Are Cutco Knives Worth It?

There’s a lot of hype around Cutco knives. People who use them swear by their quality and performance. Those who’ve tried using these knives don’t mind paying the price these knives are worth.

Cutco knives are overpriced. They aren’t just costly, but they’re super expensive. Yet people buy them.

What makes Cutco knives worthy of the price tag? Are these knives really worth it?

What’s the Hype About Cutco Knives?

One may wonder, what’s the hype all about? Cutco knives are just knives, after all, right?

Well, one of the reasons why the Cutco knives are the talk of the town is the company’s unique marketing strategy.

Cutco doesn’t use traditional marketing channels like advertisements and internet marketing like other companies. 

Cutco hasn’t even priced its products at a competitive market price.

Instead, they demonstrate how their product works directly. The direct marketing approach is what has made Cutco knives such a hot topic among chefs and home cooks.

The company hires many salespersons who go about their social circle to demonstrate how well the knives cut.

Experiencing the product firsthand automatically makes the people trust the product and invest in it, despite the fact that these knives are quite costly.

So you see, the hype around the Cutco knives isn’t bogus marketing. It’s genuine, organic popularity that comes from firsthand experiences!

What Makes a Knife the Best?

We keep hearing that Cutco knives are the best knives out there. While the direct demonstration does back the company’s claims, it’s only justified to wonder what really makes a knife the best.

Once we know the features of the best knife, we’ll be better able to tally if the Cutco knives have got all of it or not!

Some of the most notable features of a knife that we can say are worth it are listed below:

Build Material

The first feature that accounts for the quality of a knife is the material that a knife is made from.

Stainless steel (chromium molybdenum-vanadium) is considered the best material for knives. It meets the highest standards for hygiene, is sharp, and extremely durable.

Most chef knives are made of the highest quality stainless steel. Some good material options for domestic use include ceramic and Damast steel. Both of these materials have more cons than pros.

Build Technique

The best knives are made using a single piece of steel for the blade. When you see the knife from an angle, you should be able to see a thicker part between the handle and blade. These are forged knives.

Forged knives offer maximum stability and excellent balance.


What is a knife used for? To cut.

If a knife isn’t sharp, it’s literally useless. If a knife has to be sharpened repeatedly, it’s no good use either.

The sharpness of the blade is the most important factor that makes a knife worth it.

For a knife to stay consistently sharp, it must be made from the highest quality steel, heat-treated, and have a fine edge.

If the blade of the knife is created right, the knife won’t disappoint you, and will go a very long time without being re-sharpened.


The handle is one of the most important components of a knife that not many people focus on. You grip the knife from the handle, and if it isn’t comfortable, you won’t be able to use the knife properly.

The handle should be designed ergonomically so that you are able to hold it firmly and comfortably. It’s specifically more important for people who spend a lot of time cutting in the kitchen.

The handle must be designed ergonomically, have an anti-slip coating, and shouldn’t cause fatigue when the user uses it for a while.

What Features Are Cutco Knives Equipped With?

Now that you know what makes a knife the best, you might want to know if the Cutco knives are equipped with all of these features.

Well, when we say the hype around the Cutco knives isn’t bogus marketing, we really mean it.

Let’s take you through the features of the Cutco knives, and then we’ll leave it to you to decide if they meet the criteria of the best knives!

Material and Construction

Cutco knives are made using the highest quality stainless steel, which is 440A grade. Cutco offers a huge range of knives, and all the knives are made using the same material and processing technique.

So, no matter which Cutco knife you choose to buy, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best quality knife.

Regarding the construction technique, you’ll be surprised to know that the Cutco knives go through 25 steps to finally take the shape you see them in.

First, the blades of Cutco knives are laser-stamped. It means they’re cut out from a sheet of stainless steel, heat-treated, and then finally buffed.

Once the blade is buffed, it’s attached to the thermo-resin handle. The blade is triple riveted to the handle.

The handle of Cutco knives is BPA-free and dishwasher friendly. The best thing about the thermo-resin handle is that it’ll never break, crack, or harbor bacteria, ensuring a safe and healthy kitchen environment.

After the knife is assembled, the blade of the knife is sharpened to an angle of 15 degrees on both sides.

The Cutco knives may not be forged, but the 25-step construction process ensures the quality is up to the mark, and the knife lasts a long time.


The next feature of the Cutco knives that makes them worth it is the design of its blade. Just as all knives of the Cutco knife collection are made using the same grade of materials, all knives feature a similar design.

All Cutco knives have exposed rivets that are made using nickel silver (Type 65-18). This material is an alloy of zinc, copper, and nickel and is silver in color.

This alloy is resistant to staining, tarnishing, pitting, and corrosion.

The rivets of Cutco knives are flush to the handles, so there’s absolutely no chance of food particles getting trapped.

The handle itself is made from thermo-resin which is a heat-treated durable plastic that doesn’t break or crack. The handle features an ergonomic design that’s ideal for gripping.

The best thing about the handle design is that it’s suitable for both right and left-handed users.


The most important part of a knife is its blade. The blade of Cutco knives is made from stainless steel with a high-sheen polish.

The blade has a hollow ground edge that is visible along most of the length of the blade on both sides.

This hollow grind on both sides of the blade reduces the drag significantly and prevents the food from sticking to the blade as you cut.

The blade section doesn’t feel too heavy in the hands because the knives feature a full tang that runs all the way to the end of the handle. This distributes the weight of the steel evenly throughout the design.

Cutco knives come with 2 types of blade edges; straight and Double-D. Straight edges are ideal for getting precise cuts, while Double-D edges are similar to serrated blades.


Cutco knives come in 3 different colors; black, red, and pearl. The handles aren’t a solid color. They feature a marble-like pattern that ups the aesthetic game!


One of the features that make the Cutco knives stand out is the numerous warranties and guarantees.

Unlike other knife manufacturers that offer 30-day return or exchange policies, Cutco offers not one but many such guarantees.

The Forever Performance guarantee promises the users of Cutco knives that they’ll repair or replace any Cutco knife that doesn’t meet your home kitchen needs.

If you aren’t happy with the performance, you don’t have to keep up with it!

Under the Forever Sharpness guarantee, you’ll get knife sharpening services from Cutco for the rest of your life. You just have to bear the minimal shipping fee.

This is particularly helpful if you’ve got Double-D edge knives that can’t be sharpened at home.

If your knives break, even if it’s because of your mishandling, you can get a new knife for half the price under the Forever Replacement Service Agreement.

Also, if you aren’t happy with the knives and want to return it, you can get a full refund within 15 days of purchase.

No other knife manufacturer offers such extensive guarantees, which is a sign of how confident Cutco is about its products!

Are Cutco Knives Worth it?

If you ask us, Cutco knives are definitely worth the price. While the price isn’t the most affordable, once you do invest in them, you’re sorted for good!

Cutco knives have got most of the features that account for the best knives. As if the excellent features and impressive quality weren’t enough, the too-good-to-be-true guarantees add to the popularity.

If there is one name that covers quality, durability, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction under one umbrella, it has to be Cutco!

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