What Is a Three Quarter Bathroom?

If you’re looking for a way to add value to your home and make it a catch for potential home buyers, you should consider adding a three-quarter bathroom to your home.

If you go through property listings, you’ll see that the properties that have listed a three-quarter bathroom in addition to full bathrooms are priced higher.

Here’s everything you need to know about what a three-quarter bathroom is.

What Is a Three-quarter Bathroom?

The chances are that all the bathrooms in your home are full baths, so it’s only understandable if you don’t know what a three-quarter bathroom is.

Most attached bathrooms in the bedrooms are full bathrooms. A full bathroom is the one that has got all 4 elements of a bathroom, namely a sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet.

A three-quarter bathroom has 3 of the 4 elements that make a full bathroom. This type of bathroom has got a sink, toilet, and shower. In some rare instances, it may have a bathtub instead of a shower.

A three-quarter bathroom isn’t very different from a full bathroom. It just lacks a bathtub.

Homeowners often add a three-quarter bathroom to guest rooms so that the guest can shower without disturbing the privacy of their hosts.

If your home has 3 or 4 bedrooms, but only 2 attached full bathrooms, you can always add a three-quarter bathroom.

This may be a costly home improvement project, but it sure has got an excellent ROI.

How Is a Three-quarter Bathroom Different from Other Types of Bathroom?

Not many people know about the different types of a bathroom because not many have given this aspect a thought.

Most assume that a bathroom is anything that has got a sink, toilet, shower, and bathtub, and if a bathroom is missing any of the 4 elements, it’s a homeowner’s choice.

While the homeowner’s choice is one of the aspects, the major reason there are different types of bathrooms is the availability of space and utility.

For example, you’ll have to let the guests into your bedroom to use the toilet if there isn’t any other toilet in the shared living room of your house.

However, if you’ve got space available in your living room, you can add a small powder room so that your privacy isn’t invaded every time a guest has to use the bathroom.

Since we’re talking about three-quarter bathrooms here, let’s look in detail at how these bathrooms are different from other types of bathrooms.

Three-Quarter Bathroom and Full Bathroom

As we’ve already said earlier, the major difference that sets a three-quarter bathroom apart from a full bathroom is the absence of a bathtub.

A three-quarter bathroom can either have a shower or a bathtub, but it’ll never have both. In case a bathroom has got both shower and bathtub in addition to the sink and toilet, it’s a full bath.

The number of fixtures installed in the bathroom isn’t the only difference between these 2 types of bathrooms. Another major difference is the space.

Full bathrooms are spread across a larger area which is why there are all 4 elements present. Three-quarter bathrooms are smaller and, therefore, don’t have sufficient space for both shower and bathtub.

Full bathrooms are usually 60 square feet, whereas a three-quarter bathroom is about 32 to 40 square feet in size. Bathtubs are installed in bathrooms that are at least 45 square feet.

Full bathrooms are big enough to accommodate a bathtub and a separate shower enclosed in a glass cabin, but a three-quarter bathroom is only big enough for a shower that is near the toilet.

Three-quarter bathrooms are ideal for guest rooms.

Three-Quarter Bathroom and Half Bathroom

The other type of bathroom that you may know of as a powder room is the half bathroom. It’s the bathroom that you may have been shown to when you visit someone.

Half bathrooms are smaller than three-quarter bathrooms and have only 2 of the 4 basic elements of a bathroom. Half bathroom only has a sink and toilet.

Half bathrooms are usually added to common spaces in a house like a living room or the dining room where you receive guests.

With a half bathroom, you don’t have to take the guests to your bedroom’s bathroom.

While three-quarter bathrooms are 32 to 40 feet in size, a half bathroom is much smaller and is only 11 to 20 feet in size.

If you’re planning to add a half bathroom to your home, make sure you already have a full bathroom or a three-quarter bathroom because you can’t shower in a half bathroom.

Three-Quarter Bathroom and Quarter Bathroom

One may assume that a bathroom can’t get any smaller than a half bathroom. Well, you might have never seen a quarter bathroom!

A quarter bathroom only has a toilet. You can’t even use a quarter bathroom to wash your hands because it doesn’t have a sink.

A quarter bathroom is a good addition to a home if there are more people living than the available bathrooms can accommodate, especially in the morning when everyone’s in a hurry.

A quarter bathroom can be used for the toilet while the other bathrooms of the house are occupied! At least you won’t have to bang on the bathroom door in an emergency while the bathroom is in use!

How Big Is a Three-Quarter Bathroom?

A three-quarter bathroom, as you know by now, is 32 to 40 feet in size. A three-quarter bathroom that measures 32 by 32 feet is big enough to accommodate a sink, toilet, and shower quite easily.

However, if you wish to install a bathtub instead of a shower, the bathroom space must be at least 40 feet because a bathtub takes more space than a shower.

The Layout of a Three-Quarter Bathroom

Three-quarter bathrooms are quite small in size.

Although there are 3 elements out of the 4 in a three-quarter bathroom, your bathroom can look cramped and congested if you don’t install the sink, toilet, and shower properly.

The layout of a three-quarter bathroom plays an important role in deciding its utility and functionality.

So, what should the layout of a three-quarter bathroom be like?

Ideally, you should install the shower in the corner between the 2 walls facing the entrance. That would give you sufficient space for the rest of the appliances.

The toilet and sink should be installed adjacent to the shower on either side (as the shower is the corner and covers a section of 2 adjacent walls).

This leaves one wall completely empty that you can use for decorations, hooks, or any fixtures that you like.

The compact design offers a balance of functionality and efficiency that can be customized to your tastes and preferences with interesting tilework, updated fixtures, or dramatic accents.

Following this layout plan for your three-quarter bathroom will ensure that all 3 elements of the bathroom are easily accessible and that your bathroom doesn’t appear too congested.

Why Add a Three-Quarter Bathroom Instead of a Full Bathroom?

There isn’t much difference between three-quarter bathrooms and full bathrooms, so why should one consider adding a three-quarter bathroom instead of a full bath?

There are plenty of reasons for it.

Takes Less Space

A three-quarter bathroom takes much less space than a full bathroom.

Compared to the 60 feet of space that you need for a full bathroom, you can build a three-quarter bathroom in an area of 32 to 40 feet.

Secures Your Privacy

It’s awkward for both the host and the guests when guests have to use the bathroom in the host’s bedroom.

If there’s a bathroom in the common area of your home, the guests can use it more comfortably.

A three-quarter bathroom has a shower, too, which makes it ideal for guest rooms where guests may be staying for a while.

Easier to Maintain

If you’ve got enough space for a full bathroom, you might wonder why to go for a three-quarter bathroom when you can have a full bath.

One of the many reasons, provided that you already have at least one full bathroom in your home, is the fact that a three-quarter bathrooms is easier to maintain.

They’re smaller in size, and there’s no bathtub. Smaller means quicker cleaning, and no bathtub means lesser grout and moisture.

Disadvantages of a Three-Quarter Bathroom

  • Lacks the luxury or comfort of a full bathroom with both a shower and bathtub.
  • May feel cramped if not properly designed, as the space tends to be smaller.
  • Not as suitable for relaxation or soaking as a full bathroom.

The Bottom Line

Although there’s little difference between a three-quarter bathroom and a full bathroom, there are numerous ways in which a three-quarter bathroom can prove to be a better option.

From adding value to your home to securing your privacy to ensuring comfort for guests, a three-quarter bathroom is definitely a valuable addition to any home.

If you’ve got a bigger space available, you always choose to install a bathtub instead of a shower.

But whether you decide on a shower or bathtub, a three-quarter bathroom can be used as a fully functional bathroom!

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