How To Make a Garage Into a Bedroom

When you don’t have ample space, the best idea is to be innovative and creative with what’s available.

This mainly goes for small homes where bedrooms are insufficient. This is where garages become more useful.

Since garages are normally underutilized, you can easily make use of it by converting them into a bedroom. However, doing so requires a number of tasks.

You will need to fix up the floors, insulate walls, eliminate clutter, and install heating or cooling.  There are also specific considerations you need to make before starting this project.

So, without further ado, here is everything about how to make a garage into a bedroom.

Things To Consider Before Converting Garage to Bedroom

Before we discuss how to convert your garage into a bedroom, there are certain things to consider. This will allow you to understand whether this decision is best for you.

This job is not an easy one and will require careful planning.

It’s not also cheap, so thinking clearly before going ahead with this remodel is essential. Let’s take a look at what to consider:

Is It Legal?

First and foremost, you need to check with your city rules whether turning your garage into a bedroom is allowed. Since you are changing how a garage will be used, you most likely need a permit.

You will need to provide a floor plan for the bedroom in order to apply for the permit.

You will also need to pay a certain amount for it. Once you get the permit, there will be specific rules about the layout and design of the bedroom you will need to follow. 

Is It Cheap?

Converting your garage to a bedroom will likely be costly and cause a dent in your wallet.

The final figure will depend on the amount of remodeling needed and the condition of the garage. The average cost can range from $6,000 to $19,000.

Other factors that might affect the overall cost of the remodeling include the type of bedroom you are constructing, whether plumbing will be required, and more.

How Long Will It Take?

Again, this largely depends on the amount of transformation and construction needed.

On average, it can take around 4-6 weeks. You will need to spend time planning, and then most of the remaining time will depend on the execution of these plans.

Will It Add Value To My Home?

When done the right way, converting your garage to a bedroom will definitely add value to your home.

The amount of value depends on the number of additions you make, the cost you put in, design features, and more.

If you followed all guidelines and got a permit, it might add value.

Moreover, if the garage is not used by other residents of the building for parking, then the value would likely be added.

What Type of Room Can A Garage Become?

This depends entirely on you. A garage remodel entirely customizable, and you can turn it into a variety of rooms. Some ideas include:

Is It The Right Option For Me?

You should consider turning your garage into a bedroom when:

  • The garage is easily transformable in terms of construction and adding structural features
  • If adding a heating or cooling solution to the bedroom is in your budget- since HVAC is essential
  • If plumbing is possible in the case that you are building a bathroom or en-suite
  • If you have an alternative parking space outside the house or to store other items that are normally kept in the garage

How To Convert A Garage Into A Bedroom

Now that you have considered all the crucial factors, it’s time to begin your garage transformation. The essential part of this entire process is the planning.

You need to spend ample amounts of time in creating a plan that includes a checklist and all possible cists with remodeling.

Here is how you can convert your garage to a bedroom:

Brainstorming Ideas

It’s essential to set out your plans beforehand. What kind of bedroom do you want?

Do you want a lot of windows? Do you want carpeting?

Write in detail everything that needs to be done and make a list according to what has to be done first.

Remove All Clutter

The first step in your garage remodeling process is to remove everything from the room and begin with a clean slate. Remove all the big shelves, machines, and all the small clutter you may find.

This will help you to carry out the subsequent tasks of removing walls and flooring. Chances are that your electrical box will be in the garage, too; it’s best that you don’t remove that.

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Clean Garage Floors and Fill Any Cracks

Your garage will need a thorough cleaning after everything has been removed. Use antiseptic washes to clean all cracks and nooks, and wipe down the walls with water.

Doing this will make the rest of the tasks easier.

Moreover, fill any cracks you find in the wall. Whatever repairs the interior of the garage needs, especially with the walls, should be done in this step.

Raise The Flooring

Garage flooring is not exactly suitable for living space, so you will likely need to do something about it.

If you plan to add insulation to your garage turned bedroom, then you have to raise the flooring from the ground as the insulation will go under it.

Carpeting The Floor

This is an optional step and depends entirely on your preferences.

If you are redoing your flooring and making it wooden, then you might not need carpeting. However, carpets are a good option for concrete floors.

Install Windows

The one drawback of garages is that it typically doesn’t have any windows. To make your bedroom cozier, you must try to install windows if you can.

They will add natural light to the room and provide ventilation.

Insulation In The Walls And Windows

You must improve the insulation in the garage because these rooms are typically much colder.

If you plan to keep the garage door, then it becomes absolutely necessary to get insulation. Insulate the walls, ceilings, and floors.

Moreover, if you have hardwood floors in the house, these can become chillier. So you will need to add more insulation.

Provide Heating and Cooling

Depending on where you live, chances are, you will likely need to install a heating or cooling system.

Adding a ductless system will be the more cost-effective option.

When you put wires through the walls for heating and cooling, it can mess up the entire system. It would also be more expensive.

Upgrade Electrical Panel

Garages typically don’t have electrical panels and sockets in the walls because they are not exactly livable spaces.

This is why you will probably need to get electrical panels installed. Install smoke alarms as well to be on the safe side.

Turn The Garage Door Into A Wall

This choice depends on your preferences, but turning your garage door to a wall will provide many benefits. It will provide more insulation and significantly help make your garage into a bedroom.

If you don’t want to remove the garage door, you can also consider building a wall in front of the door. The space in between can be utilized for storage.

Consider Adding Light Sources

Add light fixtures in your garage that can provide ample lighting during the night.

You might need to add more light fixtures if you plan not to install any windows or don’t have any in the garage.

Add A Closet

What sets a bedroom apart from all other rooms of the house is often the existence of a closet.

Unlike regular bedrooms, garages don’t come with a built-in closet.

Hence you will need to build a closet in the garage or get a premade one if your budget allows.

Paint The Walls

It’s entirely up to you if you want to paint the walls.

However, adding a new, fresh layer of paint can help to make the room look cozier.

If there is limited lighting in your new bedroom, consider painting it light or neutral color. This will make it appear bigger too.

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Design The Bedroom

The last step to your garage transformation is the design. You can customize this as much as you want, depending on your preferences.

Some of the design features you can consider adding include curtains, wallpaper, frames, and furniture.

A helpful tip for designing your bedroom is to make sure that the overall design aligns with the rest of the house. This will help the room appear like an extension of the house.

Final Words

These were all the steps you need to follow if you make your garage a bedroom.

Of course, most of it will require a lot of effort and cost you, but it will be well worth it in the end.

You can consider not removing the garage door, but you will likely need to install insulation in the garage. This will make it a much more livable space, especially during harsher weather.

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