Where to Hide a Gun in Your Bedroom? 8 Ideal Spots!

Some common places to hide a gun in your bedroom include behind, underneath, or on the side of the bedside table, underneath the bed, on the headboard, stealth nightstands, dressers, etc.

There are other locations as well where a gun owner can hide their pistol in the bedroom, but those may be difficult to access in an emergency, such as a mirror safe.

Nonetheless, knowing all the possible gun-holding places in a bedroom is essential so that you are well aware of all your options.

Behind Your Bedside Table

Mounting a gun behind your bedside table is a clever way to keep your possession safe and concealed from an intruder’s view.

Discretion is imperative when hiding a pistol in the bedroom because if it is easily visible, a burglar will swiftly snatch it away before you are able to reach it.

Therefore, you want to put your firearm in a spot where you can get to it in no time, and an outsider doesn’t see it.

In this regard, sticking a gun holster or magnet behind your bedside table to hold your weapon is ideal for storing your possession.

However, picking the right position to mount a gun is critical; otherwise, you may not be able to access it in case of an emergency.

Imagine you have come face to face with an intruder while you are in bed, ready to call it a night.

In such a situation, you will be the most vulnerable, so you want to have your firearm close enough to reach it with ease.

Thieves are usually quite flustered when breaking into a home, which is why the slightest movement can set them off, prompting them to pull the trigger.

This means if you change positions or move noticeably (which you will have to if your gun holder is attached to an inconvenient place behind your bedside table), the burglar will more likely react on impulse, possibly shooting at you.

Therefore, be sure that the spot you pick to put up your gun holster is right by the bed so that you can draw your gun easily.

Underneath Your Bedside Table

Underneath the bedside table is another decent option for hiding a gun, but it can be difficult to access, particularly if your furniture piece has borders sticking out.

Many tables have their sides slightly drawn-out for a cleaner look. If you have such a bedside table, you might not want to use its underside to store your weapon.

Let’s say you choose to hide your gun underneath your bedside and have to retrieve it unexpectedly.

In that case, if your nightstand has extended borders, you will have to curl your wrist painfully to reach your firearm.

Surely, doing so will not be convenient, not to mention incredibly conspicuous.

Therefore, you should consider the construction of your bedside table to decide if you want to stash your pistol underneath it.

If you choose to go with this option, install a magnet or holster in a position that allows you to reach your gun’s grip immediately (without having to contort your arm).

Side of Your Bedside Table

Perhaps the best location to mount a gun on or around a bedside table is on its side, next to your bed.

Choosing the said point to hide your firearm will keep it somewhat concealed and incredibly easy to access.

When a person is lying in bed, they typically have their head against the headboard beside the bedside table with its side panel clearly visible.

This means if you stick your weapon there, you can get to it within seconds without having to move much.

More importantly, your gun will not be in anyone’s view except yours unless an intruder is not at the foot of your bed and instead is standing next to the other side (opposite yours).

In that case, a gun mounted on the side of your bedside table can be exposed to the invader.

However, you can minimize the chances of that by placing your gun holster or magnet next to your bed’s frame. This way, the mattress or the border of your bedframe will conceal your firearm.

If you want to be able to retrieve your weapon instantly while in bed, the side of your bedside table will be an excellent hiding place for your gun.

Stealth Nightstand

Owing to the increasing use of guns, people have come up with some incredibly crafty ways to hide a weapon, and building the stealth nightstand is one of them.

A stealth nightstand is constructed with a secret compartment above the top drawer and under the tabletop.

Users can slide it open by moving the top slat, exposing a storage area to hide a weapon.

While such furniture pieces are excellent at concealing a firearm, they don’t offer the most convenient access to it.

That is, opening the hidden compartment to get to your pistol can be cumbersome, especially if you have things on your bedside table.

So, if there is an emergency, you might not get the chance to reach your weapon, at least not without drawing attention.

If you have larger firearms such as rifles, you can keep them in your stealth nightstand and retrieve them just as you suspect there has been a break-in.

However, for a smaller gun or revolver, a more accessible hiding place will be better.

Stealth Dresser

A stealth dresser works precisely like a stealth nightstand but offers much more storage space than the latter.

Many people choose to hide their weapons in their dressers, sometimes even without a secret compartment, which can be pretty dangerous.

Typically, intruders rifle through the dresser when they search a room for valuables, which is why it may not be the best place to stash a gun.

However, as mentioned earlier, you can use stealth furniture to keep larger weapons if you have a smaller gun close to you when you lay in bed.

On The Headboard

The headboard is another popular location to mount guns among gun owners for many reasons.

Firstly it is easily accessible, and secondly, it offers a lot of space to find the perfect spot to attach a gun.

Another appealing aspect of choosing the headboard to hang a gun holder is concealment.

You must be wondering how that is possible when it is arguably the most exposed place in a bedroom, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Sure, the headboard is on display, but it can be concealed with fluffed-up pillows. In other words, you can mount your weapon on it and cover it with cushions or pillows.

That said, doing so is only feasible if you choose a lower spot to situate your gun.

Naturally, if you pick a point too high on your headboard to attach your gun holder, you will not be able to hide it with pillows.

On top of that, a high-hanging position will be harder for you to reach, particularly in case of an emergency.

Therefore, you might want to mount your firearm behind your pillows on the headboard.

That way, you can get to the gun grip even if you are totally relaxed and laidback.

Inside the Headboard

If you have a wooden headboard, you can use it to create a vault inside it.

Those who choose this option have a compartment built inside their headboard, which they conceal with a sliding cover.

While it may seem like a good choice for a stashing place, it can be cumbersome to tackle.

Moving the top of a bedhead can be quite inconvenient as it’s a large board to handle. It’s safe to say you’ll need significant muscle power to work with a headboard safe.

If you are up for some heavy lifting (literally), you can go for your bedhead to store your weapons. But bear in mind that you will not be able to access your gun quickly when needed.

Underneath the Bed

Under-the-bed is often considered the top go-to place for hiding a gun as there is plenty of room there.

However, since it is a famous spot, most intruders check it out to ensure there is no gun safe sitting under the bed.

For this reason, using the floor beneath your bed may not be a clever choice to store your weapon. However, you can use your bed frame to secure your gun on the inner side.

Here is how you can do it.

A bedframe has rails on all four sides; you can use the underside of one of those to mount your gun holster or magnet.

You can also choose to attach your pistol on the outside, but that will be visible to everyone.

Another location where you can try to place your gun is under a wood panel. You can have one of the slats loosened up to open up a safe of sorts and stash your weapon there.

If you do that, all you’ll have to do to get to your gun is remove the panel, and voila! You have your shooter at arm’s length.

Ending Note

A bedroom has several discrete locations to hide a gun.

Which one you choose out of all those will depend on how close you want your weapon to be, especially when lying in bed.

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