How to Make Your Bathroom Into a Steam Room?

Steaming is beneficial to the body as it increases the circulation of blood. The activity will open up clogged pores and create a feeling of health and well-being. 

Many people visit the gym for steaming, but you can also enjoy the activity every day in your own home by creating a steam room.

In this blog post, you will learn how to convert your bathroom into a steam room. The post explains two methods that let you enjoy steaming in your bathroom.

Hot Water Method

The first method to turn your bathroom into a steam room is the ‘hot water method’.

Below are the steps that show how you can convert your bathroom into a steam room using this method.

Step 1: Seal the Bathroom

You should seal the bathroom to keep steam inside the room.  Close the bathroom windows and doors.

Seal any cracks around the window using masking tape to prevent steam from escaping.

You should also tuck a towel into every cranny and corner of the window frame. It will prevent air from coming in and also steam escaping outside the bathroom.

Place a thick towel in the gap between the floor and the bathroom. Consider using masking tape to hold the towel in place.

The masking tape will hold up long enough to enjoy a half an hour steaming session in the bathroom.

Step 2: Dim the Place

You should dim the lights and place a lighted candle in the bathroom.

The lighted candle will provide a pleasant ambiance when steaming.

Step 3: Turn on Hot Water Tap

The next step is to turn on the shower or bathtub’s hot water tap. If you have a water heater in the bathroom, you should set the hot water temperature to about 1400F (600C). 

Note: You should turn down the water temperature to 1200F (490C) after steaming to prevent scalding and burning.

Make sure to aim the shower head inward and down. This is important to avoid burning yourself when you turn on the hot water tap.

The heated water will fill the bathroom with thick clouds of steam. In addition, you should unplug the shower or bathtub so that the water does not overflow.

Step 4: Fill Bucket with Crushed Ice

You should now fill a bucket with crushed ice and place it near the bathtub or shower.

After filling the bucket, you should put on a washcloth over the bucket. This will allow steam to quickly fill the bathroom.

Step 5: Enjoy Steaming

Place a chair in the bathroom and sit near the shower or tub area. You can also sit on the floor on a rug or towel beneath it.

Dip the washcloth into the bucket filled with ice and wet your face and body.

This will not only feel invigorating but also produce more steam as the cold water on the skin comes in contact with the heat in the bathroom.

Make sure that the bathroom is clean before converting your bathroom into a steam room. There is nothing that can ruin the experience more than a dirty bathroom.

Clean up the mess on the countertop and put away dirty laundry in a basket. 

Steam Generator Method

Converting your bathroom into a steam room using the hot water method involves a lot of water.

If you want to conserve water, you can buy a steam shower that costs between $2,500 and $4000.

EliteSteam 7.5 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System (Steam Shower Generator, Control, Steam Head, and Cable) (Brushed Nickel Inside Control)

But the cost of the steam generator far outweighs the benefits.

A steam shower generates steam when you press a button. An electric valve will fill the steam generator with one-gallon cold water.

Next, the electric element of the steam generator will boil the water similar to an electric kettle.

Hot water vapor is channeled to the steam dispenser through pipes. The bathroom is filled with moisture that remains at a save 1180F (47.70C).

Buying a Steam Generator

You can buy a standalone enclosure that can be hooked up with the existing plumbing and wiring. The enclosure looks similar to a space capsule.

You should buy the right steam generator for your bathroom. The steam generator should be the right size and capacity.

Generally, the steam generator is installed beside the shower wall. But you can also install it inside the shower area if it is waterproof.

Installing a Steam Generator

You should turn off the main power before installing the steam generator.

Moreover, you should also turn off the water supply to the bathroom to be on the safe side.

You will have to connect the steam generator to the electric outlet as well as the waterline.

Call an electrician to install a breaker for the device. Moreover, you will need to contact a plumber for installing a ventilator to vent steam outside the house.

A shelf may also be required for the steam generator for extra support.

The manufacturer manual will contain details for installing the steam generator. You should look at the manual to find out the distance of the steam nozzle from the shower floor.

Moreover, you should find out the location of the access holes and pipes for installing the device.

Some steam generators come with a wireless control unit. But most of them require a control panel to be installed in the bathroom.

You should consider installing the control unit near the showerhead. Deciding on the perfect location of the control unit is important since the electrical connection will have to be planned accordingly.

So, you need to take your time in choosing the best location for the control unit.

After the steam generator is installed, you will next have to install a vent panel on the shower door. Some shower doors already have a vent panel.

But you will most likely have to modify the door to install the panel. Consider calling a professional for vent panel installation to avoid damage to the shower door.

Before using the device, you should seal the gaps between the bathroom door and floor. Moreover, you should also seal the cracks around the edges of the window frame.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy the luxury of a sauna in your bathroom. You should test the unit after installation to make sure that it works properly.

Call the manufacturer in case the steam generator does not build a reasonable level of steam.

Things to Consider Before and After Steaming in the Bathroom

Consider taking a shower before a steaming session. The grease and oil on the skin will prevent sweating.

You should also clean off makeup before steaming in the bathroom. This is important otherwise the makeup will get into your eyes that will be irritating. 

Also, you should remove your contact lens before taking a steam bath.

After your sauna session, you should take a cool shower. Taking a shower after the steam bath will reduce the body temperature making you feel refreshed.

Most gyms with sauna also have instructions to take a shower after a steaming session. Apply a skin lotion or moisturizer after showering to avoid dryness of the skin.

You should drink plenty of water before and after steaming.

The activity will make you sweat excessively which will dehydrate you quickly. Keep a water bottle beside you when you are in the steam room.

Is a Steam Bath Worth It?

Making your bathroom into a steam room requires some effort and cost. So, you may be wondering will it be worth it.

Steam therapy is good for overall health. Steaming results in the removal of toxic chemicals from the body.

It is one of the oldest therapies that have been used by Greeks, Romans, and Japanese for thousands of years.

People have been steaming in sweat lodges, Japanese onsens, and hot springs since antiquity.

Steaming removes toxins from the body. It is also good for the skin as it removes bacteria and other pathogens that clog the pores.

The activity is also good for a range of health conditions. It is beneficial for respiratory health, mental health, and blood circulation, among others.

Yet another benefit of steaming is that it results in improved real estate value.

A survey by Zillow showed that a home with a steam generator can increase the property value by about 31 percent.

Moreover, the National Kitchen & Bath Association had found that a steam room is a strong home design trend for 2020.

Most homebuyers would be willing to pay a premium price for a property with a steam room. So, making your bathroom into a steam room is an investment that will enhance property value.

The health benefits of steaming are a bonus that makes the effort and money in converting your bathroom into a steam room worth it in the end.


Making your bathroom into a steam room will provide you with an invigorating experience.

The steam room will make you feel relaxed after a long tiring day. The experience will give you tranquility and peace of mind within the vicinity of your own home.

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