angle?

Input 2*(90-slant angle) = top angle. Select a side and calculate an angle of the following sides by making use of the following formula: sin-1(height of the triangle/length of the side of the closest to the angle).

How Do I Calculate The Dihedral Angle Using The Best Multi Angle Measuring Ruler?

This is a very simple process; all you need to do is draw a triangle with the hypotenuse on the line which is formed when two sides connect. Thereafter, measure the hypotenuse length and calculate the inner corner angle using the following formula:

Sin-1(height of roof/hypotenuse of the triangle).thereafter, calculate the corner angle of the triangle and measure the diagonal length of the roof from one end to the other. Then apply this formula to get the corner angle: tan-1(height of roof/one-half diagonal length of the roof).

Thereafter, ascertain the dihedral angle by measuring the diagonal base length of the roof. Input the dihedral angle using the following formula: 2*tan-1(first diagonal/second diagonal)

Useful tips to consider when making use of multi-angle measurement tools

When it has to do with those tricky cuts and angles, using the right tool is quite vital to getting the best results. Due to how easy it is to make use of most of these tools, both the professional and the do it yourself man can easily handle them. Using the right angle measurement tool can go a long way in speeding up the process.

What exactly are Angleizer tools?

The Angleizer is simply a ruler used in measuring angles and makes use of industrial-grade aluminum. What this means is that a quality angleizer does not break or rust and is quite durable.

What are the things you can use the best multi angle measuring ruler for?

There are quite several applications in which you can use multi-angle measuring tools. Some of these functions include creating a garden getting your baking template perfect, creating a children’s Toy Box.  Also, you can easily create your Kitchen drawer rack while also making your driveway as beautiful as possible

Bring your creativity to life!

There are quite several things you can get done using the right measuring tools. Here are a few of such things to explore:

  • Create or recreate your driveway

if you are the type that owns a brick driveway getting a damaged or broken brick can be a bit of a challenge. This is especially so in a situation where you are trying to rectify a brick that is cracked at a rather extreme angle. Using a good multi-angle measuring tool can go a long way in making this job easier.

  • Get some landscaping done

Have you ever thought of adding a corner box along with a wire mesh for climbing vines? Have you ever wanted to create a brick path or even come up with a backyard gazebo? The right multi-angle tool can help get these and more done in quick time. More often than not, such projects can be executed using recycled materials.

  • Create your own kitchen drawer spice rack

It can be quite annoying opening your drawer to find a countless number of spice bottles scattered around. It simply means you may spend more time than you want to search for just an item. Using the ideal multi-angle measuring tool, you can create your own kitchen drawers spice rack with ease.




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