Why Does Bathroom Sink Drain Gurgles?

Do you hear a gurgling sound when your bathroom sink drains? Ever wonder what’s causing it?

Do you want to fix the problem and stop the sound? Then you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the possible reasons for the gurgling sound in your bathroom sink and what you can do about it.

What Causes the Gurgling Sounds?

Your bathroom sink makes a gurgling sound due to the presence of air in in your drain. This air escaping from the drain is not supposed to be there to begin with.

When the inside the pipes can’t escape and ends up putting pressure on the draining water, it makes a gurgling sound.

Due to the blockage caused by air in the passage, the air pressure and obstruction of the path can lead to suction in the drain.

It also pulls the water moving in the P-trap, causing it to make gurgling sounds. The water also has to put more pressure to deal with the obstruction, which leads to further noise.  

The reasons for this gurgling sound in your bathroom sink can be many.

However, the common cause includes the accumulation of stuff like hair or greases in the drain.

They form a clog in the pipeline and create obstructions. Keep reading to learn more!

Blockage in the Drain

The main cause of your bathroom sink gurgle is the partial or complete clogging in the drain.

Both types of blockages are different and show different signs.

Partially Blocked Drain

A partially clogged drain is often the beginning of the complete blockage.

When a drain is partially blocked, the drains out slowly and you’ll notice gurgling sounds in your sink.

When you notice any signs of partial blockage, make sure you immediately clean your drains immediately. Consider using a good-quality drain cleaner for best results.

Completely Blocked Drain

Partially blocked drains often face complete blockage if not dealt with timely.

When complete clogging happens, you will notice the rising of water in your bathroom sink as it will fail to drain out.

There are several causes of the complete blockage of drains, which include accumulation of hair, soap residue, dirt, toilet paper, oils, or other materials.  

When this happens, make sure you check whether the issue is singular or all your drains are showing the same behavior.

If yes, then you’ll need the help of a professional to repair or replace your drainage system.

Sewer Line Blockage

The sewer line is responsible for carrying all the wastewater from multiple drains in your house to discard the in the sewer line of your neighborhood.

In the case that there is a blockage in your sewer line, it will cause all your drains to get clogged and make gurgling sounds.

All the wastewater will fail to be discarded and will accumulate in your sinks and other places.  

The blockage in the sewer line is often caused due to obstructions in the main line, such as bathroom products, tree roots and branches, and broken pipes.

Tree roots often grow into the sewage lines in search of nutrient-rich water.

This can cause blockage and lead to permanent damage to your draining system. 

Bathroom products are another common cause of this blockage.

If you flush out hygiene products, plastics, and paper in your toilet, it can cause serious damage to your drainage system in the long run. 

Vent System Blockage

The vents are an important part of the overall plumbing system as they allow the aur to pass without pressuring the water flow.

These vents are connected to all the fixtures in the house and release through the roof.

The vent system puts the air behind the water. If these vent pipes get blocked, the drainage system will fail.

The gurgling of your sinks is one of the indicators of this issue.

If you notice this sound and also observe the slow drainage of water, then there is a significant possibility of blockage in your vent system.

Bad smells in the drain are also another sign of this issue.   

Blockage in P-Trap Pipe

Blockage in P-Trap is another common cause of the gurgling sounds that you hear in your bathroom sink.

This small pipe is installed under the sink; it has a curved shape and you’ll easily notice it.

The P-trap is responsible for preventing the sewer gas and drain from coming back up into your drain and sink.

The P-trap protects your bathroom from sewage smells and the backlog of drainage.

When this pipe is damaged or blocked, it can no longer perform its functions appropriately and that can lead to drainage failure and the gurgling sounds.

Not Enough Vents

Your bathroom sink may also be making the gurgling sounds because of an inefficient venting system.

If you have moved into a new place and you notice this issue from the beginning, then we highly recommend getting your venting system checked by a professional.

Often, these systems don’t have enough vents and that prevents them from functioning satisfactorily.

If your sink makes gurgling noise and your drain takes much longer to drain out the water, then the venting system could be the issue.

Make sure you get it checked and repaired as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.  

Why is the Gurgle Problematic?

If you notice a gurgling sound in your bathroom sink, it may not feel like a big deal.

However, if this issue isnt looked into and fixed immediately, it can cause much bigger problems down the line.

The gurgle is a sign of blockage due to air pressure in your pipes, and it can lead to further clogging due to the accumulation of debris.

The more debris that accumulates, the more blockage it would cause.

Eventually, it will lead to complete jamming of the drain and the failure of the drainage system entirely.

That is why early intervention is the best way to deal with this. Consider seeking a professional’s help to determine the extent of the problem and get it solved.

How to Fix the Gurgling of my Bathroom Sink?

It is not only possible to fix the gurgling sound but it is also not very complicated.

You can get started on your own with two simple steps below:

Plunge and Clean Your Sink

The first step is to plunge your sink to get rid of any obstructions in its ventilation system. Go under the sink and clean out the pipes.

Make sure you clean all the debris or dirt that you see.

You can dismantle the P-trap pipe to clean it out and fit it back again.

Clean the Venting System

After cleaning the sink, you need to make sure that your venting system is also clear to prevent any further issues.

Sometimes the opening of the vent on the roof allows material to accumulate and form obstructions in the vents.

Make sure you clean them all out. Check out for any animals that may have nested in your vent and remove them.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom sinks gurgle due to air pressure and obstructions in the vents and plumbing system.

Make sure you get this issue immediately to prevent any damage to your drainage system.

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