What to Put in the Corner of a Bedroom (18 Easy Ideas)

So you’re wondering what to put in the corner of your bedroom?

Whether you have redecorated your bedroom or just discovered an empty nook sticking out, it can be frustrating.

That tiny empty corner can often ruin the entire look of your room and make it appear incomplete.

Luckily, decorating the corner of your room takes very little effort.

Sometimes, all it takes is a house plant, an accent chair, or even a painting to jazz up the corner space.

However, you will need to be mindful of your available space and undertake proper planning before committing to a piece.

If you have found yourself in this predicament, here are some ideas for filling your bedroom corners.

Decorating Bedroom Corners

Though this is not a difficult task, you can easily decorate your bedroom corners with a bit of planning and creativity.

Depending on the size of your bedroom and specific corner, you can opt for any of the following:

Placing Your Bed in The Corner

Undoubtedly your bed is the focal point of your bedroom.

Placing it in the corner will still allow it to remain the star and at the front and center. In fact, it will also help you utilize space.

When you place your bed in the corner, you can easily make more space for other items.

Corner beds were a popular trend back in the day, but now they are having a resurgence.

Extending the Headboard

If you don’t want to place your bed in the corner, perhaps you can extend the headboard towards the corner instead.

This will provide you with double the comfort and enhance the aesthetic of the room.

With an extended headboard, your room will look stylish and much fuller. If it’s a kid’s bedroom, this can be the perfect replacement for bunk beds.


If you prefer your bed to be in the centre of your bedroom, that’s fine. There is a unique appeal in a bedroom that is at the focal centre of the room.

SEI Furniture Merrimack Corner Fireplace, New Fresh White

Hence, you can opt to install a fireplace in the corner. This will not only be a place of warmth, but it might also provide the perfect amount of light.

If you are looking to make your bedroom an ultimate cozy haven, then a fireplace is your best bet.

However, we suggest getting a standalone fireplace instead of building one. This will require less effort and be more cost-effective.

Reading Corner

For people who are looking to create a relaxing reading nook in their bedroom, this one’s for you.

If you have more space, you can place a soft plush chair in the corner of your room.

Along with that, you can add a tiny side table, a footrest or ottoman, and a reading lamp with it.

Or, you can place a floor lamp at the back of your chair to provide you with ample lighting while reading.

If you don’t have that much space, you can only consider keeping a floor lamp and a chair.

Set Up a Corner Workstation

Are you in the habit of working from home? Or are you currently studying?

If so, you can utilize the space from the corner of your bedroom into a workstation.

However, this largely depends on the available space you have in the room. If there is a lot of space, you can mount a table to the wall and add a chair.

Corner shelves and Bookshelves

Do you have a lot of things but don’t know where to put them? If you have several plants, decoration items, and books, you can consider this option.

Corner shelves and bookshelves are all the rage in bedrooms. They provide storage and aesthetic appeal simultaneously.

Not to mention, they are easy to build and install as well as cost-effective.

However, they do require some effort in terms of drilling holes to secure the shelves in place. But this will be so worth it in the end.


If you don’t have a lot of space in the corner of your bedroom for anything like shelves, another bed, or a workstation, then you don’t need to lose all hope.

A simple and easy to fill up that small nook is by getting two nightstands for your bed.

This instantly will amp up the visual appeal of your bedroom.

Nightstands provide a visual balance, make your room look, and provide storage. What more could you want?

Add a Large House Plant

Another option if your bedroom’s corner is too small is simply putting a large or small house plant.

The size of the house plant will entirely depend on the size of your corner.

This is an excellent idea because the plant will make your room feel restful and relaxing.

Plants will give it a much-needed dose of greenery. Depending on your preferences, you can also consider hanging up small plants instead.

And one great benefit of having plants in the corner of your bedroom is that they absorb sound waves and can make your bedroom quieter (or at least dampen some of the noise)

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Add Some Art

If you don’t want something as dramatic as shelves, tables, or plants, then the easiest option for you is putting up art.

You can utilize the space in the corner of your bedroom by hanging paintings or photographs. Moreover, you can also create your very own art gallery.

We recommend putting up bright colored art pieces which will be eye-catching and aesthetic.

If you don’t have a white-colored wall, you can even use this art to compliment the wall colors.

A Standing Floor Lamp

An easy solution that does not require much effort is to place a standing floor lamp in the corner of your bedroom.

Arc Lamps for Living Room, Multi Head Tree Floor Lamp for Bedroom, 3 Lights Standing Lamps Hanging Over The Couch (Black)

These will be even more helpful if your corner is small. This will allow it to be well-lit and add sophistication to your bedroom.

If you are looking for a cost-effective option to jazz your bedroom’s corner, then consider this one.

This is because most standing floor lamps are quite inexpensive.

Set Up a Hammock

This option is not one that might be applicable to everyone depending on the available space in their bedroom.

However, if you have ample space in the corner, a hammock is an excellent idea. It will provide comfort and aesthetics to your room simultaneously.

Setting up a hammock will also give your room a unique and quirky touch.

Extra Seating

If you tend to host people in your bedroom, why not cozy it up with extra seating up?

If you have space in your bedroom’s corner, then you can create a seating area, for example, with two couches or chairs and a coffee table in between.

Seats are not just great for hosting people in your bedroom; you can also make it your reading corner.

For added comfort, consider footrests also.

Display Antiques

If you have antique items in your house that you want to display, why not place them in your bedroom’s corner?

This is a great idea for anyone who has antique items already.

However, a visit to the thrift store or flea market will provide you with several unique decorative pieces as well.  

When you put them in the corner, not only are they displayed, but they don’t get in the way either.

They will fill up the empty space and add more personality to your bedroom.


You can reflect the light coming from the windows with the help of a mirror. This will make your bedroom look larger, more spacious, and airy.

Hence it is ideal for small bedrooms with an empty corner.

Consider getting a full-length mirror and lay it vertically along the wall.

We recommend you make the mirror face the window so that it reflects more light.

Not just that, but such a mirror will help you pick out the perfect outfit every day.

Coat Rack

If you have a small empty corner in your bedroom and not enough space in your wardrobe, a coat rack can be helpful.

Frenchi Home Furnishing Modern Style Metal Eight Hook Coat Rack …

It will occupy the empty space and provide you with a space to hang your clothes.

We recommend getting a quirky and unique coat rack so that it is eye-catching.

Slide in a Vanity Table

This is an excellent option for people who have a lot of space in their bedroom corners.

You can consider sliding in a vanity table with a chair or stool.

It will be a nice area for you to get ready in the mornings.

Set Up a Coffee and Bar Station

Why not add a mini-refrigerator in your bedroom corner? You can keep all your drinks or snacks for some late-night munching.

Or, for a bit more sophistication, consider setting up a coffee bar station. This is a unique idea that is not found in many bedrooms.

Yet, it will be so convenient. Imagine getting your morning coffee right in your bedroom and the smell of freshly brewed coffee filling up the room.

Dress Windowsills

In bedrooms where the windowsills run till the corners of the room, this idea is excellent.

You can use these windowsills as opportunities for decoration.

Dress these windowsills with house plants, scented candles, vases and other small decorative pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I utilize an unused corner in my bedroom creatively?

You can turn an unused corner in your bedroom into a multipurpose space by implementing creative ideas such as setting up a cozy reading nook or installing floating shelves for storage and display.

Mounted shelves and corner desks are also great options to make the most of the available space.

What simple items can enhance the ambiance of a bedroom corner?

Adding a few simple elements can easily improve the ambiance of a bedroom corner. Consider using a tall plant to introduce some life and color to the space, a floor lamp for extra lighting, or an attractive piece of artwork to create a focal point.

These items can quickly transform an empty corner into an inviting space.

Which furniture pieces work best in bedroom corners?

To optimize your bedroom corner, look for furniture pieces designed specifically for these spaces, such as corner shelves, corner cabinets, or a corner vanity table.

You can also place your bed in the corner if the room layout permits, making it the focal point of the space.

What are some cozy and inviting bedroom corner seating options?

Creating a comfortable seating option in a bedroom corner can turn it into a relaxing retreat. Consider adding a cushioned armchair, a bean bag, or a hanging chair for an inviting seating area.

A small side table and a lamp can complete the setup, giving you a cozy nook to unwind in.

How can I decorate awkward or empty bedroom corners to make them feel more integrated?

Integrating empty or awkward bedroom corners can be achieved through thoughtful decorations and clever furniture placement.

Use items like room dividers for larger corners, or incorporate a statement wall art piece for visual interest.

Additionally, using cohesive colors and patterns to tie the corner to the rest of the room can help create a seamless and integrated look.

What types of decorative pieces are suitable for adding style to a bedroom corner?

Choosing the right decorative pieces can add style to your bedroom corner. Wall art, including paintings or prints, instantly elevates the space, while mirrors can add depth and amplify light.

Smaller accents, such as decorative trays, vases, and ornamental objects, can personalize the area, making it uniquely yours. Don’t hesitate to experiment and mix different elements to find the perfect combination that suits your taste.

Final Words

When it comes to decorating the corners of your bedroom, the possibilities are endless. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can pull off nearly any of these ideas.

Find one that works best with the space you have.

Your room should not look too overcrowded nor too empty.

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